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Sober Euphoria
by Buddahvista
Citation:   Buddahvista. "Sober Euphoria: An Experience with Meditation (exp108880)". Jul 31, 2016.


Infinite -- Internal Peace

I've meditated quite a bit but never really achieved anything amazing before while sober except for in lucid dreams/OBE's. I hadn't eaten anything since about 3pm and even that was light.

It was about 10pm, I'd just finished having fantastic sex after abstaining for a while and I had this feeling in my stomach of warmth and peace. The girl I had been with had left and I was sat in my chair revelling in this feeling. Then I thought I'd have a go at meditating. I went up to my room and lay down for a while avoiding reacting to any instinctive actions, such as scratching or swallowing and any other movement other than breathing and the beating of my heart. This feeling of tranquillity and warmth began to spread, firstly to my lips and with it came a buzzing/numb sensation which was really nice. At this point my fingers kept twitching a lot so I would relax them and it would stop.

As I sunk deeper into this state rather than my thoughts coming and me actually narrating them I would have a thought and begin to think words and before I got very far I would stop thinking the words because I already knew what I was thinking without narrating, this is called unsymbolic thought. As I focused on it the numb/buzzing sensation began to feel like an energy and wherever I focused my mind on my body the energy began to grow.
wherever I focused my mind on my body the energy began to grow.
After what felt like a couple of hours (if not longer) the energy had spread to my whole body but it was most prominent in my lips/face and my legs (especially quads). After a while longer the numb/buzzing energy briefly grew to an overwhelming level at which point I tensed my Kegels and it reduced, this happened a few times until finally the feeling grew again and rather than reacting to it I embraced it and the overwhelming feeling subsided but I could still feel the energy there.

At this point I was having purely unsymbolic thoughts. Eventually my whole body was buzzing and it was pure bliss, at the same time I had these feelings that if I was experiencing them now I would call extreme pain in the back of my head and lower back (these feelings started gradually but slowly intensified) but instead I just accepted them and they didnít feel bad at all. After what felt like eons of pure tranquillity and bliss I decide that it wasnít going anywhere and my flat mate had just got home so I decided to get up and tell him what had happened, when I got up all of my body felt intensely energised and I felt powerful.

During the whole experience I was fully conscious; I could hear things but just didnít judge them. I now wish that I had stayed in that state and seen where I could have got with it. I am also wondering is this anything like what heroin feels like? I have spoken to some people and it sounds similar.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jul 31, 2016Views: 2,515
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Meditation (128) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Alone (16)

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