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Twins, but Not Identical
Citation:   MrMoran. "Twins, but Not Identical: An Experience with MDA, MDMA & 6-APB (exp108796)". Aug 31, 2017.

MDMA vs MDA - a subjective comparison:

Various usually 100-135mg of MDMA 100-125mg MDA

This is based on my own personal experiences with both substances, and until I had discovered a reliable, trusted source of both, I never really knew which I was taking, or if it was something completely different. That being said, since then, I have noted a few basic differences between the two. Primarily, the durations, some of the more subtle effects, as well characteristics are going to be covered.

Let me start with MDA (it's older than MDMA anyway). It lasts about 6-8 hours - the comeup takes a bit longer to feel and kick in, but around 25-30 minutes, it hits me a bit hard and suddenly. The nausea is a bit intense and persists and intensifies with the onset of the effects, and this all continues until about 90 minutes to 2 hours in. The peak lasts a good 4.5 to 6 hours, the comedown is a bit longer, and since it's a bit more neurotoxic * than MDMA, high doses or binges are really not advised.

*(oxidizes serotonin and dopamine receptors; pro-tip: increase anti-oxidant intake prior to MDA to limit this effect)*

Now onto MDA's effects. To put it shortly, MDA and MDMA have a lot of similarities. And when I say similar, I think along the lines of twins, but not identical. They have basically the same entactogenic effect - the same warmth rushes through my extremities and to my core along with an increasing stimulation and mental-alertness and multi-sensual acuity. Also, a lot of the anxiety component is gone, but not as much as MDMA. MDA, however, feels slightly more sedating, and has a vibe that somehow reminds me of LSD, but I cannot exactly place what it is. MDA is the introverted twin. It is speedier than MDMA in its feeling, which is odd because of how sedating it feels at times, but for some reason lasts longer than MDMA for me, and it has a somewhat laid-back trippy vibe to it.

One more thing I've noted is that when I've given people equivalent doses of MDMA, and then MDA a few months later, and asked them which they liked better, they all said MDA.
--- ---

Now onto MDMA's effects. MDMA has a different vibe to it, and I first noticed it at a rave when I speculated (while on MDA) that the people on MDMA were probably the ones jumping up and down, and the people on MDA were getting down on the dance floor. MDMA hits me around 20 minutes after taking it, and like MDA has the same warmth rush through the extremities, accompanied by growing nausea as effects intensify. The nausea, however, is less intense than MDA's, and begins around 45 minutes in, whereas MDA is almost immediate. The peak kicks in quicker too, but it feels like if I want to have a good time with it, I have to redose at the beginning of the peak to keep it going smooth and strong. The peak ends around 4 hours after dosage, and baseline is much quicker than MDA's.

I think this is why MDMA is more popular is because it lasts shorter, but gives me a great, clean-feeling burst of energy, where all my cares and worries are gone, and music sounds amazing, and people are interesting. It's a bit more energetic than MDA, but feels a bit less pushy at the same time. Entactogenic effects seem about the same, maybe stronger, maybe not?
--- --- ---

Are MDMA and MDA dosed the same? From my experience: yes, basically the same. MDA is a slight bit more potent, but they're basically dosed in the same amounts in about the same way.

My last note would be this on MDA vs MDMA, and it comes from looking back on when I took 6-APB (125mg) for the first time. It was my first research chem, and first thing I tried aside from DMT, Weed, and Salvia once upon a time. I have only a couple experiences, but 6-APB definitely felt a lot like MDA, but I recognize the difference now. 6-APB was a bit more psychedelic than MDA even, where 125mg of it led to bright, wonderful colors, mild patterning, some mild-to-moderate tracers, and a greatly enhanced appreciation for music. It was almost like MDA++; but felt speedier and even less lovey. Still had strong entactogenic properties, like MDA and MDMA. I would be very curious to see the 6-MAPB and 6-MADPB variations, and their vyvanse-analog equivalents someday, because I feel that would have the most potential.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108796
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Aug 31, 2017Views: 4,428
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MDA (34), MDMA (3) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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