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A Slight Buzz but Nothing Erratic
by MessiahofConfusion
Citation:   MessiahofConfusion. "A Slight Buzz but Nothing Erratic: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp108778)". Aug 10, 2018.

30 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Methamphetamine  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  100 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


El Rodeo

So this story starts off with a horrible day and an even worse night, filled with screaming, self abuse and crying. Me and my mother were not getting along due to my depression and she had informed me she was running out of options with me. My girlfriend felt basically the same. I personally had never felt more alone then that night (last night, as I'm writing this the following day).

Fast forward to 1am the following morning. I arrive at my old friend L's house. He and his friend B are sitting in the living room as I enter. Before arriving L had asked me 'random but are you skinny with crystal' assuming it had something to do with smoking Shit I just told him idc if you guys smoke shit I just don't want to be involved. After arriving I found out they couldn't find said crystal and I watched as they dry hit there bowls hoping to get the slightest high off of it. Nothing. Maybe the occasional hit but for the most part nothing. I told them I could probably find some after a bit of contemplating. L offered me half an Vyvanse 60mg to which I said sure.

After taking half the capsule I made a phone call to my dealer whom occasionally messed with crystal. I knew it was a long shot but when he answered and told me he could bring the quarter gram to L's home I became ecstatic. Not really because I was trying shit for the first time but because I was helping someone whom I'd long wanted to make see that I could be a valuable friend as well (being as I'm usually bugging him about drugs). After 20 minutes later dealer arrives. We make small talk as L and B load a boat. L takes the first hit and it's clear that the shits good quality. Dealer now leaves after a few more minutes.

I watch closely as my friend and new friend take turns hitting the pipe. I start asking questions that come to mind like I would any drug I'm thinking of trying. I see there faces light up. They know I'm down. They answer the questions the best they can with there limited experience (neither are daily users and both are fairly new to smoking on a regular basis). It's finally decided. I'm going to try the dreaded 'meth.' B who is more experienced with smoking, holds the boat and lighter as it heats up. My mouth is touching the end. They tell me once I see smoke coming from the hole to to 'take the hit.'

As it lights I feel the pipe get warm on my lips. Then comes the smoke. I inhale at half pace. My lungs are full in a matter of seconds. I taste the strange (oddly forgotten?) taste in my mouth as I exhale what I thought would be my one and only hit. Nothing. I exhale like a child hitting there first cigarette. Though very smooth, I was unable to get a large hit. So it's decided that I will keep hitting it. I feel nothing so far. Maybe a slight increase in heart rate but nothing to write home about. I take multiple hits in a row off the boat. Still hardly anything. We sit back and talk for a while. On the inside I'm wishing I could have another hit. Just one full size hit to send me into the meth high I've heard so much about. Sadly I would come to realize this high doesn't exist.

I would take 2 more hits in rotation before my final hit at 3:46 am. Right before my hit L teaches me a new trick. 'Puff it like you're trying to start up a blunt' I knew exactly what he meant. I get ready as B lights and begins slowly rotating the bowl back and forth. I take my first draw, blow it out my nose then begin taking short small breaths in. I'm able to hit the pipe for what seems like a minute (probably 15 seconds tops), I exhale. A large amount of smoke rolls from my mouth. The other 2 tell me I've finally gotten a good hit of meth. After this I say my goodbyes. I feel my heart pounding like I'd just eaten 90-120mg of adderall. I feel euphoria. And a slight buzz. But nothing erratic.
I feel euphoria. And a slight buzz. But nothing erratic.
I go to my car and begin the 30 minute drive home in the morning darkness. The drive flew by. And I honestly recall almost nothing from it. I get home and take a venture to my room. As soon as enter I smoke a bowl of pot from my bong then lay back into bed.

The next 4-5 hours are very hazy. I laid in bed drifting in and out of sleep (I believe). Only to be brought back to reality (or awareness) by the loudness of my room. The floor fan sounds like a jet about to take off. At first it actually startles me and for some reason I'm assuming there is fire around me. (hints the thought of being asleep) I calm myself down rather quickly, in a matter of seconds. Next thing I know it's 7am. I hear my mom down stairs. She comes in and asks if I've eaten since coming home. I pretend to be waking up as she walks in after knocking to keep suspicion down. She buys it and leaves.

Now here's where the story becomes interesting. Dealer who sold me the meth (whom doesn't know I smoke it) offers me a point of k. My favorite drug of all time. I say of course and tell him I'm home and that my mother has just left. After about 45 minutes of waiting he arrives. Sells me the sake and leaves with in seconds. I take my first snort. I feel nothing. Afraid the meth is counter acting the k I look up the effects of less then .1g of k. They are threshold. I decide to take it all and just see. After snorting up 5 to 6 more small lines and one large, I realize I'm not able to balance myself. This is a good sign. I make my way back to my bed going from wall to wall. Then I'm out. Everything from there until 1:34 pm is gone. I'm assuming I fell asleep being as I came to on my bed wrapped in blankets. I have work in 26 minutes. I get up, throw on clothes, brush the horrible taste from my mouth and head to work. Work goes as normal.

It's now 7:34 pm. I still have 2 and a half hours on my shift. I've yet to feel this 'horrible come down' everyone speaks of.
I've yet to feel this 'horrible come down' everyone speaks of.
Though I do feel back discomfort (normal for my work) and I have slight head pressure. But nothing unbearable like what I've read online. I'm not sure if this is due to the fact that I have ADD, I didn't smoke enough possibly, or the fact that I've just experienced much heavier come downs such as suboxone (I hate it JESUS it hurts so fucking bad) or the depression and back pain off adderall benders. Overall at this point the driving force in me to do it again is simply that the action was fun. The high its self felt as I said, on par with high amounts of adderall or Vyvanse. Possibly even weaker with less euphoria. At this point I don't see myself doing the drug again when in search of a crazy high. I'd still rather eat pharms and smoke weed or snort up a powder. Cocaine is MUCH more eventful in my eyes though they do not compare and adderall definitely stays around longer. I honestly don't see the pull.
I honestly don't see the pull.

Fast forward 4 days, I have now smoked crystal meth 3 times. I still do not find the high very appealing but the action is fun and I'm the kind of person that if its there, I'll do it. Whether I really like the chem or not. I have an addiction to altered states. As I was saying though, it's now been 4 days and I've smoked 3 times. Over all I would avoid the drug if I had problems with self control and especially I'd had limited use with stimulants. I feel my new 'hunger' would be much stronger if I wasn't aware of, imo, MUCH better stimulants.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108778
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 10, 2018Views: 904
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Methamphetamine (37) : Combinations (3), Depression (15), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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