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Mind Candy
Citation:   MrMoran. "Mind Candy: An Experience with Proscaline (exp108898)". Aug 19, 2016.

50 mg oral Proscaline (capsule)
Proscaline Trip Report: 50mg, capsule, orally

I have had a bit of experience with mescaline analogs in my day, starting with 2C-E, 2C-T-2, and 2C-I, as well as Allylescaline, and 2C-B later on. To this particular experience, I felt what's been listed is the most relevant.

Setting: Hanging out in a car for 6 hours or so, with a little bit of work to be done in between car trips.

[t +0:00] At approximately 9:00AM, my friend and I took our respective doses. Capsule had residue of the powder inside on its outside, leaving a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

[t +0:38] Notice a subtle, gentle soft change in extremities. Feel nice, but lethargic. +

[t +1:00] Mild change in focus and thoughts; minor visual effects begin to emerge, noticed especially in the rain's movement across the glass. +

[t +1:30] Effects begin to pickup, with nausea. Visual acuity (where things appear sharper), color enhancement, tracers, and mild patterning began to emerge. Music gains a greater degree of definition, with bass felt more thoroughly, and some internal imagery suggested by music. ++ The body buzz I've associated with phenethylamines gains full-swing around this point.

[t +2:00] This is when I suppose the peak starts, as nausea faded away around this time (but came back occasionally throughout the trip). Things have developed fully visually, with things appearing shiner, brighter, with more color, depth, and a bit sharper. Some colors enhanced were purples, pinks, and greens, as well as yellows. The sky reflecting off the rainy surface of the road gave it a mirror-like reflection, making the road incredibly colorful.

However, unlike the 2C's where I felt like my body had issues regulating temperature (where I'd get cold at the tiniest gust of wind), I wasn't quite prepared for Proscaline - I sweated... A LOT. It felt almost as though I couldn't stop sweating, and this state continued for a few hours. I couldn't wear a hat because the heat would build and cause my head to start sweating. This also made me pee more than anything else I've ever taken, including coffee. Maintaining hydration levels can be difficult with this.

Back onto how it felt in the body. Everything felt very soft akin to MDMA, but like Allylescaline in terms of how I felt like I wanted to recline constantly. I speculate that Escaline or Mescaline would affect me similarly. It had a constant body buzz most akin to 2C-I or 2C-B, but overall, this compound is more similar to 2C-I. The energy feels constant, like Allylescaline.

[t +3:45] Still going strong at the peak. I noticed that moving around concrete cylinders brought down my trip a little bit from where I was at earlier during the car ride on the way. Logistics is difficult, and short-term memory is almost completely shot. It felt nice to focus and release all of this pent-up energy, but at this moment I also realize that I must sit in a car on the way back for another 3-4 hours. Smoking a joint with my friend helps intensify the effects, while also calming down my nerves and the phenethylamine body buzz. I look at trees, and see patterns close to those I've seen on 2C's, but a bit more organic - but all that said, the patterns were not particularly pronounced.

[t +~4:15-7:00] The car ride back was difficult mainly because I couldn't control my energy or sit still for any extended period of time. As I would listen to music, I would trail off into internal imagery, only to be jolted out suddenly by any change in movement by the cars around me. I would find myself fully immersed in songs' movements, and could feel a degree of synesthesia between colors, sounds, and textures. As much as I wanted to put my legs up, or situate them in any number of ways, the truck's space wouldn't allow me to do it. At least it had a nice sound system, and comfortable seats. +++ to ++

[t +8:00-12:00] These last little bits of the trip are when I feel as though I am getting close to baseline. It's been a long, uneventful day overall, made more enjoyable with the help of proscaline. The body buzz dies down, and the visuals retain their sharpness, but slowly return to normal as well, probably right alongside the body buzz in terms of intensity. Appetite returns with a vengeance during this time, as well as my body doesn't have as hard of a time staying cool, as evidenced by me sweating less.

[t +16:00] Around this time, I'm finally able to sleep.


Overall commentary:

This one is definitely a keeper, but it's going to have to be explored again later this year when the weather is cooler or my hair is shorter or both. I have never experienced a compound that has made me sweat as much as this stuff does
I have never experienced a compound that has made me sweat as much as this stuff does
, it made me sweat more than MDMA ever had; nor have I ever experienced a compound that made me pee so heavily and frequently. Hydration is key with this stuff, and monitor your electrolyte levels too!

It had a lot of similarities with the 2C series, and if I didn't know better, I'd almost thing it was. It had a lot of the focused clean energy of 2C-I, but held a lot of MDMA/2C-B's entactogenic properties. I'd almost say that this is more entactogenic than MDMA, and probably on par with 5-MeO-MiPT. The body buzz is very persistent through the trip, but everything feels soft.

Music enhancement on this was definitely a tier above other compounds in this class. It is most comparable with 2C-I, 2C-B, or MDMA in the way it affects music, with quite a few LSD-like notes of depth as well, but it never feels deep. My friend noted it as 'if acid and molly had a baby,' which I feel is pretty accurate. I'm sure this stuff hits a lot of the same receptors the same ways as 2C-I, 2C-B, MDA, and MDMA hit, along with some of LSD's receptors; it bares a lot of similarities to those.

Proscaline is SO close to Allylescaline in terms of how it makes me want to lay down ALL THE TIME. The likeness is almost uncanny in that way. Trying this gives me a bit more insight as to what mescaline is like, too. I feel like I want to try escaline before it though, so I have a clearer idea before getting to know the granddaddy of this whole family and what he's about. Would Mescaline make me want to lay down as Proscaline and Allylescaline do? Only time will tell.

This compound is basically what I'd describe as 'mind candy'. It doesn't really hold much substance on its own in terms of a trip, because it doesn't offer much valuable insight or depth. It makes music MUCH better, and it makes things moderately more interesting visually, and my body feels quite buzzy, but that's about as far as it goes. I feel like it would go best alongside a compound than be taken alone, and I feel like LSD would probably be the best candidate for a combination. It lasts too long for a simple night out, making it more ideal for something like a festival, a day at the park, a hike, a museum, or something along those lines.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108898
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Aug 19, 2016Views: 7,299
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Proscaline (758) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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