Meeting With the Heavenly People
Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & Acacia confusa)
Citation:   EldersYoung. "Meeting With the Heavenly People: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & Acacia confusa) (exp108718)". Nov 18, 2019.

4 cups oral Huasca Brew
At the time of this experience, I was just starting to get settled in my shack in the rainforest but I was on very shaky grounds. Problems that I felt I got away from being away from home seemed to creep back out. I just got off the phone with my mother who was advising me not to stay in the country; it was like hearing her speak brought back a lot of suppressed emotions. Childhood traumas and family relations throughout my experiences seemed to be a reoccurring theme in the trip
Childhood traumas and family relations throughout my experiences seemed to be a reoccurring theme in the trip
, revisited in different ways. I was feeling very drain from it all at the time and with some encouragement I felt it was time to really see how far I could go.

Before this trip, I’ve always had a fear of tripping in the dark, my belief was that it would intensify the visuals and that it would sketch me out a bit. The trip starts off with me drinking about one cup of brew, this time it seemed to have come on a lot quicker than I thought. A lot of my issues at home came out and I quickly was thrown into the purging stage of the experience. With each purge I felt my body begin to feel lighter and tensions released. The voice of the rue was very present at the time and was suggesting that I'd drink one more cup. This trip, I was very determine to rid myself of the things I still held back from my childhood, and like all of the trips my intention was the same “show me what I need to be shown to make me the best version of myself".

I had just downloaded a few songs; four to be exact and I found that music greatly helped the experience, something that I didn’t have during my prior experiences. At this point, I was lying in bed and I could really feel things were going to take a dramatic turn. The feeling of the force was ever present and helping me surrender to the experience. At this point I had one of the lights on in the other room so the room I was in was relatively dark, something that I was getting used to. In retrospect, they were prepping me to face my fears little by little; they knew what was to come. The song I had playing on repeat that stood out the most during the experience was the song “A new day has come”. Something about the lyrics and her voice seemed to have an angelic feel to it and was a very suiting song to play for my coming catharsis. It seemed during the experience that they were clearing what I had in me at the time to prep me for what was to come. Unlike previous experiences, it seemed “rushed” or expedited, almost as if it was the last leg before I would be able to be light enough to explore other realms. In a lot of my research, the shamans in the amazon talk about a purification process that leads up to this point, I feel my prior trips and purging was all leading up to this point.

After I began to settle down a bit, I laid in the bed feeling very light and blissful, at the time I thought I was done drinking but they seemed to have been leading me to the last cups I had left of the brew I had made. The whole experience felt like a test, an imitation of sorts. I decided to get up and after a bit of amping myself up, I decided to drink the last two cups. This was the first time I decided to drink more after the purging state; I was in a relativity surrendered state at the time. After drinking I felt the brew come on very strong and immediately felt the urge to lie back down, but as I passed the last light I heard “them” say how would you feel if you turned off the lights for this experience. The thought of going through this experience a lot in the dark at first was a bit frightening, but I felt their;pq presence very strongly and decided to trust the suggestion I was given, in retrospect, I’m extremely glad I did. As I laid in bed in the dark, thoughts of fear entered my mind, I started looking around the room trying my best not to resist and as I scanned the room, I almost felt like I could see figures in the darker spots. Little by little, the fear started to go away and eventually I found myself in a very blissful but determined state.
Little by little, the fear started to go away and eventually I found myself in a very blissful but determined state.
I got this sense during this time that the walls of my perception were ready to be torn down and that I was in for a very visionary experience.

During this time, I began to feel the presence of two elder human-like being by my legs, I could tell they were examining me and I heard them talking to each other because I couldn’t make out much of it. It was a man and a woman and they almost felt like my parents but much more ancient, I got the sense these were elders from possibly a past life in Egypt. I heard the woman say “he’s still resisting” and the man reply “yeah I know". The tone of the voice wasn’t disappointing but more “lets help him get through this last bit". The love I received from them was something else but I was definitely frightened about and feared they would show themselves even with my eyes opened. It seemed like they were sending me love in a way and I began to have a new sense of composure to the experience, it was like something clicked. Around this time, I felt the presence of a shotgun at my neck, but instead of being in fear I said to myself “all you would be doing would be sending me back to source” the figures shortly after went away and it seemed as if the elders were pleased in my understanding.

A lot of my fears came from my earlier experience in Dominica where my house got robbed when I was in the building; I was on high alert that week also after hearing about some of the robberies that happen in the village that was known for its peace. I also saw a few cars passing by late at night that felt suspicious to me, but it was almost like that shotgun experience made me have faith in my safely. During this time, I had celine dion playing very loud and there was sense of anticipation for what I was going to be shown, what happened next will forever change me. The spirit of acacia began to animate my body very much like the previous experience I had, but this time I met her with very little resistance. My eyes began to close, and what I saw was something out of my wildest dreams. I began to see heavenly places and structures with these fairy like beings floating around in them. I couldn’t tell you what it seemed like they were doing, but I had the sense that their job was to create and build these places. They greeted me with open arms and some of them began to show me around this space, they seemed very happy to see that I was there. I got this sense that sometime in the future, our worlds would meet and that humanity would walk into this realm hand in hand. There was this pathway up to the top of the floating hill that seemed to be almost like the welcoming gate. They were telling me how proud they were I’ve reached this point and began to emphasize my leadership role on the planet. Many times through this experience they were calling my pharaoh and at one point they called me “Saint Peter” because through the medicine I held the keys to heaven.

During this time, I wasn’t using my mind at all, it was like the mind couldn’t exist in the space but my heart could, it was my heart guiding the experience. Then my mind had the thought, “man I can wait to tell my partners!” at this time, just as the music said “hush now” a larger angel appeared and put her finger over her mouth and telling “not to think” and I opened my eyes and the visuals stopped. At the time I thought that I was done tripping but the spirit took me right back, this time to meet the souls of my parents. I could tell that they were saddened that life made them treat me the way they did but I realized that who they were inside is a lot different from what I’ve experience; it’s just lost somewhere deep down. We began to “embrace” and they apologized for the things they put me through, I also got the sense talking to them that their physical bodies were ill but I felt little sadness knowing that the place after death is a beautiful one that sound be welcomed with open arms.

After this experience, I began to talk to the soul of the woman I was talking to, in a prior experience this happened but my mind didn’t want to believe what it was experiencing. Her soul seemed very advanced and other worldly but she also had a Celtic feel to her, even though that description doesn’t give it justice. In the experience before when we spoke before leaving she said to me “tell me what you see, remind me” in a very loving and romantic way. Her soul then began to show me around the space and flew me around. As I was looking around in awe and amazement, they kept on telling me, “Btw you won’t remember most of this”. The experience seemed to come in waves, I’d spend time in the space and a thought arise and I'd open my eyes again. I could feel the presence of the mother there smiling almost saying “look at the look on his face, he can’t believe this is happening”. They were communicating with me that it has to be that way in order for my soul to carry out its mission on this planet and that it would cause a bit of confusion. After this experience, a smaller fairy like being took me for a ride down in this rabbit hole looking structure and when I entered; I saw the insides were kalidacoped and very much like many of the psychedelic posters.

After this time I opened my eyes again, this time very happy and relieved. I felt as if I got something, I’ve always had a belief in these realms but actually seeing it with my own eyes has forever cemented this belief. She would take me back and forth through this space, for what seemed like 2 hours in total until the feelings started to reside. As I lay in bed, I felt purified and renewed like never before. My thoughts were very fluid and I was in a dream like state, I believe I fell asleep for maybe an hour or so but I was very much in between.
I believe I fell asleep for maybe an hour or so but I was very much in between.
After “waking up” from the nap, I decided I’d watch the sunrise and a beautiful one it was. The sunrises felt like an earthly analogy of the changes that were to come on our planet.

It’s hard to sum up this experience but if I had to, I’d say that all human beings are destined to at some point to reach this place, and that a future shift will make it so that we all would literally walk into these realms together one day.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108718
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Nov 18, 2019Views: 1,657
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