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Monster Dose Good Time
Kratom (Yellow Maeng Da)
by Danny Boy
Citation:   Danny Boy. "Monster Dose Good Time: An Experience with Kratom (Yellow Maeng Da) (exp109128)". Apr 18, 2018.

18 g oral Kratom


Tonight I decided to take about 18 grams of kratom, I will be writing my experience as it happens.

Firstly, a little information:

1. I am 5'11 weighing about 180 pounds
2. I have plenty of previous experience with kratom but have not taken it for about 2 weeks
3. The kratom I've taken is high-grade yellow maeng-da
4. I took the kratom as a powder (just spoon fulls into my mouth) and washed it down with some gatorade
5. Whenever I take kratom I can not sleep (I find it extremely difficult to sleep on nearly any substance so this is nothing new)
6. I took this on a completely empty stomach
7. All timestamps are give or take a few minutes based on how drowsy or distracted I am when writing


T+0: Took the 18 grams of kratom

T+0:30 minutes: I feel very very calm and the pain in my ankle (I sprained it) is gone completely. My vision is beginning to get a bit choppy (I cant seem to focus on anything for too long) but its not too bad.

T+0:45 minutes: I stood up to go to the bathroom and holy fuck that was difficult, walking is no easy task and I ended up having to sit to pee so I wouldn't fall over. I'm not dizzy or anything, its just like my body is too relaxed to want to move or cooperate. Other than that I feel fantastic - extremely calm and kind of tired. I have the same feeling as when you lie in bed at the end of a bad day and release all your stress and tension. It's becoming pretty hard to focus on things and I'm getting a trail-like affect in my vision, this usually happens when I take doses above 12 grams and it should pass soon - for now though its honestly not bad.

T+1:00: my body feels heavy and I'm extremely tired. I know though that even if I try to sleep I wont be able to, and if somehow I manage to I'll end up waking up in like 2 hours feeling the full effects
I know though that even if I try to sleep I wont be able to, and if somehow I manage to I'll end up waking up in like 2 hours feeling the full effects
(I'd rather gradually come up then get hit all at once when I wake up). I also can't decide what to watch on netflix but that's besides the point.

T+1:10: waves of relaxation are coming up and down my body, it feels amazingly meditative. I'm starting to feel somewhat euphoric - all of my stress has disappeared so I feel like I just got rid of a huge weight on my shoulders. I also feel very warm but its not like a physical heat type of warm its more of an inner warmth.

T+1:15: the extreme drowsiness has passed and I just feel serene. I find it really easy to be creative/talk to people while on kratom because all of my mental blocks and anxieties seem to disappear. I'm feeling extremely euphoric and optimistic. I was bored earlier and couldn't find anything to watch but now the boredom is completely gone, I'm still not doing anything but I just don't feel bored like I'm extremely content with just being.

T+1:20: The choppiness in my vision is gone while sitting/lying down but very apparent when I stand - good thing I'm planning on just lying down the rest of the night. I'm feeling a bit jittery but I think it's just because it's cold in here. I got up to go pee again and walking was less difficult - my muscles are still extremely relaxed, I'm just more used to it now so I can control myself better.

T+2:00: it's getting a bit difficult to write this, not because I'm feeling bad or anything - I feel fantastic - I just get really comfortable and dont want to move at all... But fear not! I'm determined to give you all this experience! On another note, the drowsiness is coming in and out now, it'll be for like 5 or so minutes at a time I'll be completely exhausted but then it'll sort of just go away.

T+2:15: meditation is an amazing experience right now, I'll close my eyes and relax and almost instantly get vivid closed-eye visual and auditory hallucinations (sort of like hypnagognia but instant). My body is extremely relaxed and feels very blob-ish like it has no real shape, it just exists, I still have complete control over it.

T+2:30: whenever I close my eyes I almost instantly get shot into what seems to be a lucid dream, I can very vividly see different dream scenarios and hear them too but can also open my eyes whenever I want.

T+2:40: the visual choppiness and drowsiness is back and stronger than before, its really difficult to focus on anything and I feel exhausted - but thats not so bad because I just close my eyes and go into a little dream world for a minute or two and then come back. Worst comes to worst I fall asleep (if sleep is ever your worst-case scenario you know you're in a good spot).

T+2:42: I adjusted my position slightly and the drowsiness and choppiness disappeared.

T+2:50: the wind coming from the ceiling fan feels amazing, its like every time it hits me it comes with surges of relaxation. My muscular relaxation is getting even stronger so it's becoming slightly difficult to raise my arms to type - it's not like I can't do it, it just feels like theyre weak and relaxed (like I just did an intense arm workout and theyre too tired to lift).

T+3:00: I am feeling extremely euphoric and have an intense desire to go skate around town but I know thats a horrible idea so I'm definitely just going to keep lying down. Also, the kratom has completely curbed my appetite - either I'm full because of the gatorade/kratom powder in my stomach or the kratom just made me not hungry anymore. I'm feeling pretty tired but its not like the extreme drowsiness I had before, It just feels like I've had a long day and want to sleep. It's becoming easier to move my arms and what not again because I'm getting more used to how relaxed my muscles are. It's still pretty difficult to focus my eyes. I don't think it's going to change much from here.

I feel extremely relaxed, extremely euphoric, I have lucid-dream like hallucinations when I close my eyes, I'm tired and it's somewhat difficult to move around simply because of how relaxed my body is, and I'm no longer bored at all I'm just content with being.

Kratom is a fantastic substance

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109128
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 18, 2018Views: 15,908
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