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Stunning Visuals Amazing Thoughts
25I-NBOH & Cannabis
by czz
Citation:   czz. "Stunning Visuals Amazing Thoughts: An Experience with 25I-NBOH & Cannabis (exp109198)". Erowid.org. Jan 17, 2019. erowid.org/exp/109198

T+ 0:00
1 mg oral 25I-NBOH (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00 6-7 hits smoked Cannabis  


So this was my second time experiencing psychedelics. I have lots of experiences with Cannabis as I smoke it occasionally since I was 18, and had a great experience with 25b-NBOMe a month ago. I heard that 25i-NBOH had almost no body load and, also called “Shiva’s eye”, had different effects on the mind. So I decided to try it with a friend. I’m not a big fan of microdosing since I don’t have many days to have psychedelic experiences, so I figured out that I should have half a blotter (equivalent to 1 mg of NBOH).

Set and setting: I study away from my parents and live in a house with several people. I was a bit sad at the day because a bunch of friends were moving out, but I was for the most part satisfied with my current state. Our neighbors, which are also students, were throwing a party at this day and some of them decided to take the substance too, so my friend and I went there mid-afternoon to start our trip and enjoy the sunset.

T+00 (5:10 PM): My friend separates 1 blotter for him and cuts a half of another one on a triangle format for myself. We toast them and insert them under our tongues. They immediately have a bitter taste in our mouths, and after 10-15 minutes they numb the tip of our tongues.

T+00:30: the blotter is almost completely dissolved in my tongue. I search the bits of it on my mouth and swallow them. I’m not feeling anything yet.

T+00:45: I started to feel lightheaded. I’m sit down and seeing the bindweed in our neighbor’s home, watching it moving as the wind passes through it.

T+1:00: We come back to our home, sit by the pool and start to watch the clouds. This is the time I noticed the visuals started. They were very similar to the NBOMe: the clouds seemed like they were painted by Van Gogh and I could see them forming more steam as the wind was collapsing into them. Beautiful. I grab a radio and turn on a playlist that I prepared earlier with electro-house, atmospheric rock and some classical music. We enjoyed the sky, the city and the clouds as each of them were moving. It seemed like I could see 3 or more layers of images, moving and morphing, and this thought led to the sensation of perceiving time passing by right under our eyes. We stood in awe there until sunset. After that, my friend went back to our neighbor’s party and I accompanied him as I was worried because he took 2 times more of what I did.

T+2:00: I could sense the party’s energy from far away. When we entered the house, my mind filled me with joy as I was having nice conversations and meeting new people, as they were more beautiful than before. They were most on alcohol and cannabis, and this led to their curiosity of what I was feeling. I explained to them normally, while hallucinating with visuals on their clothes. I stayed half an hour there, just to deliver my friend, and went back home.

T+2:30: I reached my room and put some other music from my pre-made playlist. It was time to have some time alone and learn with the drug. This was the peak of the experience with pure NBOH. I was aware that this drug was a neuron-stimulant and was enhancing my perception of color and sound. But one thing disappointed me: I was not having thoughts and conclusions about humanity, divinities and the meaning of life whatsoever. I just perceived nuances of kaleidoscopic visuals as I closed my eyes. I could perceive a quarter of the rhythm of each music, which was great, but it didn’t make me think much, just to perceive music and images more carefully. About 1 hour alone in my room, I went down to have a chat with my friends, and one of them convinced me that I had to smoke cannabis to have a full experience with Shiva’s eye, and that is when things started to get really interesting.

T+4:00: After I took about 6 or 7 puffs of my pre-rolled joint, I started to trip really hard. I began to see a specific color as every color, like a rainbow. White walls became colorful, as I saw kaleidoscopic patterns much more vividly as before the joint. I decided to watch TV, and I could see what was happening with all the pixels, I could see every single reflex of light in the wave that was passing as people were surfing. I couldn’t maintain a normal conversation with my friends anymore, as I was too away from the real world. Black writings on our house’s wall were colorful. I got in and out of our garden and it seemed like every walk I took through my own house was an adventure. Suddenly, a trip that I thought it was just my brain being more able to perceive stimuli, started to get very, very funny, and intense. I had to go upstairs, alone in my room and play my songs one more time.

T+5:00: My god. NBOH + Cannabis is another experience, very different than just the NBOH alone. I listened to a number of genres and artists: Bach, Shpongle, 1200 Micrograms, The Algorithm, Tame Impala, to list a few. I closed my eyes and saw asymmetric patterns, passing by my vision. I could sense every bit of rhythm in the music, even the subtle change between low and high pitches of notes. I could notice every high note had a low antagonist. Album covers seemed to be gifs, as the OEV’s were on its peak. I could sense my mind understanding it was going through serious tripping. Every nuance in the music could be perceived, especially on psytrance. I put an Alex Grey painting that had a lot of patterns, and that is when I started to have the most interesting thoughts that I wanted to be having since the beginning of the trip. I thought of levels of perception of time, space, vision, sound, and that led to the thought of dimensions: that I could see time passing, feeling like I was in the 5th dimension. I thought about divinities and the infinite dimensions above us that they live. But two thoughts grabbed my mind more than the others. One is simple: synthetic drugs make your brain perceive space and sound more, but plants have the power to transcend you, to take yourself to the other dimension: to make you think, connect to superior aspects of the universe. The other is: everything the human race does, whether it is good or bad, is for its evolution. Every action has a reaction, very bad ones leading to very good ones. We are drifting forward across history throughout evolution. And this particular thought, for me, was very, very inspiring.

T+6:00: It was almost 11PM. I went out to grab something to eat, and check out my friend at our neighbor’s (he doubled the dose, mixed cannabis and alcohol but was fine, by the way). The intense part of the trip was over and I felt my mind fried. I was having an annoying change of frequency from high to low pitch (almost like a siren) inside my head. The food tasted normal. From this point on, I wanted the trip to end.

T+7:00: the sound of the siren in my mind continued on and I started to have headaches. I told about my thoughts to my friends and we had a very good and constructive conversation about religion and philosophy. 3 hours after that, the effects were almost non-existent, and I went to sleep.

T+14:00: The next day was kind of awful. My mind certainly felt the intense trip I had the last day, and needed one day to rest. I was unproductive. I was in mental fatigue. I got sick this day and the next, but I don’t think this happens often with people who have similar trips, because my friends had the same experience and nothing bad happened. My house companions got the flu one week earlier, and I think the immunity goes down during the trip, so I could be more careful in these circumstances.

Conclusion: NBOH is an interesting, powerful substance alone, but then I smoked a joint<--. You’ll get--> and got a very intense, very interesting trip. The flow of thoughts was difficult to drift into, but the ones I grabbed were more than enough to have an experience I will never ever forget. I would recommend pen and paper or a notepad to write while tripping; this drug combination made me think about very aspects of my life, and I could use notes to integrate the experience afterwards. And please, test your substance and do it in a safe environment, guys.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109198
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 17, 2019Views: 2,094
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25I-NBOH (615) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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