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Egyptian-Themed Ceremony
by The Key
Citation:   The Key. "Egyptian-Themed Ceremony: An Experience with Ayahuasca (exp109213)". May 6, 2021.

1 cup oral Ayahuasca
  1 cup oral Ayahuasca


My Egyptian Themed Ayahuasca Ceremony

First let me start off by saying that I had been searching vigorously and eagerly to find ayahuasca for years, with no prevail. I seen countless videos on YouTube describing the experience as well as visiting and reading many accounts but could never find the cheapest and safest route. Finally, almost miraculously I stumbled across a social media profile with beautiful pictures of a ceremony that was done two hours away from where I lived.

So, I contacted this beautiful soul and was in luck that she was willing to go over all the details of when the shaman would be travelling again. I listened and talked passionately for hours until I finally was told the date. November 21, 2015 is a day I will never forget. I begin my fast and days prior to the ceremony I pray to the GREAT MOTHER of Ancient Egypt or Kemet who was called Auset or Isis and ask her to be there with me on this journey!

So on the day of the ceremony, I prepare for the long trip, and pick up one of the High Priestess who will be assisting the shaman and make my way towards the ceremony. As my wife and I walked into the space, we are greeted by two beautiful spirits who took our shoes and then sprinkled water on us. They then took my wife and went to the back to paint tribal painting on all of the women's faces. I can not lie, I was jealous, because I was ready to go all the way as well, and get deeply into the vibe.

So next I help the Priest and Assisting Shaman cut wood and he shows me where the Sirius galaxy was. It was beautiful and I loved it. I knew that it was where life had come from to inhabit this planet. So now, we go in and begin. I get up and take my cup and then I sit down and begin playing my instrument while waiting for the effects to kick in. The tea or brew was nasty at all, just very earthy flavored. It was bitter but somewhat sweet as well. I was the first to start purging, maybe 15 minutes into the initial ceremony and I was ready.

After I started purging, everything became lighter, brighter, and more open. I stood up to dance while I allowed the effects to fully kick in. I began to notice that everyone had auras and they were shining and around the third eye or pineal gland region on the forehead that there was light shining outward but connecting to other people's third eye region. Then I began to see the eye inside the pyramid, transparently come in and out of vision inside the room. Time went by and I decided to move around but my body was getting weak, so I decided to sit down and when I did, I was thrust into a vision of some type of coliseum and I appears to be a pharoah sitting down on his throne but as soon as I started to pay attention to it, it faded.

I remember going get some water and when I looked in the water, I started to the head of baphomet, which was strange. I also remember staring at the fire and telepathically it was teaching me of the nature of fire. It told me it had no mercy and would destroy anything in its way and then 'SNAP', simultaneously the wood snaps and the fire leaps and catches everyone's attention. I totally understood the message and decided to stop looking at it. There was also a time where things begin to get spooky but me being me, I stared into the weird expressions and to my surprise, it would almost become clown like. I realized fear and bullies are weak and have no power over you unless you give it away!

So next, we go up for round two! Yes, round two and that's when things got heavy. I went up and took the cup and immediately it hits me like a truck.... Wham! I start to notice a figure taking shape in the back and so I go check it out and behold, it was my wife's grandmother who had died a month before the ceremony but the even crazier part is before I knew that something like seeing the dead was capable and was coming to that conclusion, the host comes up to me and says, 'child, you are a medium'. This is the same lady to me who represents the Isis I prayed to. So my wife's grandmother tells me all these things to tell my wife and when I do my wife just breaks down in tears. After that I become very weak and so I go lay down but the shaman makes them bring me to the front to lay me down.

They lay me down at the alter and begin praying over me and singing beautiful songs. While doing that, I feel an old, motherly hand grip around my arm, up and down, as if trying to comfort me. I KNOW that I felt it and then I fall back and then jump up and begin speaking tongues. I never spoke in the language I was speaking in but it just came out. After that it was a few minor incidents with other people but that's about it.

After that I went lay down and waited for the ceremony to end. When it did we took the long trip back home.

Thanks alot and much love

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109213
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: May 6, 2021Views: 124
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Ayahuasca (8) : First Times (2), Group Ceremony (21)

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