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Full of Potential
Citation:   Simple Man. "Full of Potential: An Experience with DOM (exp109217)". Erowid.org. Oct 6, 2019. erowid.org/exp/109217

T+ 0:00
2.5 mg sublingual DOM (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:45 1.25 mg sublingual DOM (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00     Melatonin  
Take one blotter of 2.5mg of DOM. Itís initially pressed under my tongue, then stuck between my left upper gum and cheek.

Been reading DOM trip reports, I see a lot of mixed experiences. Not one has me convinced of anything, only that I feel as if I have taken too little. But if I take more, my GF is going to freak out. I wish I was alone.

I feel my stomach kinda cramped, there is some headspace, and my ears feel like there is a sudden shift in pressure. I can hear the cars outside, kids playing, noises from other apartments, sound is much clearer. I wasnít going to have a shower, now I will. Seems like DOM has given me its first push. I will drink some water before anything.

Feeling some tension in my spine, arms and shoulders.

Had a shower. Thoughts were slightly racing, I was talking to myself more than not. Felt only a little speedy.
Thoughts were slightly racing, I was talking to myself more than not. Felt only a little speedy.

I can sense the 'dark' side of DOM. It DOES have a dark side. Its appealing...although I reject its enticements :) I am much speedier than before. This could definitely help for doing shit around the house, although I laugh at the mere notion of it.
Listening to The Color of the Fire from Boards of Canada is soothing, in an eerie sense.
Will continue....

This shit is SPEEDY. Iím talking let's get revving alleluia! It has a SLIGHT, VERY slight touch of LSD to it, but not that much (at this dose) to matter.

Iíve just come back from a long, strenuous run. Right into the woods of Madrid. 2hrs of running, with 2,5kg ankle weights and 1.5kg wrist weights on. No sweat.

Funny to see so many groups of people, chilling out, with nothing but their cell phone lights on. Kinda spooky too, but I was the scariest mother fucker in there so, wasnít my worry ;) I wanted to ask these people for some weed, but I donít. People from Madrid do not share their weed or anything for that matter. I crave a good hit, as I can sense that it would definitely help me heighten the LSD aspect of DOM. Anyway, I keep on running.

Despite the lack of weed, this stuff gives me a lot of insight into things. I think the exercise helped me get enough oxygen into my brain in order for the DOM to work in a more efficient manner.

I pass by two youths, with an attitude thatís screams 'We're tough and looking for trouble'. I actually slow down and eyeball them, they just looked away. Iím a small guy, thin but athletic, with a youthful aspect. Iím in my late 30's but I look like Iím 25. After getting jumped on by 3 guys not long ago downtown, and being able to put in some good punches and get away just slightly hurt, I know I could take on these pussies for sure. DOM has such great amphetamine qualities to it, Iíve never felt so confident before (other than when I first snorted crack).

On my way home I look at the full moon, itís beautiful. I pray. Talking to God and reflecting on so many things in my life...I love these powerful insights! I go back home and I later meet my wife. Iím talkative but not speedy, I just feel really good. I feel energetic but without my heart racing or with strong palpitations.

I feel hungry but the idea of eating seems repulsive at the time. I end up eating a typical Russian pasta dish called Pelmeni. I regret having done so, I should have eaten some fruit. Thatís what I really wanted, but I thought I needed the nourishment. Always heed your body's need! FUCK. I feel nausea.

After this, and bickering with my wife because she saw my huge dilated pupils (and telling me that I had consumed SOMETHING) I just go to the living room and put on True Detective SE1 (which I consider to be a masterpiece). I see angles of the story I never saw or appreciated before. During the second episode, I take half a blotter (equal to 1.25mg) cause I wanted more of the LSD effect. I stick it against my gum and cheek.

I go to bed and close my eyes....SCARY STUFF. CEVís are really intense, as Iíve read on other trip reports, itís very caricature-sq. Shapes are just colors and rays, and beams of light, and circles of blue, red and yellow.

These shapes morph into figures. I do see some very scary entities, like multi colored demons, full of eyes and tentacles. I reject their enticements. They wish for me to embrace them, breathe them in, and accept them into my heart and mind. FK NO. I want to be good, honest and DO NOT want to be a puppet for Evil.

I cannot sleep all night, although after taking some Melatonin I kinda doze off, but I never truly rest.

I get up and go for a run, I feel like the amphetamine is still kicking, but I am somewhat sore and tired, but this chemical bids me to run and consume it with exercise
this chemical bids me to run and consume it with exercise
. Itís like when I drink a lot of coffee: if I donít do exercise I will feel like shit. I need to burn the caffeine with exercise, not just sit down and do nothing.

I run but not as swiftly and effortlessly as yesterday. Old people (because Madrid is full of them) look at me weird. My face looks tired and off, but Iím running like a champion. They must imagine Iím on something.

Back home, I start to clean and do things around the house. I prepare some hot malt (kinda like coffee) and eat some sweet bread with it. I later dose off in my bed and wake up after 1hr.

I wake up and do things here and there. I need to study for a pair of IT certifications I desperately need for my next job, but DOM does not forgive me consuming that extra 1.25mg. I should have NEVER had that extra half of a blotter. It ruined the slow and steady comedown from my initial 2.5mg.

13:00 I go to the shopping center with my wife. Itís a good 15min walk through a park. I feel ok, not 100% but alright. We shop then come back, I donít feel a smooth energy, just a sense of amphetamine needles stabbing at my spine (or CNS). I feel really tired but with a nervous energy that isnít dreadful, but not smooth at all.

I eat some meat, salad and bread. It was all rather tasty, although I crave fruit (which I failed to eat, again). Shops are closed so I cannot buy fruit at this time.

I go have a nap. I go into a deep sleep.

I wake up, although I donít feel rested. I feel better, but there is a very slight sensation of energy that will not fade.

I go for a walk and feel the cool breeze in my face, the chilly pre-autumn weather setting in.

I just realize that I have my trip report timetable mixed up. There are some things I donít remember doing, since I didnít do much after I ate last night. Still, itís pretty accurate in terms of events and feelings.

Well, as I write this, I donít feel inspired but Iím not tired either.

Here are my final thoughts:

For me, DOM at 2.5mg is a very sweet experience. No crazy rush like speed or the creepy facets that LSD can have. I miss the positive aspect of LSD, the glow and more insight, thus I can fully understand when people say that this (DOM) pairs up very well with LSD.

I can attest to many reports that adding an extra dose to my trip changed the trip altogether. I can honestly say that it went from a superb, cool energetic and flowing experience to a jittery and wild mental butt fuck. Next time, I will only dose once and thatís it.
Next time, I will only dose once and thatís it.

I cannot believe that people still use meth or ice, because this is SOOO much cleaner and easier to handle. Is it good for study? Donít think so. Too much energy. Is it good for going out? DEFINITELY. This IS a drug for going outside, walking, playing sports, go hiking, swimming at the pool or beach. I wouldnít stay home, unless I am experiencing the comedown.

All in all: I loved the experience. I know how to go about my next trip, and I am eager to go for it next week.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: Oct 6, 2019Views: 4,070
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DOM (20) : Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Alone (16)

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