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A Fascinating Compound - Revisted
Citation:   MrMoran. "A Fascinating Compound - Revisted: An Experience with 6-APB (exp109070)". Jan 5, 2018.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 50 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
150mg+50mg 6-APB (succinate salt) - Orally, empty stomach

Experience two (also used through parts of this report) - 200mg orally

I had visited 6-APB early on in my days as a researcher, and felt as though it was a fascinating compound. This product was somewhat elusive when it was out, and had all-but disappeared for a few years before it resurfaced recently. The batch I had tried long ago was likely the hydrochloride salt, and I suspect I took about 125mg of it back then. Prior to researching it years ago, I had next-to-no experience with any other compounds. I hadn't tried MDMA, MDA, LSD, 2C-B, or anything like that, nor had I developed a tolerance to amphetamines. Finding that 6-APB was back on the research markets left me pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

I received a bag of off-white/light-tan powder labeled 6-APB, which had an aroma much like a cherry-vanilla-almond scent, faintly sweet. I've heard rumors of it being succinate salt, so I dosed a bit stronger than what I would for HCl, but lower than what I read for succinate, and will redose if necessary to find the proper dose.

It is worth noting that I took MDA about a week prior to the experience. A great majority of the following is written from the first experience, and the second experience notes are referenced specifically to avoid any confusion.

[T +0:00] 16:25 - Dose taken orally. Begin to write the beginning of this trip report. Soon after taking the pill, I felt my body get warm, but I am sure that's just placebo.

[T +0:10] 16:35 - Still feeling warm, but that feeling fades the less I think about it. No changes noticed otherwise. +/-

[T +0:20] 16:45 - My palms suddenly feel sweaty, and my leg seems a bit more twitchy. Otherwise, no noticeable changes in mood, or sensory input. Going to listen to music to see if/when it starts to pick up. Some mild nausea presents itself, and as I write this, there's a faint warm/tingling in the extremities. +

[T +0:25] 16:50 - There's a mild, but distinct and noticeable change in the music. Might consider doing another 50mg, but I should also be patient for about another 5-10 minutes before deciding. A mild sweat begins to form on my brow, and my body temperature seems to rise slightly. It could also be that the sun is warming up the floor next to me. Things feel normal - fuzzy blanket doesn't feel especially fuzzy. Reading back on my old notes, I wrote that the comeup is very slow, and doesn't really start until about an hour. Gonna kill some time by playing a first person shooter, to see if it changes my gameplay. Not sure if it really feels like I took the equivalent of 150mg MDA by this point, but I am leaning towards not. +

[T +0:40] 17:05 - Take an additional 50mg via solution. I notice that the salt, especially the larger grains, had some difficulty dissolving in water, even upon shaking. Some coaxing with limeade made it dissolve faster, but still left some of the largest chunks behind, leading me to believe it's a succinate salt. Tried playing a game for about 15 minutes, and while my reflexes were greatly improved, strategy was not my forte. +/++

[T +0:55] 17:20 - Sudden rush hits me, palms feel sweatier, and my body feels warm. Music has a bit more going on in it. Effects start to pick up a bit, nausea comes briefly, but not heavily. Has a rolly feeling to it. Comeup timing and profile is different than MDA - longer delay for onset, and steeper comeup. Within the past 10 minutes, it has picked up significantly! ++

[T +1:00] 17:25 - Colors seem a bit brighter, but not by much so far. I just remembered I took about 50mg extra about 30 minutes ago, and it's just now kicking in. I think the established dose here is about 200mg of succinate, which is unfortunate because I thought I was receiving the hydrochloride. I was hoping for more out of this bag than that, dose-for-dose, but I am elated to have this great stuff again. Music has become quite pleasurable, and I am glad to be getting close to the peak.

My pupils are not dilated as of yet, but my tactile sensations have changed considerably, but I feel hot in general. I am about 90% certain this is the succinate salt, and not the hydrochloride.

Time seems to slow down around now. ++/+++

[T +1:15] 17:40 - Still climbing! I forgot ALL about its long onset, and how I feel next to jack-shit for the first hour. But here it is, and it's definitely what I remember. Very MDA-like, perhaps not as trippy as MDA and a bit speedier. But I am sure the trippy part comes later. I'm sitting in air conditioning and starting to sweat though, which is slightly abnormal.

Nausea is definitely picking up quickly and its intensity is directly related to onset of the effects, and is highly based on movement. For now, it really is best if I just sit tight for a few, which is hard when I suddenly have such a burst of energy. Even sitting still, nausea comes and goes periodically, about once or twice per minute.

Mild visual and psychedelia begin to emerge and show their colors. Tracers begin to appear, and colors are more contrasted and brighter. Not cartoonish, but richer and mildly-to-moderately enhanced. Music has long been enhanced, but continues to do so more and more - beats are getting heavier and more precise, music can be picked apart and analyzed more. It is a lot like MDMA or MDA, and basically can substitute well for either and guarantee a good time. More hyperthermic though, by quite a bit. I wonder if dunking my head in cold water would alleviate this, as it worked when I took methylallylescaline. Right now, I am torn about if I want to get up and get water though - the nausea is intense. +++

[T +1:30] - 17:55 - The song 'We Roll Hard (Original Mix)' by Haezer definitely describes how I feel. But holy fuck am I sweating up a fucking storm, to which removing my shirt helped a lot (black shirts are probably not advised), and now my nose is runny. Jaw clenching also begins to take hold around now. This feels A LOT like MDA, just a bit speedier, and probably about as trippy.

Tracers seem to be between transparent and translucent, but present and extend a good 30% across the field of vision, and not completely continuous.

Dunking my head in cold water helped the temperature issues. +++

[T +1:45] - Trip 2 - Color enhancement increases considerably - psychedelia becomes more prominent. Lights are much brigher, have halos, etc. Colors are vivid and vibrant, rich, full, pure. Creativity feels much enhanced around this time too, as I found myself taking pictures of a phone charger with color-changing LED lights which faded between colors. The base of the charger, as well as its end, both cycle through the lights, but they're out of sync, so it makes it extra trippy. Practically turns an e-cig into a poi-style toy.

[T +2:00] - 18:25 - My girlfriend and I smoke cannabis, which helps quell my stomach's nausea. At this point, I switched into a light button-down shirt and left it open. I was just getting way too hot. Subtle patterning emerges, leaning towards geometric, but not distinct.

Music has built up and up until this point, and is now tapering off somewhat. So is my nausea, which is nice. Now I have the jaw clenching and nystagmus hardcore. With music on, I find it very hard not to dance or at least somewhat in some way to the rhythm. Sweating picks up considerably here. It's safe to say I am at the peak. Seems like the modus operandi is 1 hour to kick in, and then another to peak. Beer did not seem change the onset's timing whatsoever. +++

[T +3:00] - 19:25 - The 50mg booster begins to set it. Nausea was difficult at first up until now. Now it's barely there. I've been peaking for about 30-60 minutes or so, and it feels amazing. The feeling is very close to MDA, and also very similar to MDMA, in how entactogenic 6-APB is - things feel equally soft and fuzzy. The warmth in my extremities and internal glowing bliss feelings of 6-APB were the same as those when I took MDMA, but were not as pronounced. It doesn't have the 'love' that MDMA has. The speediness of MDA and 6-APB are nearly identical, as are the psychedelia, but 6-APB has a bit more of a speedy edge to it.

[T +3:09] - 19:34 - I find myself thinking about how I hope that it doesn't wear off too soon, and close my eyes, and have mild-moderate CEVs, with colorful OEVs. I notice that 6-APB affects me a lot more when I am up and moving about compared to when I am sitting. I could dance and dance up a storm if I wanted to - I definitely feel like I have all the energy to. My sense of pain is also numbed a bit. My palms are still sweaty. +++

[T +4:05] - 20:30 - Still going strong, but earlier it felt like it might have been weakening. I'm not sure that's entirely true though, because it is called 'Rolling' for a reason. And this stuff is no different, really, than MDMA or MDA for recreational purposes - music, energy, and entactogenic feelings are all the same. I still feel that it substitutes pretty well for either of the two for concerts and social gatherings, but as always, maintain proper hydration and electrolyte levels (coconut water = god's nectar). +++

~[T +4:30-7:00] - During this time, I decide to draw and hang out with people while doing so, switching back and forth between the two. I felt that my creativity was enhanced, and I had a higher degree of dexterity. +++/++

[T +7:05] - 23:30 - Forget what I said earlier about it being on its way out, because it really was just one of the many valleys between the mini-peaks on the rolls, but it definitely feels like it's on its way out around now, and has been for the past hour or so while I had been drawing. Overall, still at a ++/+, but it's fading a bit slower than MDA, which I guess is what prevents the harsh comedown is the smooth drop off. My palms stopped sweating a while ago, which is either good because it's wearing off, or bad because I'm dehydrated.

I feel like I could fall asleep within the next hour or so, but music still sounds moderately interesting. +

~1:00-1:30 [T +9:00?] - Fall asleep

Extensions and commentary:

I believe this particular sample to be a succinate salt, instead of a hydrochloride, which means it 2x the dosage of the MD(M)A range (100mg MDMA =~ 200mg 6-APB Succinate). I remember reading that the hydrochloride's dosage was around 125mg, which was not the case this time.

One could pose the question: How to tell the difference between 6-APB vs MD(M)A? For me, it's the smell and the timing. 6-APB's smell is akin to a sweet shop, closest to vanilla/cherry/almonds, while MDA smells more like root beer/cloves/licorice. MDMA doesn't have as strong of a distinctive smell as MDA. For me, if it smells like cherry/vanilla/almond, acts like MDA, takes for-fucking-ever to kick in (~45-50 minutes before I really felt anything mental going on), and lasts slightly longer, it's likely 6-APB. I cannot speak on behalf of 5-APB's smell, but I'd imagine it smells similar.

This is a real gem, honestly. I am glad to see it back again, because now that I have more experience with similar compounds, I can appreciate it a bit more for what it is. Still probably among my favorite ones - the best part is that it's potentially less neurotoxic on the receptors, but does everything I want in terms of MD(M)A, plus more! But on the flip-side, it's not as lovey-dovey, nor is it particularly introspective (even though anxiety is pretty much gone on it). The euphoria is strong, certainly, but the empathic love and connection felt towards those around me is not fully there.

Jaw clenching (bruxism) was prevalent throughout the trip post 1:15 into the experience. I often found myself bouncing my leg without realizing it quite frequently, as was nystagmus.

Throughout the next day, I found that my palms would still occasionally feel sweaty, I periodically had jaw clenching, and I had some indigestion and nausea sporadically throughout the morning. My mood was absolutely light and positive. I think that perhaps, the sweaty palms and jaw clenching were also due to the fact that I take amphetamine (50mg Vyvanse) daily for my ADHD, and this might bring back some residual effects of 6-APB, because for some reason, it seems like it doesn't really fully wear off until long after all psychoactive effects disappeared. Cannabis seems to bring back some degree of the effects as well.

For those offered 6-APB instead of MDA or MDMA, I really would say not to fear research chemicals in this situation. If MDA and MDMA are siblings, 6-APB would be a half-brother to MDA, or maybe a non-identical twin. It really is THAT close to either MDA or MDMA! But it's different, and I know somehow that it is. The closeness between MDA and 6-APB is not the same closeness of LSD and 1P-LSD, where duration and comeup are the only real variances and the effects are otherwise identical. I keep trying to convince myself that the two are different from each other, because I know how they are, but each time I reflect on my MDA and 6-APB experiences, I find myself empty-handed. I cannot specifically pinpoint how the two are particularly different, other than what's already been outlined earlier. For now, I will say that 6-APB is a lesser-known and under-appreciated gem, that has a bad reputation only because it's technically a research chemical.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109070
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 5, 2018Views: 7,312
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6-APB (516) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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