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I Was in the Zone
Kratom & Alcohol
by Shroomwulf
Citation:   Shroomwulf. "I Was in the Zone: An Experience with Kratom & Alcohol (exp108711)". May 23, 2018.

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3 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:00 3.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 0:00 3.5 oz oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 0:00 0.25 tsp oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Hard  


Of Shrooms Alcohol and Kratom

I am a 46 year old male. For the past two years I have been a weekly user of psilocybin mushrooms and alcohol. Generally my alcohol consumption is between 350ml and 750 ml of vodka. Added to this is one to two doses of magic mushroom tea. Each dose of tea is roughly 1/2 a half-pint cake steeped 30 min to an hour in 14 to 16 ounces of water just brought to boiling. I also often repeat this process 2 days in a row.

This combination of substances is chosen for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am a truck driver, and neither substance shows up on a drug test. Secondly, this combination enables me to have pretty magnificent sex with my girlfriend. Usually we can engage in 2 to 4 hours of sex, and I am able to maintain great erections and get out of my own head space and hangups.

Over the last 6 months, things have changed for me. I went on a 64 day juice reboot (like the one in the movie ďFat, Sick, and Nearly DeadĒ). I was weighing nearly 400 pounds, and the DOT was trying to force me on a cpap machine. It was a wake-up call, and I decided enough was enough. I lost 94 pounds in that 64 days, and my body chemistry changed radically. Within 2 weeks, I started having gout flareups. This is a terribly painful condition. Just a little study revealed that alcohol and mushrooms are both stress factors for the condition, and extreme fasting is also a trigger. Compounds called purines (which are high in edible mushrooms), beers, red meats, and many vegetables and legumes are the culprit. I am unsure if these compounds make it into mushroom tea, as they are usually associated with the fleshy parts of edible shrooms. However, I suspect that either some purines dissolve in water from the cakes or else there is some other sort of toxin that might have found its way into the mycelium in my growing process. Alcohol is one of the worst poisons I can put in your body. However, it is one of the few things the government will allow me to consume!! Add to this the poor circulation most drivers get from long days of sitting, and all of a sudden my toes and ankles are having terrible attacks of swelling, pain, and inflammation.

There are two other factors I must mention. Firstly, lately alcohol is also becoming like Russian roulette. By the time I get good and plastered and horny, there is a good chance I canít get it up or else canít maintain a good erection. Secondly, I am starting to get mean and nasty to my girlfriend. I find itís good to have a little animal attitude while having good dirty sex. However, things have been crossing the line lately leading to some bad fights, frustration, and hurt feelings. This is no good. I love my girl, and frankly having sex with her while altered is the greatest activity and feeling of my sad little life. I donít want to give her up. She is the wild, sensual, smart freak that every guy fantasizes about, and few ever find. With that in mind I started seeking some alternative and a way to keep the magnificent orgasms and love of my life without running her off or destroying my health!

This brings us to this lovely little herb kratom. I became interested in it due to some of the experiences that I have read online. What appealed to me was the many mentions of the aphrodisiac properties, the chemical structure (I respect indole amines), and the many similarities that are given between the high of kratom and marijuana. I miss weed. I love money more, but when I met my girlfriend we were both smoking pot and the sex was magnificent. Some day I wonít have to drive anymore, and you can bet your ass I am gonna smoke weed every day until the day I die. For now, if I can find something close to the high of cannabis that doesnít show up on a test, Iíll be content.

So, yesterday I went to the head shop and bought an ounce of Maeng Dha kratom for $14.00. I ate a meal around 5:00 pm with the intention of taking the powder with water around 8:00 pm. I was in a fantastic mood, despite a gout flare-up, and had an enjoyable day just being close and talking to my girlfriend. I visited a Kratom Userís Guide on the internet and determined to try a small 3-gram dose of the finely ground powder. I measured the powder with a digital scale. Three even 1/2 teaspoon scoops weighed in at 3 grams.
I measured the powder with a digital scale. Three even 1/2 teaspoon scoops weighed in at 3 grams.
I also decided to try a few ounces of alcohol with the kratom, after giving the concoction 45 minutes to take effect. I currently weigh about 270 pounds.

I am still fasting on juice 5 days a week, and 2 days a week I am eating primarily meat and protein. I went for a 45 minute bike ride and covered about 8 to 9 miles. It was a terrific workout and I got a hot shower and sat down to eat a rack of pork ribs about 5. I washed the ribs down with a carrot/kale/beet juice. At 8, I poured about 6 ounces of water into my Nutrabullet and blended the mixture for 30 seconds. I downed the drink in one gulp. The taste was absolutely bitter. It reminds me of chewed up aspirin or else the taste of strychnine (yes I have tasted it). Even swallowing it that quickly, it numbed my tongue and back of throat slightly.

I turned on some stand up comedy and relaxed on the couch. The guy was hilarious. I noticed 20 to 30 minutes in that I was laughing my ass off and just felt a little something something. At this point I switched over to some porn. I was really interested in the porn. I was in the zone as me and the girlfriend put it. Normally it takes me 30 minutes of scrambling around different categories and videos until I find something juicy that gets me aroused. I enjoyed every video I looked at yesterday and was aroused and tingly.

At one hour in, I made a stiff drink. Iíd say it was 3 to 4 ounces of vodka to 6ounces of water. I sipped this down and watched an awesome porn compilation video while the girl hit her bong and got in the mood. At 8:30 pm I realized that I had a buzz going. I havenít smoked weed in a few years, but it sort of reminded me of the way I used to feel when I just hit the bong and it hadnít quite hit yet. I wasnít erect, but my nipples were tingly and my skin felt warm and flushed. At 8:45 pm my girlfriend announced that she was ready to have sex, and I decided on the way downstairs to put 1/4 teaspoon (approx half a gram more of kratom) into about 1 more ounce of vodka.

Let me say what a fantastic experience last night was. We had sex from around 9pm to 11:30 pm. I noticed that once intercourse started, I had intense focus. I canít say I was rock hard, but I had no trouble getting or maintaining erections. The entire time we were fucking, the buzz continued to grow. I felt like I had a deep body indica buzz as opposed to my old preferred sativa high when I could smoke. She finally had to tell me to cum, cause I could have kept on going. My orgasm was intense. During one pee break

I snuck one last little snort from the vodka bottle. I actually got the munchies, and so around midnight we went up and I ate 3 scrambled eggs and some toast. My buzz continued to grow. We went to bed and talked and snuggled for about an hour and I fell into a deep sleep. I noticed that I enjoyed music, and with my eyes closed I experienced the feeling I get just before the visuals start when doing shrooms.

I woke up once in the morning around 3am. I was still buzzing. It was a magnificently relaxed feeling. The flute music we were sleeping to was so clear, crisp and beautiful. I went back to sleep and woke up at 6 am feeling absolutely clear and calm. I had no hangover like I usually do, and I am pleased with this substance.

Just a last note. I consumed less than 200 ml of vodka. Normally on a good night I put away a 5th. I believe that next time I am going to up the kratom dose. I am amazed that for a nearly 300 pound guy, a 3-gram dose almost felt as good as two or three bong hits. I am confident that soon I will radically reduce or eliminate my alcohol consumption and still have enough of an alteration to get out of the way and enjoy intimacy with this beautiful woman I am blessed to spend my life with.

I bought a 4 panel drug test this morning just to make sure that what I took was kratom and not laced with opiates or worse. The test was negative for pot, cocaine, meth, and opiates. My license is safe. I think Iím gonna love this herb!!!!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46 
Published: May 23, 2018Views: 4,819
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