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Mind and Body Ripped Apart
DXM & Cannabis
by Sarah
Citation:   Sarah. "Mind and Body Ripped Apart: An Experience with DXM & Cannabis (exp108851)". Sep 23, 2016.

  smoked Cannabis  
  12 oz oral DXM (liquid)


A little about me and my history with DXM

I was first introduced to the substance coming out of high school. A friend of mine was telling me how the over the counter cough syrup, taken in large amounts could produce a euphoric high along with vivid hallucinations. All I can tell you about my first time was that I downed half a bottle and woke up in this random guy's apartment, along with my friend who introduced me to the stuff, and like 5 missed calls from my boyfriend at the time who was abusing me (one of the main reasons I had decided to do drugs that night to begin with) and permanently screwed vision. Iíve had many many more trips after that, but the one I am about to describe is by far the scariest drug experience Iíve ever had.

11:00 PM, approximately when I took 1 and Ĺ oz (about half a bottle) of this dangerous stuff.
My roommate rolled a couple of blunts and invited me to smoke with her and watch Netflix. About 30 minutes later weíre on to the second blunt and my heart starts racing like a MF. I opened up to her about me taking the cough syrup, but I lied and made it sound like I only took the recommended dose. I told her since both drugs increase my heart rate and that I had an interview the next day I didnít want to wake up feeling dead (since both drugs are also sedative) and I was going tap out of the second blunt, and go to bed. I slept in the living room that night because I was so scared that I was going to not wake back up, and I didnít want to die in my room and nobody find me for a while.

12:00 AM and Iím feeling good. Colors are starting to get brighter, itís becoming harder to stand, and everything seems to be going in slow motion at this point. So I Iog on to the internet to do a little research on the drug to refresh my memory of the effects, because it had been almost been a year since Iíve done the drug. Immediately I regret doing it. I start to panic as I read and remembered that over the counter dxm has other components in it that could cause fatality. I had previously been clean for almost a year prior to this. But my dumb ass just wanted to get dumb high for some reason. I specifically remember reading a line saying ďyou could stand the chance of a prolonged, painful death.Ē This phrase kept repeating in my head for the rest of the night, making my morning a bloody nightmare.

1:00 AM hits, and I cannot have a bowel movement. Iím walking around the house in a blanket, but in my panties and bra, because I feel both hot and cold. My roommates must have thought I was crazy. I didnít want to tell any of them what I had did, because they had told me prior to moving in, that they have evicted people in the past for abusing drugs and causing trouble on the block. My hearts racing even faster by the minute, Iím sweating, the walls are starting to warp a little and I begin to want to throw up. So I wait until all of my roommates are asleep so they donít hear me. The weed high had completely worn off by then, making my trip even worse from here on out.

2:00 AM hits, and Iím compulsively counting the hours until my trip ends. Most websites I read said 8 to 12 hours, depending on your bodyís metabolism. I grab a bucket and start to try to induce throw up, but all that is coming out is the water I had been drinking, and itís slightly red. Either from the syrup or blood. Every time I try to stand still my body starting massively shaking. I go to the bathroom to try to poop (I couldnít) but I looked into the mirror, my pupils are dilated, and the right side of my face is slightly limp. I try to smile but the right side of my lip is limp, and I began to internally panic, ďoh my god, Iím having a stroke,Ē I thought.

3:00 AM and I say fuck it. I came so close to calling the poison control center. However the DXM had been in my system for so long I figured they wouldnít be able to do anything much. And again, not trying to be evicted. I get on the internet and start to read ways to boost your liver activity, knowing that puking up bile was my liver telling me ďdude, what the fuck?Ē Immediately after I go into the kitchen and find two green apples and pour some more water, and sat there and slowly ate the apples with the little energy I had. I still cannot defecate, and suddenly became terrified of the dark, I think I hit the third plateau at this point. So I turn on the television, the cable wasnít even hooked but I didnít care. I was that terrified of being in the dark. Right after eating I felt my bowels move a little, but I also felt cold again. Particularly in my hands and feet. They were a pale yellow color, and Iím African America, I donít just turn yellow like that. I have a history of diabetes in my family, so thought maybe I had just induced it by taking all of that syrup. This was a terrifying thought, not to mention I felt the right side of my body get limper and limper. Now I thought Iíd either die of a stroke, or be a quadruple diabetic amputee for the remainder of my life. That phrase kept repeating in my headÖ . ďProlonged, painful death.Ē

4:00 Am comes. By this time minutes began to feel like hours and Iím so mentally slow I start to count with my fingers. ďFive hour into the trip,Ē I kept repeating. I think this is the highest Iíve ever gotten on this stuff. One thing about me, Iím near sighted, so I wear prescription glasses (thanks to previous drug abuse) and my vision starts to double every time I wear them, so I take them off. I start to pace the floor because every time I stood still I kept having what felt like out-of-body experiences. Itís hard to describe. I literally felt like my brain was being sucked into another universe every time I let my mind wander. I was still reading up on it, trying to figure out ways to kill the high (and poop of course) and read the only way is to wait it out. Not what I wanted to hear.

About 6:00 am and I can see the sun from the horizon. One of my house mateís girlfriend is Mormon, and left her bible on the table in the living room, so I picked it up and started reading these elaborate stories from the bible. Iíd been raised Christian, but havenít been attending church since I graduated high school. I looked up, and started to ponder on the stories I read, and the stories started to come to life. I would read one or two sentences, look up, and the characters would come to life before my eyes. I think this was the least crappiest part about my whole trip. So I wanted to further test my hallucinations out, I thought I may as well try to enjoy the rest of my trip before I died or became a vegetable. I go on the internet and start reading various random articles about traveling, and every time I looked up to think, I could just see before my eyes (imagining of course) the different places I was reading up on, New Amsterdam, Fiji, Dubai, New ZealandÖ It was like traveling the world from my own couch.

About 6:45 AM I begin to feel a little sober and felt safe enough not to die in my sleep. I get about 2 and a half hours of sleep, and woke up, still high as hell and went to my interview. I got the job right on the spot despite my pupils being as large as Texas, went home, ate some green food to try to have a movement, and went back to sleep for the rest of the day.

9:00 PM that day, I woke up and finally felt completely sober. My whole body hurt, especially my chest, but I was finally able to poop.

Moral of the story. Itís not worth losing my sanity, liver, kidneys, vision or anything over. No. Itís not.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108851
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 23, 2016Views: 1,855
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DXM (22) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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