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Uncommon Combination
Gabapentin & Lisdexamfetamine
Citation:   TheDarkFox. "Uncommon Combination: An Experience with Gabapentin & Lisdexamfetamine (exp109195)". Erowid.org. Aug 11, 2020. erowid.org/exp/109195

2800 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin (capsule)
  60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (capsule)
Intro: I'm a 33yr. old male that's had quite a history with experimenting with narcotics of all sorts. Uppers, downers, laughers, screamers, you name it I've probably tried it at least once... or twice >:)... Anyhow, I've since slowed down usage of such things since my prime years and recently decided to try some much more 'safe' alternatives. This is my experience.

(Note at present I am NOT prescribed any thing of ANY kind for ANY reason.This is all purely recreational for my own curiosity's sake.)

Drugs in use for report: Gabapentin 400mg capsules for a maximum dose of 2,800mgs (7 pills), Vyvanse 30mg capsules for a total of 90mg (3 pills).

The beginning (Zero Hour): It was probably about 7pm or so, I'd been digging around some old boxes in our storage room in my house when low and behold I come across one of my old boxes full of all sorts of pills. I mean pills for everything! I came across a huge bottle of Gabapentin which I know is said to be fairly safe for most people. I also know I've taken it once before and got that warm fuzzy feeling people talk about. So I decided to grab out a handful. I continue looking in the box and find a full bottle of Vyvanse as well, which I also know to be fairly safe even being considered a type of amphetamine. I grab out a handful of these as well.

It's been a pretty boring day, not much going on, nothing to do. So I sit down at my computer and I begin to research safe 'normal' AND 'recreationally safe' dosages of both of these medications and if there are any interactions (I always try to play it safe now these days). People have had good experiences tolerating 3,000mgs of Gabapentin and up to 120mg of Vyvanse recreationally and there are no adverse reactions to using both of these drugs together. I prefer to stay just under these maximum recreational dosages for a little extra added safety mentally. So I'm like 'Cool why not give it a shot together and see what happens!'.

I haven't eaten today yet instead I grab my usual ginger ale. I never take pills recreationally on a food filled stomach it's usually bad luck for me not to mention a complete disappointment. So anyways, I take 7 of the Gabapentins (the full 2,800mgs). I know them better than Vyvanse so I play it safe and only take 2 of the Vyvanse to begin with (60mgs total) to see how my body reacts to them. Yes, I took both the Gaba and Vyvanse at the same sitting.

I put on the movie Avatar in my Room/Recording Studio and kick back to wait for things to happen mainly just because my room is so 'Zen' and 'Chill'. I do this also in case shit gets weird. I don't need people asking me questions cause that's a bad situation AND a total fuck up of a high if you ask me.

20min: I pretty much feel nothing at this point, perhaps just a slight tingling in the back of my neck. Certainly nothing to be in awe about nor impressed with.

40min: I begin to feel a little energetic, not in body more like in state of mind but very slight.

60min: I can tell things are beginning to take effect now. My mind feels super sharp, I notice things better, I see colors more vividly, sounds are more crisp, the movie is more captivating. My body feels slightly tingly all over and I'm getting a mild euphoria. I decide it's safe to take the last Vyvanse and do so bringing me to the full 90mg dose. Don't get me wrong this is nothing like LSD or MDMA, so far.

90min: I'm nearly at the end of my movie and at this point I hardly noticed time even go by. It takes the Gabapentin a while to reach its peak, this I already knew and the Vyvanse took about the same amount of time, 'NOW'. I'm feeling warm and fuzzy, clear headed and happy. I feel copacetic amounts of euphoria. Not like MDMA or LSD I would say, it is more pure with less of the stupidity and 'mind F**K' and about half the body high and don't let me forget to mention that my heart is NOT racing at all whatsoever. In fact at this point I would say I feel better than any of the times I've done either MDMA or LSD. I wish I was at a rave or something rubbing against fluffy coats and dancing with half naked people.
I wish I was at a rave or something rubbing against fluffy coats and dancing with half naked people.

I'm a little hungry at this point so I quit watching my movie and leave my room grabbing a huge bag of Gumi-Bears. I go into the living room to watch TV and my dad is up on his computer. I sit down and melt into my chair and begin to look through and read the things on Netflix hoping to find something that isn't lame.

2Hrs: I am STILL reading titles on Netflix. It's like I'm indecisive on what I want to watch or do. My mind keeps changing, 'Should I watch Netflix or go make music in my studio, play with my kitten or get on my computer...Hnmmm' It's almost comical. My dad hadn't noticed (or didn't care) how long I'd been sitting there for flipping through Netflix titles. He stands up and comes to sit at the TV with me, which at this point I just hand him the controller and say 'Here you pick!' I'm feeling so good and I'm so Euphoric at this point I just feel like being nice to everyone and don't really give a shit what I watch. I've got a great but not overwhelming body high, I'd say it's just perfect and a pretty stellar mind euphoria. Its not noticeable or the stupid kind of high either. I can function amazingly well this way and I feel very confident, I just can't decide what I want to do or watch! It's like you want to do it all!

My father starts up Youtube, I don't remember what all exactly we watched but we ended up having a good conversation, lots of laughs, lots of ideas about things, deep thoughts, etc. Ate the whole bag of Gumi-Bears some where along the way... Time absolutely seemed to fly by I was experiencing such a good time AND without it being completely obvious! I should add at some point during this I heated up some canned soup so apparently I wasn't stumbling around like I was on something. OH! And I don't have any of that terrible jaw clenching going on like with street crap, which was a real pleasant surprise! Lets skip ahead some.

4Hrs: My father says he's tired and goes to bed. I'm sure he didn't think I was on anything. I'm still feeling the same euphoria I described above if not slightly more. It hasn't tapered off in the slightest. I decided to sit down at my computer in the office room, listen to music and begin to document this experience because it was such a nice one. My heart still isn't racing, I don't have that awful feeling of tension, I feel completely relaxed but maybe a little hyper. Strange to experience both of those at the same time but it's wonderful. MDMA could never do this plus you'd be sweating pretty bad. I will admit I am much warmer than usual but it is manageable, I am also extremely thirsty so I am consuming tons of liquids frequently.

6Hrs: The feelings mentally and physically are still going strong without change, there seems to be no diminished effects at all as of yet. I still feel exactly the same. Only now I'm playing some games on my computer, chatting to people on skype and in-game. Just having fun, really enjoying myself. Nothing around to cause me irritation thankfully because I wouldn't be sure how I'd react to that kind of stimuli in this state of mind.

8Hrs: No change in effects what so ever. No tapering off of any kind yet. I spend a few minutes in my room petting my kitten and making sure she's got everything she needs. I did note that her fur seemed extraordinarily soft and pleasing to the touch. That is when I notice my palms were slightly sweaty. This is a typical effect of amphetamines, no surprise there. I decide to take a few extra minutes to roll around in my super soft cozy bed and rub my face against my super fuzzy body-pillow (which feels amazing right now BTW). I am rather astonished at how long this is lasting, almost nothing lasts this long. I go back to playing games on my computer to try and ride it out thinking any minute this bliss is going to just drop right off.

11Hrs: I can now feel the Gabapentin tapering off slowly. The fuzzy, touchy, euphoric effects are approximately half of what they were but I still feel buzzed and extremely happy. I can already tell when the Gabapentin wears off completely I wont be disappointed. I'm just curious now as to how long these 3-30mg Vyvanses are going to last on me. At this point I should note the vibrance of colors and sound have lessened as well. I'm still having a blast talking to people on skype and games and listening to music.

13Hrs: OMG, I read Vyvanse stuck around a while but I'm blown away by the duration of only 3. I feel them beginning to wear off slowly, gently. Like I'm being floated down from cloud nine on a giant feather. It's certainly in no way an 'Abrupt crash'. My head is a little tingly though, feels good to rub it. The euphoria is not nearly as intense but still there. All the luster sound and colors once had return to normal. The body high part completely gone and what remains is the hyper feeling and chatty, focused, interested mental state.

16Hrs: Effects have fully tapered off with no adverse side surprises. No nausea or vomiting, no horrible 'I feel like crap...' feelings, no headache, no physical pain, no negative thoughts suicidal or otherwise, nothing. Just a clean fade into normalcy. Heck, I don't even feel all that tired or exhausted. I can pretty much go to bed whenever I feel like I want to almost as if this time had never even happened and time did seem to fly during my experience. I'm positive if I hadn't stayed busy it would have seemed as if time stopped completely but since I was having a total blast multi-tasking it was the complete opposite.

CONCLUSION: This is what I take from this experience. It is amazingly similar to X (MDMA). It was wonderful having the amount of free time to really enjoy it. I know if I'd have been at work or something during any of this it would've really been not only a total waste of my time but I probably would have been irritable as hell, possibly even noticeably 'not my usual self'. This is a combination I would use only to enjoy a really good long day such as I had or on the beach, in a club, anything where I've got plenty of time to unwind and do things I enjoy otherwise... This would've been pretty crappy. I'm surprised at the intensity and duration of it all. It was almost exactly like MDMA but in my opinion better, this was purely Top-Notch. I'm definitely going to do this exact combo again every now and then. I've never been this impressed with any street drug I've had except possibly weed. I don't feel like this is addictive either because I have no urge to keep taking and taking it. I also knew if I did, it would no longer have the same effect and therefore not be nearly as fulfilling. This was truly a one of a kind and satisfying experience. I did enjoy MDMA when I did it a couple times but this just felt far better and cleaner. Make no mistake about it though I was extremely high.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109195
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Aug 11, 2020Views: 7,931
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Lisdexamfetamine (589), Pharms - Gabapentin (183) : Alone (16), Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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