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Trial and Error Extradimensional Parasites
Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & Acacia confusa)
by zero
Citation:   zero. "Trial and Error Extradimensional Parasites: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & Acacia confusa) (exp108910)". Apr 12, 2019.

    Huasca Brew (tea)
  5-8 g oral Acacia confusa (rootbark)
  2.3-3.5 g oral Syrian Rue (seeds)


I've used crystalline DMT, traditional Ayahuasca, and a very potent concoction of Acacia confusa and Peganum harmala-- the latter produced mind-shattering, otherworldly effects on multiple occasions with a deceptively small amount of plant material. This document covers my experience with A. confusa/P. Harmala with reports of multiple preparations and quotes from prior trip reports/writings. Introducing the report is a one-paragraph biography of myself that hopefully, rather being an 'I've taken this' list, allows the reader to see some mental patterns and constructs that might have manifested themselves during my experiences-- and why they seem so profound.

Since I became aware altered consciousness existed, I've pursued it like a dog on injured prey. I delved into independent research on psionics/energy healing in elementary school (this has resurfaced recently) and quickly moved into drugs at a very early age. Horrible addiction soon followed. At age 18, two years after I began, I kicked IV opiates/benzos and was catapulted into a spiritual awakening. I began consuming vast amounts of psychedelics (>600 LSD doses from 18-19, DOM, 25-c, Psilocin, Ketamine, you name it) and rekindling my practices of meditation, mental and physical discipline, and reconnecting deeply with the natural world. From 18-now (21), I have been undergoing a process of tangible mental unfolding-- an increased ability to lucid dream, synchronicity, near-constant deja vu-- and as of the past six months or so, I have stopped using psychedelics nearly as often due to this natural mental unfolding that's occurring at an accelerating rate.

It was during this time of heavy hallucinogen use that I procured a kilo of A. confusa root bark and two hundred and fifty grams of P. harmala, which sat unused for months. I figured I would try something different and have enough left over after numerous oral experiments for an extraction. Here follows my first attempt.

Setting: house, alone, pleasant mindset. No foreseeable obligations. Excited.

I decide on 5g A. confusa/3.5g P. harmala and make a dual batch. I add 10g A. confusa and 7g P. harmala to 2l of water plus one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and bring to boil. This remains simmering for two hours. The plant material is filtered through tight-weave cotton, the liquid kept in a different container, and the plant combination boiled again in 2l of water for another two hours. The filtering process is repeated, the liquid combined, and reduced to 100ml. Fifty milliliters is drunk at sunset.

Instant nausea. The brew is awful tasting, and settles oddly-- like my stomach has taste receptors simply for the intense bitterness of these plants. I lie down on a bed in a comfortable room, with dim lighting as the sun comes through an eastern-facing window. Twenty minutes goes by, and not an inkling of effect is present sans gastric discomfort. Forty minutes pass, and not even an alert sensation manifests.
Forty minutes pass, and not even an alert sensation manifests.
I had fasted all day and stick to a very nutritious, organic plant-based diet so my body usually metabolises all substances very quickly. An hour and a half later, I assume the dose was too low (which did not bother me, as I only sought to test the waters with this new, powerful substance as my disposal) and feel comfortable enough to eat a piece of toast, as I was starving and hoped to kill some of the lingering nausea. As I'm eating the toast, I think “Oh shit. Here it comes.”

I run to the bathroom and projectile vomit into the toilet. I feel relieved, and wander to a couch in the living room. An 'alert' sensation is present, a gradual expansion of headspace and increased visualization powers. I grab a fantasy novel and read as I wait for the effect to fully manifest itself. I realize at this point, I am not ready. Moments later, words began to shimmer-- emit light. Characters rearranged themselves on the page, and a brilliant, but very dim light began to shine from the crack in the spine. “Oh, shit.” I thought again.

I looked up from the novel, and every surface, texture, and color in my visual field is writhing into each other with reptilian undulations. The red and gold Persian-style rug gave the impression of a prehistoric harem. A large clock on the wall began to bounce/fade into the wall, producing standing wave-like effects on the walls surrounding it. Smoke rose from my peripheral vision and turned pink and green and gold day-glo colors which vanished as I focused on them. This was a sense of personal boundaries being broken and my consciousness having a direct effect on my external environment-- oneness, but being shoved headfirst into it. Quite different than any other visual hallucination I've seen; it would be most analogous to the visual phenomena brought on by deliriants, with a truly mystical, whimsical, three-dimensional aspect that was only sheer terror during my datura experience.

I closed my eyes as my visual field was becoming more confusing than helpful. Immediately I was in a vast headspace, watching and feeling a gargantuan space-goat roll a green, planet-sized, neon-dripping pentagram around the edges of my mental field. The space-goat made a couple of rotations and then ceased, at which point I was left in a vast field of emptiness. I was distinctly aware of being non-corporeal, but also distinctly aware of my breathing and the points of contact my body had with the furniture. It was like my consciousness had delved deeper into my body than I thought possible, and I became separate yet infinitely connected. I could interact in a different dimension internally than I am used to, and visualization came incredibly easily.

I sat, focusing on my breathing and this feeling of blissful, energetic emptiness when I sense something about three or four feet in front of my forehead and moving fast-- like my perception extended far out from my body and gave me a split second warning of some type of projectile coming at me. I sensed the color purple/blue-gray, and felt an energy enter into my forehead, curve around the right side of my mind, and course out the back of my skull. It was enough for me to physically react, like someone gently poked me in the head and sent it relaxing backwards. “I just caught a neutrino,” I thought.

The psychic bullet jolted me out of the meditative state and planted me firmly back into my living room. I smoke a bowl or two of hybrid bud and laid down into a hazy personal sensorium. I was restless and had a strong, strong desire to sleep. It comes with difficulty, and I fall asleep watching fractal remnants dance in front of me while I work through deep-seated emotional issues with no real conclusion. I wake feeling average.

That was about six or eight months ago. I have had two more experiences since then, and also an attempt with a similar dosage that inexplicably brought no effects whatsoever other than nausea. The first was similar to the one described above, with a similar dose-- mostly fractal imagery, reality breakdown, extrasensory perception, enhanced visualization prowess, non-locality of consciousness, controllable eidetic imagery, a resurfacing of buried and unknown thought patterns-- really fascinating stuff, and more enjoyable than the first experience, but no contact with 'the Other' or the launch to hyperspace that comes with smoked/injected DMT.


I made a tea in the same manner as described above, but using 24g A. confusa and 7-9g P. harmala boiled for a slightly shorter time. I consumed 1/3 of the resultant brew and waited. After an hour and a half of no effects, I decided to eat something. As I was preparing food, nausea hit and I purged violently but easily. I was unsure of the exact potency, as I was a bit careless with measurements and the timing of the brew as I had been distracted doing other things that day and was, in retrospect, probably not focused enough to handle what was being served. I had moved houses and was unpacking, becoming used to a cat I acquired the day before, preparing food for the week, and was in general quite scattered as I had this psychoactive tea on my stove the better part of the day. I had anticipated light effects. I was alone, and my new house is on top of a mountain with nothing but woods for 15 acres surrounding.

At the two hour mark, as I lay in bed, massive visual distortions begin. I have a short accent wall completely plastered in playing cards of various sizes, and the cards began to peel away from the wall in vortices. The breathing of all reality was prominent and perfectly in sync with mine. Within five minutes of having zero effects, two hours after dosing, planar surfaces were separating themselves from each other and leaving behind a grey mycelium-network like structure in their former places as they moved about in space and time. All surfaces began to twist into themselves, my cat Osiris being the only object in my realm that made sense. It was complete breakdown of usual psychological barriers. I exerted a fascinating control over my external world-- I could move my consciousness to the other side of the room, and become the air there, or a knob on a dresser-- non-local control of consciousness to an extreme. This ended abruptly when I closed my eyes.

I entered into the familiar DMT headspace, and in this space I noticed an overly cutesy fractal bumblebee. It flitted around in my conscious-space as I was mesmerized, feeling it flutter around my mental/physical field. I watched it as it transformed into pillars of fractals and poured over itself and I felt a great admiration for it. I became very aroused, and this fractal bumblebee/being attempted to engage me in some type of sex. It was bizarre, as this being did not assume any really desirable form. It was more like it was guessing what might be attractive to a human male. This odd placid feeling came over me, and I did not like it. I told it I did not want to mate with it, that I don't consent. It left, somewhat dejected, but by this time was assuming a more arthropoid shape with every fractal transformation.

It's important to note that I did not see this being open-eye, nor was I in a completely separate realm with it (as is often the case with DMT) but seeing it closed eye as fractal transformations and later more clearly, feeling its touch energetically, and more or less sensing it with senses I don't usually use. It's absolutely indescribable.

I laid there, attempting OBE, and could feel myself rising out of my chest, which I don't usually do (usually the top of my head), and I became distracted again by the bumblebee which was turning into something more sinister. I was in a very placid headspace, projecting rainbow light and benevolence and focusing inwards. This being came directly into my mental space, and I saw it-- like a wasp, but cybernetic, with more legs, tools, parasitoid, large. It was almost crouched over my head, and I exerted again nothing but benevolence towards the creature/hallucination. I engaged in conversation.

“What are you?” I asked.

“A discarnate entity” it answered telepathically.

“Are you a being of pure goodwill?” I asked it, or something very similar.

“No.” It answered.

“Are you capable of deception?”

I could tell it was going to answer yes, and I felt the negative emanations from it again, so I banished it. I told it that I harbor no darkness, that there is no place for a being of anything but light to penetrate my sanctuary. It left, but left behind a trail of some kind. I exerted will and brought forth a cleansing light and rid my body of what appeared to be smaller creatures of the same kind, possibly breeding. I then noticed my cat, and considered if he was this extraterrestrial parasite who I lovingly let into my house… I dismissed the thought of my cat being a psychic vampire (thank God), I sat up, the visual distortions stopped, and I was sober.

I walked outside, lit a cigarette, and sat down in astonishment. I do not know what I experienced. My rational mind tells me that this is just my unconscious manifesting itself in a pretty extreme way once DMT is inserted. Then again, my rational mind also knows that consciousness is the underlying fabric to the hologram that is reality-- DMT is something inexplicable, otherworldly, extraterrestrial… it changes the fabric of reality whilst under the influence into a common realm, in conjecture, a higher frequency of experience. If reality is a holographic fractal as some physicists such as David Bohm have suggested, beings from greater dimensions might certainly interact with beings from lesser dimensions of the fractal.

Again, I wonder. Have I been doing too much esoteric reading? Or was this actually a parasitic, extradimensional entity that feeds off of human sexual energy? Does the fact that it's insectoid have something to do with me reading too much McKenna? I wonder how profoundly my unconscious has limited me.
I wonder how profoundly my unconscious has limited me.
The realm of DMT shared experience grows especially larger with every person who reads about it and then takes DMT, in my opinion. Either way, I understand the myth of the succubus now.

In the midst of the experience, I told myself that I cannot possibly be concerned about extradimensional, imperceptible wasps trying to attack me; that it's completely irrational, and I'd drive myself insane if I thought about it too much. I had a remarkably clear head the entire way through, and I have never been prone to paranoid delusions. This was something else.

I hung around and toked on some herb for a few hours after rapidly coming back, and then visited some friends of mine for a ground in reality. The next day I was slow and trying to integrate. I write this report the day after, and I feel fine-- especially lazy, which is unusual lately, but nothing truly out of the ordinary.

I'll end with an ellipsis. I plan to drink again, but in a group of trusted friends. Smoked DMT is better consumed alone, in my opinion, but oral DMT is an entirely different beast. I considered myself brave in the ways of hallucinogens but could not possibly have prepared for being thrust into a crack between worlds.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108910
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 12, 2019Views: 4,258
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