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Anxiety and Learning
by Death Knocks
Citation:   Death Knocks. "Anxiety and Learning: An Experience with Phenibut (exp108846)". Jun 6, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 5:06 1 g oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 5:30   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 75 mg oral Pharms - Venlafaxine  


Phenibut Anxiety and Learning

Experience report for phenibut, a beautiful amplifier.

After extensive research I decided to take 1g of phenibut (hereafter referred to as PB) prior to a party I wanted to attend. For context, I suffer from depression and general anxiety (primarily social). I was currently tapering off venlafaxine and will take a 75mg pill halfway through this report. The event I attended started at 3pm. The following will be written in the present tense, as I took notes throughout the day.

8:30 (T+0:00) - Took 1 gram of phenibut HCL
11:00 (T+2:30) - Ate breakfast sandwich
11:31 (T+3:01) -Feeling slightly more relaxed. Similar to cannabis, where sitting anywhere is easier and more comfortable. Even this effect is hardly noticeable. Might be placebo.
11:45 (T+3:15) -Music is pretty rad
1:05 (T+4:35) - Feeling no change in effects, if anything there has been a decrease in noticeable changes.
1:36 (T+5:06) - Decided to redose with one more gram of phenibut
2:00 (T+5:30) - Took stimulant (One energy drink)
2:23 (T+5:53) - Thinking about the party on the way and I feel like a million bucks. Definitely can note no nervousness or apprehension about the event. Nervous tics are non existent.
2:44 (T+6:14) - Can say for certain that it is having an effect, no big euphoric rush as other people have described. Don’t feel high per se. I would however, have to psyche myself up to feel as confident as I do right now.

The above was the last “live” entry. I didn’t have the time during the party to whip out my phone and write logs.
Between ~3:00-5:30 at the party I found socialization easy, no negative thoughts. Still felt a bit awkward around so many people that I didn’t know, so I never ended up being an outgoing person. More so just much less reserved.
However at ~6:00 I crashed.
at ~6:00 I crashed.

It felt as if the past few hours of anxiety were thrown at me, a mass of molten, black, oil. I felt extremely stressed for another half hour before finally caving into negative thoughts and getting a drink. I left at 7:00pm and felt more or less neutral about the experience at the time.

So it is now 10:05pm the same day and I feel completely baseline.

Phenibut, phenibut, phenibut….where do I even begin. Well firstly, no matter how nauseatingly awful the crash was, I think that was a positive experience for two reasons:

-It let me separate my “self” and anxiety. I felt like the same person but as if a tremendous weight had been lifted. This really enforced the lesson in my mind that this is NOT WHO I AM. And I CAN OVERCOME THIS. Anxiety does not define me, you, or anybody.

-Secondly, I think my main problem with phenibut was my dose and will be increasing on my second attempt to try and make sure I don't experience the same crash.

In conclusion, phenibut is not a miracle drug. It is not my cure. But it IS a good push in the right direction. Like training wheels for a bike I think this is absolutely a valid way of helping me overcome anxiety (as long as it is used responsibly).

Keep in mind that the above statements are MY OPINIONS and MY EXPERIENCE. Yours may vary greatly and for that reason I advise you to make sure you read plenty of other users experiences and form your own opinion.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108846
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 6, 2018Views: 5,931
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