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Restless Mind
5-MeO-DALT & Cannabis
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Restless Mind: An Experience with 5-MeO-DALT & Cannabis (exp108729)". Erowid.org. Jul 30, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108729

T+ 0:00
75 mg oral 5-MeO-DALT (capsule)
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis  


Age: 20
Weight: 120 lbs
Dosage: 75 mg oral in gel cap
Setting: My apartment


T0:45-Onset- Feel a bit of nausea and a warm rising feeling in my gut

T1:00-There are random spots of warm and cold on my skin, but overall I feel warm and kinda sweaty. There are cloudy and indistinct CEVís and I have this spacey dizzy feeling like I am on a rocking ship.

T1:15-Smoke weed. It feels as though I am being warmly compressed and that I am drifting away from myself in some abstract dissociating way. The CEVís slowly becoming more distinct, they are chunky and like gears, with teeth and large blocky projections.

T1:35-A quaking vibration unsettles me from within. Everything feels deeper in every sense. Words, phrases, conversation and abstract stimuli all seem to be more profound, like there is infinite depth and detail that I can peer over. Sensory stimuli feel deeper too. Everything sounds like it is in a great globular echo chamber, with greater reverberation and a richer, more built up Ďdepthí to each sound. Visually things seem deeper too, with spaces appearing larger and objects appearing further away, or rather more detail being apparent across distances. Tracers begin to appear on shadows and I feel somewhat cold.

T2:00- OEVís begin to present. It is like the room has been filled with a colorful fog, blobbing and bulging and swirling. They are still indistinct, like they are composed similarly to an impressionist painting. I made the mistake of eating popcorn at this time because I figured the experience wouldnít get any stronger than this. The nausea is coming and going in waves. A definite mental enhancement/artificial confidence is presenting. I feel like I can do anything. Everything feels syrupy.

T2:10- Definitely feel like I am peaking now, it is like a great tidal wave has washed over me and swamped me in its swells.

T2:15- Oh man did I underestimate this. It feels like my body is being smeared and streaked and dragged around.
T2:15- Oh man did I underestimate this. It feels like my body is being smeared and streaked and dragged around.
I feel bloated and I am burping a lot. It is as though a waterfall is crashing down on me, or I am in the swells of a flooded rushing river. The drug has picked me up in its great doughy clutches and is thrashing me around. Everything is wobbling and bubbling, the swirling of the world around me is only serving to make me feel sicker. I eventually throw up, I probably wouldíve been fine if I hadnít eaten all that popcorn honestly. I feel so faint and faded like I am fading into my surroundings, molding into them and becoming incorporated into their surfaces which soon become overwhelmed by swells and swirls like a turbulent sea. It is very stimulating too, I am shaking a lot and feelings antsy, like there are ants crawling in my veins. Sounds echo and are resplendent, blossoming like fern fronds, it feels as though the world around me is being taken to pieces, each of which blossoms of its own accord. I am shattered into particles, and each particle turns to goopy syrup and is taken away on this great river.

T2:35- My body feels off, it feels uncomfortable and wrong, as if it is in some place it shouldnít be, or is existing n some way that it shouldnít be. My chest feels tight and light simultaneously. My heart is fluttering. I see faces and figures in the corners of my vision. Itís scary to look into reflective surfaces, as strange dark figures appear in them. Mysterious, indistinct, and indescribable auditory hallucinations come in from every direction. I have to urinate frequently. This swirling fog that has become my visuals has turned thick and all encompassing. Everything I see appears distant and like a vast landscape, the whole world is an immeasurable vista expanding out before me. Every aspect of the world around me is twisting like clockwork, intertwining and interlocking, meshing into ambiguous forms. This begins to appear as open eyed visuals-detailed and deep textures overlaid on everything, not really any clear patterns but 3-dimensional visuals. It is as if I am viewing another dimension that has become physically manifest before me in some way I can sense and comprehend. My entire field of vision is flashing various colors (red, blue, teal, green). Everything is blurry.

The experience is very hard to describe and focus on, it is like it is purposely trying to elude comprehension. I am suddenly stricken by an intense inability to focus. I try to think about the experience and take notes, but I keep getting pulled away, I keep getting distracted and drawn off without even noticing that I have been led astray. It feels like I am swimming against the current, or trying to dive down with a floatation device attached. This isnít the intense scatterbrained focus that comes with being stoned or other psychedelics. This is just raw and shallow distraction, I canít engage with anything or learn anything or effectively do anything. Sometimes, with certain substances, I can harness my distractability to really sink into various tasks and take in a wide range of information. This just feels flat and pallid.

T3:00- I go outside. It is magical, the sky is beautiful and rippling with colors and patterns. The air feels so fresh and pleasant. However, I am still having immense trouble focusing on anything. The nausea has mostly left me at this point.

T3:30- I had to pee, and I peed for a very long time. Iím not sure how I had that much water in me. It was somewhat uncomfortable.

T4:00- Feeling down more. There is just a spaciness and dizziness in my head, like the brink of dissociation. Not the warm burnt afterglow of psychedelics, not the heightened intelligence or better flowing thought, just a blunted feeling.

T7:00- Back to baseline. Go to bed.

Conclusion: 5-MeO-tryptamines are fuckin weird. Ask most people and theyíll tell you that they are not very visual but mentally very deep. This is true, and thatís a very vague description. In my experience, no group of drugs has been able to defy descriptions more than these weird tryptamines, to the point where they are divorced from the rest of the tryptamine family and could be considered a class of drugs of their own. This one in particular filled me with a crushing inability to focus. What a weird drug. Iím not sure if the experience was enjoyable and there was a bit of bodyload. Probably wonít repeat the experience, there isnít much value to me except as a novelty.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108729
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jul 30, 2016Views: 1,904
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5-MeO-DALT (321) : Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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