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Living a Dream
Salvia divinorum
by Elio
Citation:   Elio. "Living a Dream: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp109004)". Erowid.org. Apr 5, 2019. erowid.org/exp/109004

T+ 0:00
4-5 leaves buccal Salvia divinorum (dried)
  T+ 0:30 4 leaves buccal Salvia divinorum (dried)
Living a dream.

I am writing this just after the end of my experience to describe the feeling of it as much accurately I can before I forget, so pardon me the not so refined writing. This is my second Salvia experience, I had days before a brief emotionally intense introduction with her. Very delicate and pleasurable sensations I got from her, like a caress, after chewing on some six-seven bitter, humus and heart smelling dried leaves in a goofy and naive way.

I started, three hours ago, chewing on some Salvia leaves, dried leaves, without putting them in water because I heard that the Salvinorin is in the little hair on the surface, called Trichomes, that the water can wash away. I think I put four or five in my mouth, just a comfortable amount. The leaves didn't crumble apart n pieces, they have consistence and substance, not hard really, somehow bitter taste and they smell like heart, humus. Not swallowing the saliva, as I read, because the Salvia is adsorbed by the mucous. Moving the mass of chewed leaves around my mouth.

Relaxing on the bed, waiting for effects. Twenty minutes passed. First effect was I started to feel a much refined, deep and pure skin sensitivity, caressing my skin I had immediately strong goose bumps, it was somewhat intolerable, but very pleasurable.
I felt my skin under my fingers in so much detail, like I could feel its pores.

Than vision changed a little, the objects had color switching, light coming outside from the inside of them, they trembled a little, I caught myself thinking and hearing my thoughts like I was speaking them loud. From there I totally lost the track of the time.
After 30 minutes the leaves were pulp, I went in the kitchen to get more leaves to chew.

I was walking on a soft pavement, my body felt different, walking was different, I felt my eye level higher from the floor than usual, switching from point to point to follow sudden changes in luminosity and colors around me.

In the kitchen I swallowed the pulp. I take four more leaves and started to chew on them.

The sensation of chewing was totally different now. It was much easier, chewing was more pleasant and my teeth were grinding with no effort, without even realizing the bitter taste, n the contrary liking it. It was pleasant, my mouth was an efficient effortless chewing. The sensation of chewing was new, pleasurable, deep, the leaves really easy to chew and moving around with the tongue.
The sensation of chewing was new, pleasurable, deep, the leaves really easy to chew and moving around with the tongue.

A took a look around me, I felt, I felt a new quality in the space. My home was trembling like jelly, the window, open, was like a door on another reality, I mean I had the impression there was a different place outside, I wasn't scared at all, just curious, it was like I never saw my home before, and I wanted to explore it.

The objects were popping out at me, one after another, like they were just materializing under my eyes. All was like new, and never seen before. The walls, furniture, all the objects where like gloving in their details, vibrating, appearing one after another, revealing themselves. It was exactly like exploring a home in a dream, this was the home I visit every time in my dreams, not my home.

I was walking on soft cotton, object warping around me as I walked around, content to be there, in the new place. My body felt good, light, strong, with enhanced tactile and motor skills, and all was around me so colored, soft and benevolent.

I looked at a picture of an old home I had explored log time ago, I have this fascination of exploring and taking photographs of abandoned buildings, and I start to hear voices, my thoughts, but also somebody that was inside the photo, the photo was real like the room, it was a door, a window, a passage. I touched it, caressed it, I felt emotionally moved by the touch, and the voices and ll those vibrancy in every object and detail was like a delicate murmur of thoughts that I could hear. I saw my squat rack and I touched it, I felt its presence there, metal was soft, warped, not hard and dangerous, careful to slam in it, I don't want o harm myself.

I tried to hung with my arm to the pull up bar. I did an L sit, I stayed still for many seconds, then I started to yell, from the effort to remain still. It was easy to hold, surprisingly. An immense connection of mind and body.

I felt the tension of the Ab muscles from the feet to the arms, I was powerful, I stayed still for a long time with this feeling
Of total control and awareness of the tension in my body that ended in my arms squeezing the metal bar that I was feeling like a soft sponge in my arms.

And my voice was like coming from somebody else. Deep voice.
I stepped down.

Now everything around was like dancing around, gently speaking to me, like look at me, look at me, come here, come here, the couch, the lamp. The chair, I loved all of them, the house was alive, just like in a dream, and I was inside her pulsating world. I was so content to be there.
the house was alive, just like in a dream, and I was inside her pulsating world. I was so content to be there.
We were together.

I could have chewed a little more but I stopped, I was happy and I went back to lay on my bed waiting for these pleasant sensations of tingling on my body to slow calm down.

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed some light visions, and the feeling of my body, relaxed, peaceful, content of being in that loving home, between loving objects. All was peace and calm, and I could hear my thoughts like in a dream, speaking to me
I was leaving the dream, having the exact same sensations I have when I dream, the word had magic and empathy that normally hasn't.

I think it was 3 hours from the first chewing to the smoothing of the sensations, that is now.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109004
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49
Published: Apr 5, 2019Views: 873
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Performance Enhancement (50), General (1)

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