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Not Underwhelmed but Not Too Overwhelmed
by BeeB
Citation:   BeeB. "Not Underwhelmed but Not Too Overwhelmed: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp109180)". Sep 13, 2018.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:30 100 mg smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:30 0.25 hits   Etizolam (blotter / tab)
  T+ 12:30 100 mg smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 17:30 15 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT  


4-Aco-DMT - First Time Using Tryptamines
Subject: Male, 31 years, 70 kilos
Substance(s): Smoked cannabis, oral modafinil, oral etizolam, oral 4-aco-dmt

Experience: experienced with cannabis, 3rd try on modafinil, no benzo tolerance, 1st time 4-aco-dmt - but somehow experienced with other psychedelics

After having a good number of pleasant trips with LSD, Mescaline (both synthetic and extracted from cacti), 2CB and AL-LAD; lately it’s a big commitment to partake in a time-consuming psychedelic session, being that I have many responsibilities. So I decided to look for a new psychedelic that fits my schedule; well, even before that, I really enjoyed oral 2cb and then decided to plug the 2cb which is a superb experience, it lasts the time span of 3 hours, but I found it to be too rushy in a sense that is hard to put into words.

So browsing the interwebs and after some research I decided to try 4-aco-dmt – firstly because I have not had any tryptamines before and also because I’ve read good reviews about this drug and the duration of the trip would fit my time needs.

Set: I’ve been in very good mood the last couple weeks, yesterday I took a long nap and I was feeling overall good and content with my current life situation.

Intentions: the hedonic pleasure of being high, to get to know a new compound and by extension a new family of compounds, to face whatever my subconscious has to bring and re-own it as for what it is –a part of my self, and as always looking to express love and gratitude through the ingestion of psychedelic drugs

--------- Friday
7:00 am – Friday! Yes! I wake up and after my morning routines/rituals I take 100 mg of modafinil and head to work

11:00 am – I can feel the edginess of the modafinil, being super alert and focused comes with a price.

12:30 pm – Before lunch I smoke 0,10 g of cannabis (1/3 blunt) – it brings the edginess of the modafinil quite sharp up and I decided to take ¼ blotter of etizolam to take this edge off, it works and after that I get a healthy lunch

07:30 pm – I smoke 0,10 g of cannabis again, exercise and then dinner with my family

00:30 am – I take ~15 mg of 4-aco-dmt (sorry I’m not sure if I have HCL or fumarate) dissolved in fruit juice. Prior to this, I did an allergy test 15 days before and weighed the drug carefully in a completely sober state – Immediately after the intake; I set my timer and then go to perform a yoga stretching routine.

00:40 am – I start to feel the alerts of the psychedelic state, a sense of being more grounded in the body and the deepening of the breath, I have a painting of a flaming sun that serves as a gauge to my trippiness, I look very intensely at the painting and its forms, then I distract myself with more breathing exercises. Little hints of swirliness aureated the painting.

00:50 am – This is coming fast, but in a gentle manner, I go to the mirror and watch myself in the semi dark bathroom, when I close my eyes to blink, I can still see my image behind my eyelids, and when I open my eyelids again is like something is amiss with the cinematography. Time seems to slow down.

1:00 am – I sit in my favorite chair and put some music. It is too easy to let go and be lost in the many many many layers of sound, the panning of the songs makes it as if I’m THE MUSIC, with every breath that I take (I’m wearing a blindfold) I feel my body expanding and my head inflating like a balloon full of space… precious space to get some stuff on it.

CEV are very organic in the way of visuals growing out of themselves, colors are on the blue/green side of the spectrum and forms are more rounded than with 2cb. I feel a presence other than me in the room, and I had to remove my blindfold when I sensed someone touching my arm and pinching the side of my belly. There was no one in the room. After this I decided to keep enjoying more music and the being in my body and in the chair

After a moment, I felt sober and I realized that this is different from 2cb… 2cb being warmer and much more body euphoria; my chakra points just explode with bliss when I take 2cb in the right dose. But I did get some euphoria from this 4 sub; only that it was more mental, hard to explain, definitely not in the body. I picked the guitar and stroked some chords, as always, being creative with music and psychedelics is just it, I wish my hardware were faster though. Practice practice practice I guess.

I forgot to comment, I keep yawning all the time, feeling stoned but in a great way not weary or anything.

2:30 am – The peaking is over, time to smoke a joint. I have had some bad trips, and every one of them started when I lighted a joint. I go outside for the smoke, and realized –as someone said in this forum- that on this substance the sky looks astounding and alien at the same time, the Moon was somehow offset and the starts didn’t quite were where they should be. I smoke 0,15 g of cannabis and go inside again

2:33 am – I feel the cannabis and its anxiogenic effects; all my alarms go off and I feel this could get out of control and a bout of paranoia is just around the corner. I grab ½ blotter of etizolam and put it in my pocket, I go downstairs again to the yoga mat and did some grounding exercises, after that I calm down and put the etizolam on the table so I can look at my safety net if I need some reassurance.

2:45 am – I feel better now, stood up and go to the kitchen to make some tea, again I feel 100% sober for a moment, while the water is boiling I go to the bathroom to catch a look in my reflection – In the bathroom with the lights off and just a dim light entering from the outside, I see my silhouette in the mirror and that brings on the subject of the psychological Shadow which is a theme I’ve been reading about lately.

3:10 am – After I finish my tea I lay on the floor and let myself melt with the environment, the wave of psychedelia is here again and I decided to visualize my fears, somehow put a face on them, or at least a form. In my mind’s eye I see this denied self that is my shadow taking form of zombies, robbers, muggers, angry policemen, bats, animals, insects, rapists, murderers… they all came and I befriended all of them, I gave them love and together we grew out of that phase. The visuals of these images melting with/in/through me, in the very core of my self… it was a healing moment.

3:30 am – I feel completely sober again, what the fuck? I just had some profound realizations, some spectacular visions and now is over again, I get up and pick a crayon and a blank sheet of paper and start to doodle whatever…

3:33 am – Suddenly I just spring to my feet again and started to pace in the living room, the image of my father keep coming to me, he is alive and we have a good relationship, but somehow his image was trying to tell me something, that I was not the boy he wanted, that I have strayed away from some principles that he has taught me, also I kept thinking about the individuation of the human being, of the roles the society puts unto us, of the joy and happiness of being yourself but at the same time being part of the society… the human experience… the loss of innocence and how that gives you hope in a bizarre way. The waves of sobriety and psychedelia came and went, many times. This reminds me, that I have read on [a forum] about the emotional baggage coming at the rear end of the trip with 4-aco-dmt.

3:50 am – I kept swinging back and forth between self blame and self love and being very assertive with myself and hating myself for not being up to the challenge in some aspects of my life, but by this time the tide was ebbing and I knew the show was over. I have not documented sexual pleasure so I decide to watch some porn and give myself some love. It delivered.

4:00 am – I take the rest of the etizolam to help me sleep, I was back to baseline now, but tomorrow I need to be up by 10 am so I need some help to sleep pronto. Go to bed and cuddle with my wife and fall asleep without much trouble.

---- Sunday
I woke up, and feel normal, refreshed and renewed. Trip is over and the afterglow, if any, is insignificant

---- Monday
I still feel fine, with good mood and everything, a great drug! I will try it again maybe at 20 mg to see what it has to offer, or maybe I will go lower a bit, maybe 12 mg and plug it. I might wait a month or two though. I don’t like to push these things.

----- Music enhancement: Beautiful, on par with 2cb. The gaps in the sound/silence is very prominent

----- OEV: light at this dose, some swirls in the painting and on a marble piece, some tracers and some delayed movement as if everything was slow mo, but this only lasted 30 minutes or so

----- CEV: words that come to mind… organic, tree branches, fractal evolving/ morphing, the blue and green hues were predominant

----- Tactile appreciation: very low, neither the sense of proprioception was altered. It was not bodily euphoric as other psychs

------ Psychedelic mind state: As much as I want it

TL;DR: I had a blast, a gentle psychedelic, no body discomfort throughout the experience, and the comedown is a gradual waves of sobriety. At 15 mg I was not underwhelmed but not too overwhelmed either, I expected more euphoria in the body and more grinning and giggles; but maybe next time.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109180
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Sep 13, 2018Views: 4,177
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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