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Searching for Elves - Mission Impossible
Citation:   Tetrisdroid. "Searching for Elves - Mission Impossible: An Experience with DMT (exp108843)". Jun 5, 2019.

3 hits vaporized DMT (freebase)
Searching for Elves - my struggles with DMT.

A short introduction.
I consider myself to be an experienced drug user. I have tried most things, enjoying some substances more than others. I research the substance I'm using, and take all precautions necessary to facilitate an enjoyable experience.

Achieving a 'breakthrough' status with DMT had become something of a personal vendetta over the course of approx two or three months. Chiefly because of the amount of conflicting information online with regards to the best methods of actually using DMT. It seems that everyone is an expert, everyone has a successful trip each time they use DMT and everyone has a 'foolproof' method of smoking DMT.

I spent weeks, and a fair amount of money, obtaining DMT and buying/building various smoking implements and devices. I would always get some visuals.
I would always get some visuals.
Kaleidoscopic patterns on the inside of my eyes. With higher doses, patterns on the walls presented themselves, as-well as sort of 'clouds' of patterns falling from the ceiling. These transfixed my attention for a time. But I wanted more. I wanted the out of body experiences that so many people describe experiencing. They made it sound so easy.

The method of smoking, or rather vaporizing DMT freebase had always been my Achilles heel. I tried meth pipes, bulb pipes, a pipe with a ceramic layer supposedly purpose made for vaping. I also spent ages messing around with glass bottles, of various sizes, in an attempt to build 'the machine'. Which in my opinion, is very overrated and a pain in the arse to make. In the end, I went to my local headshop and bought a 12.00 standard bong. The chamber is about 30cm long. Medium sized bowl, and a rush hole. I bought some brillo pads. These are steel wool pan scrubbers, coated with soap. I stuffed as much of the brillo into the bowl as a could, to see how much I needed. I then removed the brillo with tweezers, and thoroughly burned the steel with a torch lighter. I did this until the brillo had lost all it's shine and gave off no more smoke. I did this to burn away all the soap.

I then re-stuffed the brillo back in the bowl, very tightly. I gently opened the centre of the brillo with a pen, and placed inside approx 80mg of DMT. As I removed the pen, the tightly packed brillo closed around the DMT. Next, I used a torch lighter on the glass around the wool. I could still see the dmt inside. I kept my eye on it until it had completely melted. The bowl gave off a whisp of vapor, and I knew it was ready to be used. I then waited a few moments for the glass to cool. The bowl is just a standard bowl, I didn't want to make it too hot in-case it cracked.

Next, I used a standard bic/flame lighter and used the bong as if there were herbs in there. It took maybe 3 seconds to fill the chamber. I released the rush hole and took it all in. I held it in my lungs for 20 seconds. I then did the same thing again.
This is where things became interesting. I could already feel some effects, and I could hear a slight rumbling sound. For the third and final pull, I kept my finger on the rush hole, emptied my lungs and just inhaled until they were fit to burst.

I held my breath as long as I could. I layed down, put the bong on the floor and realised I was completely wrecked. Tracers everywhere, patterns directly in-front of my eyes. Then I realised I hadn't yet exhaled. I let the air out, and slumped onto my bed. After this, I experienced a series of moments that defy description. The bed felt like air, as though nothing was there. I couldn't feel my limbs, and I didn't know if my eyes were open or closed. This terrified me. I thought I was dying. I thought I had taken too much, and that I was going to die. The last conscious thought I remember was scrambling to make sure my jeans were done up. I didn't want anyone to find my dead body in a state of undress. Even though I was fully dressed when I began. The hands that were fumbling were not mine. They were yellow, and seemed cartoonish.

At this point my fear levels increased, and I passed out. I remember red lines moving all around, and the sensation of floating, but after that, nothing. After about 15mins I woke up. I had fallen asleep apparently, there was drool down my face and on my pillow.

I felt incredibly frustrated.

No elves.

No otherworldly experience.

It seems as though I had wasted an opportunity of 'breaking through' by being scared. Then, I fell asleep. All inside the space of 15mins.

The conclusions that I draw from this experience is that DMT is bloody irritating
The conclusions that I draw from this experience is that DMT is bloody irritating
. I now believe I have found the best method for actually using DMT, my next challenge is to try not to lose my mind, while I actively seek to lose my mind.

The saga continues.

One thing I will say however, the DMT experience isn't to be taken lightly. It's not easy to use, and it's not a casual psychedelic at all. It requires effort and commitment by the user, and it has a steep learning curve.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108843
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Jun 5, 2019Views: 3,118
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