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Dissociated and Uncomfortable
Unknown NBOMe sold as LSD
Citation:   Phillocybin. "Dissociated and Uncomfortable: An Experience with Unknown NBOMe sold as LSD (exp108714)". Oct 22, 2016.

2 hits   NBOMe Series (blotter / tab)
I went to a day rave event with my boyfriend and he had planned to sell LSD. The usual guy he got it from was in jail so he decided to get it from another trusted source. This source turned out to be not so trustworthy...

Prior to taking 2 tabs of what I thought was LSD, my boy and I had been fighting and my ex was the one who drove me to this event. It was bad vibes all around though there were lots of friends around so I figured I would be fine. My boyfriend and I are experienced trippers, we will usually take 5-10 tabs each. I feel the tension is important to mention because it will help understand why I later had a bad trip. I am also severely asthmatic and have to take Q-var and Combivent at least twice a day plus my rescue inhaler which is Ventolin.

As soon as the purple pyramid gel tabs touched my tongue I knew something was wrong.
As soon as the purple pyramid gel tabs touched my tongue I knew something was wrong.
There was a VERY distinct sour taste. I shrugged it off and waited it out. The high was not like LSD, I felt overwhelmed and paranoid. The park we were at was very sketch, there were tweakers and crackheads and wingnuts of all sorts harassing us, getting in trouble with the cops, and hanging out inside a massive portable toilet. They were literally just chilling in the filth. I couldnít stomach going in there so I went into the bathrooms of what I believe was a city hall, not sure. It was some sort of public building. I stumbled into the handicapped stall and was very much dissociated, saw a chick in there amongst piles of toilet paper with a comforter over her and a needle sticking out of her arm. I did my business and looked in the mirror for a bit but I donít remember much.

Throughout this trip I felt very dissociated and uncomfortable, I also felt very sad and scared. I blacked out for large sections of time and donít remember much until my boyfriend had to leave. The tone of voice he used threw me into a downward spiral of despair. I thought he had died. Our friend who was driving me home kept saying I would see him soon when I asked if he was dead which was probably not the best thing to say because after that I hallucinated that she was driving really recklessly and crashing into things. All around us things were collapsing, I felt like I was decomposing and insects were eating me, I thought I was alone in the car sitting in the passenger seat. I hallucinated a time lapse in which my friend who was driving, my boyfriend and I were all fried out wingnuts who wandered the desolate freeways late at night abusing each other and looking for meth or crack. It was like the ghost of Christmas future came and gave me some sort of harsh reality check. The car stopped and everything around us was darkening and collapsing like I had reached the end of a video game and I was the protagonist. I had failed. Game over.

I kept screaming wordlessly in agony because it felt like I was being ripped through dimensions. It was like everything I had worked for was taken from me. I thought he was dead. Besides that fact, I had totally left my body several times and hallucinated this supreme divine being that changed faces and voices and personalities. They were all human and combined into one celestial form that was my soul mate. I thought that the friend who was driving me was the same entity as my boyfriend and another friend we were with earlier at the day rave. The decomposition hallucination kept happening as I felt my life was over.

On top of that I had to piss really badly and I was miraculously holding it in for like an hour or two. I donít remember much. I became too rowdy for my friend to handle and she called an ambulance. All throughout my freakout I kept asking where my boyfriend was, they called him and let him talk to me I think? I kept hearing his voice in the background saying reassuring things until the doctor came. I was having an asthma attack
I was having an asthma attack
because of the drug, it was creating too much mucus in my lungs. I kept saying ďI donít wanna dieĒ over and over. As I was injected with various fluids to calm me down I kept telling the paramedics and cops that I loved them because I thought they were this one supreme being. I thought that all the people I had interacted with from the beginning of time were just one person that I was meant to be with like a soul mate and that I had wasted all my chances through reincarnation to get things right. Now that my boyfriend was gone I had no more chances. The staff kept reassuring me that he was alive but I couldnít trust any of them. Oh and another thing that really fucked with me, one of the security guards from a hospital I frequented on account of suicide attempts was transferred to this hospital I was at and I had no clue what dimension I was in or where I was. Makes sense now of course, the cities were neighboring.

The doctor made me listen to Pink Floyd and gave me some Alex Grey artwork to look at while I calmed down.
The doctor made me listen to Pink Floyd and gave me some Alex Grey artwork to look at while I calmed down.
There were still little flittering rainbow highlights around everything and everyone. There were several instances in which people and objects disappeared from my sight and it was just like I was in a room alone.

The doctor left me uneasy and I was fully convinced I had been taken to a dimension where I would never be released from the hospital, where all my friends and people I knew never existed, all the things I had done were all a dream I had woken up from and my new reality was this horrifyingly bland empty world of nothingness.

The doctor said three angels were there to rescue me. It was my two most responsible friends and my boyfriend. The relief I felt was immeasurable. They took me home and I went to sleep after staring at my mostly naked body, watching the scars shift underneath my flesh. I woke up the next morning and went back to work.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108714
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 22, 2016Views: 5,923
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