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Nothing Extreme
Citation:   Rampelflik. "Nothing Extreme: An Experience with Proscaline (exp109022)". Aug 18, 2016.

T+ 0:00
102 mg oral Proscaline
  T+ 0:20 400 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen
  T+ 5:30 2 mg oral Pharms - Flunitrazepam
20160809 (Tuesday 9th of August).

Male, 30 years of age, ~85 Kg. (~187,5 Lbs).

~102mg Proscaline that has been sitting in the dark in its baggy. Mostly at room temperature with peaks to ~35 (max ~40) Celsius in the summer.

At home, mostly in my living room, alone. Feeling fine/good. A bit tired after work.

17:30 /T + 00:00
I eat ~102 mg Proscaline on a fairly empty stomach.

17:50 / T + 00:20
First effects are noticeable. Feeling ever so slightly lightheaded and a mild phenylethylamine body load takes hold.
Preventively I consume 400 mg's of Ibuprofen to counter the headache I usually/sometimes get when eating phen's.

18:15 / T + 00:45
I'm feeling a bit inebriated and have the chills. Also a bit sleepy. Slight, flowing, visual effects become apparent when staring at the wall for while. I feel like I could sleep but am unwilling to test.

18:45 / T + 01:15
Visual effects have increased. As has the body load (still minor though). Slight to nihil nausea. Feeling a bit cold. No mental load and I'm feeling fine.

19:00 / T + 01:30
Tracers and after images are noticeable. Nothing extreme, so far pretty mild. The letters on my screen flow slightly but ares till very clear and readable.

19:40 / T + 02:10
Effects have increased steadily. Subjectively I find this to be a mild '++' state.
Unexpectedly a friend rang the doorbell and I let him in. We talked a bit and he left quickly. Conversing was easy and without any difficulty. He didn't seem to notice I was under the influence and I did not share this information with him due to him having some troubles with drug (ab)use.
The chills seem to have disappeared.

22:12 / T + 04:42
Feeling warm and cold have been alternating a bit since my last notation.
Visual effects are tapering down.
Body load, which has been mild, is still present and hasn't diminished as of yet.

22:50 / T + 05:20
Visuals have almost completely disappeared. Body load hasn't noticeably diminished. At this stage in a trip, when all/most visual and psychedelic effects have retreated, I usually like to take a benzodiazepine and chill out. Considering this now.

23:00 / T + 05:30
I eat 2 mg's Flunitrazepam.

I found the experience enjoyable at this dosage, albeit not interesting enough to repeat. Mentally I felt quite sober during the trip. Visually it never exceeded a (medium/strong) '++' at its peak. Motor control might have been very slightly distorted. Would I do this again? Probably not. I feel upping the dose might bring a more interesting experience but I'm not willing to go there myself.

Previous experiences with Proscaline:
21060427 (27th of april 2016): Allergy test.
I weighed an amount of proscaline that shouldn't give any noticeable effects and is low enough, should it actually be the mislabeled and most potent chemical from the particular vendor I bought the stuff from, so that it wouldn't be an overdose.

20160604: 150 mg 4fmp (or 4fa depending on your preferred shorthand) + 45 mg proscaline.
I ate the Proscaline 40 minutes after I consumed the 4fmp. If there were any effects from the proscaline, they were submerged by the effects of the 4fmp.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109022
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 18, 2016Views: 3,788
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