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On Top of the Mountain
Anadenanthera peregrina & Salvia divinorum (40x extract)
by PenguinMckenna
Citation:   PenguinMckenna. "On Top of the Mountain: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina & Salvia divinorum (40x extract) (exp108942)". Erowid.org. Nov 9, 2020. erowid.org/exp/108942

  repeated smoked Anadenanthera peregrina (seeds)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


My friend V wanted to go on a hike and take drugs with me given that we had just met and bonded over our love for mind altering chemicals. We originally planned on taking either mushrooms of LSD but at the moment we had none available to us. However, I had many yopo seeds as wells as some Salvia 40X extract which I had been given as a gift by a friend a long time ago. We decided to take both, even though we were hesitant to take the salvia. We picked up our mutual friend C who was already tripping on acid, and drove to a beautiful mountain that V had told me about.

We arrived at the mountain, which was incredibly steep. We hiked up the mountain, which felt like a full body workout by the time we reached the top. I sat down and started peeling yopo seeds while V helped out a group of hikers find the cliff they were looking for. By the time he came back, I had shelled a few yopo seeds, broke them up, and stuffed them in my pipe. I took the first hit, and although fearing instant nausea, was instead hit with an incredible calm.
I took the first hit, and although fearing instant nausea, was instead hit with an incredible calm.
At this point, I was completely sober... yet I was calm, more calm than I'd ever been in my entire life. I stared off the mountain with complete confidence in my ability to go on this voyage. V felt the same way after his first hit. We took a few more hits, both of us totaling two bowls of Yopo. After a few minutes, we were definitely feeling something, but it was mild, still building. We decided to smoke the salvia.

V took the first hit. He held it in and exhaled. He stared at a few trees, then burst out laughing. I immediately took a hit, and soon followed in hilarity. We started walking around, laughing like little kids. It was as if we were reduced to toddlers.

We both decided that we wanted the true, breakthrough salvia experience, so we took another hit. I was still high on my first hit (and at this point the yopo was becoming strong) but I made sure to hold this next hit in for a long time. I exhaled, and watched the trees in front of me warp to the left. This was it. I was about to be propelled into what Shulgin calls a plus four experience.

I was sitting next to V and C in a line, all of us lotus position. Suddenly, the ground curved up and we all became cars on a roller coaster through space. I was too high, and just tried to stay with them. Everything around us was green and purple. I saw other people I knew in their own roller coasters with their friends fly past us, and I realized that these were my friends, and this was where I was now... no use trying to change myself, this is who I am now.

When I came down, I was still profoundly stoned. I thought that V and C had gone on this journey with me, but they just stared at me confused. I also kept starting sentences without actually finishing them. Reality soon dawned on me, and I decided to walk to the edge of the mountain and stare off at the view while listening to music, thinking about what happened. I had lost my ego. V decided to take another hit of the Salvia, and sent him to a Buddhist temple.

After another half hour, I started coming down, and V was sober. We hiked back to the car. On the ride home, I was staring at all the nature around me, realizing that I was changed on top of the mountain. I had never tripped harder in my life. Once the Salvia sent me onto that cosmic roller coaster, I was truly changed.

For the next few hours, I was very calm and clear headed. I had an overwhelming desire to be around people, which was unfortunate because no one I knew was actually available.

I thought about my relationships with my old friends, a group that had ultimately fallen apart. I reflected on how I could have been a better friend to them, but also realized that they grew apart from me as well. It wasn't just me, it was all of us, and a long time coming. At least I didn't have an ego in examining myself anymore. I realized where I belonged in the world. I realized what it meant to work, and what it meant to be on a team. Politically, I realized the power and necessity of compromise and unity. I had never realized how much of an ego I had before, and how important it is to go forward without one, not that I need to be hard on myself, but we're all part of a team, and we need to focus on ourselves individually instead of each other.

Salvia is not a light drug. 40x extract is enormously powerful, and for what felt like ten minutes, I wasn't on this earth and I forgot I had a family.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108942
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 9, 2020Views: 489
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Anadenanthera peregrina (285), Salvia divinorum (44) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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