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A Potent but Gentle Lysergamide
Citation:   IMG_9999. "A Potent but Gentle Lysergamide: An Experience with ETH-LAD (exp109171)". Erowid.org. Sep 22, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109171

100 ug   ETH-LAD
I've only had two experiences with ETH-LAD so far, but I'm a fairly experienced tripper, and have tried most lysergamides that have ever become publicly available. I try to keep my tolerance low, though I still trip once a month/once every two months.

My first trial was with 100 ug, dropped around noon on an empty stomach.

Come-up was pretty long and kind of intense for me. I felt nauseous for the first hour and a half, but nothing unbearable honestly. Just uncomfortable. The weirdest part was the sedating body-high. I had planned a hiking trip with my girlfriend but we actually stopped under a tree's shade and just waited for the come-up to happen because it felt impossible to move, we just wanted to lay down. During the whole come-up I actually felt kind of numb minded, not a single psychedelic thought. I was beginning to think I was given clonazolam blotters instead of ETH-LAD, when at the 2 hour everything developed. Visuals were intense. Not 300 ug AL-LAD intense, but they were very present, defined, and complex. Texturing, clouds going insane, very acid-like visuals but less morphing and more fractal. Glittery patterns overlaying on surfaces. Extreme color enhancement. I didn't experience much Closed Eye Visuals, though.

My ego felt more or less intact during the trip, if that makes sense. Another way to say it: Even when I felt clearly 'on drugs' the headspace was not very confusing. I felt like myself, and I felt in control of the trip at all times. I wouldn't describe it precisely as lucid, but it was not demanding in any sense. I feel like the fact that my thoughts weren't racing through abstract topics or connecting with the whole universe made it easier to look inside myself and into my own emotions. I felt VERY emotionally volatile. The trip was the last weekend before I departed on a four month work-trip without my girl, so the topic of love and longing was constant during the trip. We cried a lot, but it felt very cleansing. Despite the strong emotional component, the headspace was mostly serene and peaceful.

I didn't get any body issues after the come-up. The comedown was pretty smooth, I didn't get any jaw clenching or residual stimulation after the trip was gone. It lasted roughly 9 hours.

My second trip was a solo trip, for which I used ~ 50 ug. Using a lesser amount actually eased the body-load of the come-up quite a bit, and I feel like this made for a better trip over-all.
Using a lesser amount actually eased the body-load of the come-up quite a bit, and I feel like this made for a better trip over-all.
I was surprised by how strong it hit me. At the first hour after ingestion I started to feel a clear mood-lifting serotonergic activity. Then by the second hour I was starting to feel the trip kicking in. I did some reading and it really enhanced the psychedelic headspace.

I was walking through the woods, after a gentle morning rain, listening to music on my headphones. Everything felt beautiful. Once again it made me feel at peace. But also, really excited about the future and everything that was going on in my life. I reflected once again on the topic of love. And also, art, creation, and how domination and power are a necessary dimension of every act of creation and every human intervention. I felt as if everything in nature existed as the result of forces that struggle, through sheer power and even violence, to maintain themselves organized amidst the cosmic chaos. I felt at peace with that thought. And also, I felt humbled by nature.

As it happens with mid-low dose psychedelic trips, it allowed for a less hectic headspace and more coherent thoughts. I think I enjoyed it more than my first trip, but also because I felt no body-discomfort at all during the come-up. Visuals weren't as intense as the whole blotter, but they were definitely there. Specially in the clouds :P.

Something weird that I noticed is that both times I felt suddenly very hungry during the come-up. Never had that before.

I have liked my exploration of this compound so far, I feel like Shulgin's description on TIHKAL is spot on. I sometimes prefer LSD's crazy mindtrip, but this is an emotionally rich and intellectually active compound. Easygoing at the doses I tried. I look forward to take 100 ug but taking half a tab first, and an hour later the other half. I have the feeling that doing that will allow for an intense trip, but at the same time ease the come-up.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109171
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Sep 22, 2016Views: 6,035
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ETH-LAD (688) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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