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Unexpected Intense Buzz
Cannabis & Tobacco
by Ray
Citation:   Ray. "Unexpected Intense Buzz: An Experience with Cannabis & Tobacco (exp109158)". Oct 15, 2016.

  smoked Cannabis
    smoked Tobacco
I have a pretty high tolerance to cannabis at the moment. For the past 4 months at least I have been a daily smoker. Now onto the trip story.

It was a casual Friday night and my best guy friend and I were trying to get higher than usual. Blunts always seem to get me higher in almost a different way so thatís the route of smoking we decided to take. Little did I know I the strange feelings I would experience.

I began to roll up a tropical fusion swisher sweet and I lit it up. The first couple of hits felt like nothing but harsh smoke. Then my friend passed me the blunt for the 3rd time thatís when stuff started to get strange. Normally when I first consume cannabis it takes a while to hit me but with blunts its almost an instant light-headed high. Cannabis usually gives me a rush of euphoria and energy when I first smoke it. I began to get that relaxed body speedy happy thoughts like thereís so much to talk about in this world but not enough time to explain it to my friend. Meanwhile he is just over there chilling back on the couch having a really good body high, looking like he doesnít have a care in the world.

As we got near the end of the blunt the lightheaded feeling I kept having was getting more intense waves of numbness were rolling down my body. I felt like my body temperature was changing rapidly. It almost felt like I had a clammy cool feeling all around my body but that I needed to sweat it out. Pretty soon I just felt dizzy and leaned forward to put my face in my hands and I just closed my eyes. I thought to myself good thing I didnít decide to drink any alcohol tonight because in that moment thatís exactly what it felt like. Just like I had consumed too much hard liquor in too little of a time. I hoped this feeling wouldnít last too long and I tried to tell myself it wouldnít.

During the time I am having all of these weird thoughts my body feels like it was vibrating in waves then in different areas of my body it was vibrating in just circles. This experience is very hard to explain in words. I knew the physical feelings and the mental images I had when my eyes were closed were two separate things but I just associated the vibrations with different patterns and images in my mind. It was like a closed eye visual connected with the feelings my body was having. This strange feeling went away soon after. My friend began talking to me about something else and I focused on that instead of how I felt and sure enough he was packing a bowl in his pipe and we smoked more. After that I felt pretty normal just tired.

I believe the only reason I had such an intense experience is because I deeply inhaled more smoke than I normally would smoking a blunt and I most likely had a tobacco buzz along with my cannabis high. I have never smoked a cigarette or any other tobacco products in my life so I have never just had a tobacco buzz. A lightheaded feeling is how all of my friends describe a tobacco buzz and that was the profound effect of this experience. This trip was just a neutral one, if I would have just tried to relax instead of fight it and have energy it would have probably been a more chill experience. In that smoke sesh with that particular blunt it just seemed like all the effects of the cigar were present but the cannabis high was not as strong.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109158
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 15, 2016Views: 2,359
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Tobacco (47), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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