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Wizard Eyes
Citation:   The Wizard. "Wizard Eyes: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe & MDMA (exp109226)". Apr 8, 2021.

200 - 300 mg oral MDMA  
  2 hits oral 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
I'm really experienced with psychedelics and drugs in general. I have a good understanding of the base of chemistry, not to say that I'm the best or anything. I also understand alchemy, astrology (as its a part of alchemy), and computer hacking really well. I have had access to direct labs in which needle point LSD at 99.9% is totally accessible.

That should give you an idea that I am really experienced with substances. So when my friend came up to me with 25c-nbome and said it was fake acid I was really put off by the idea of it cause I've had the real thing, have the real thing, and I'm being told to take the fake?

Why? Tastes bad... Unpredictable trips right? Well I found out...

Wizard eyes is what I describe by taking 200-300mg of pure MDMA hcl salt with about 2mg or so of 25c-nbome at the peak of the trip. This makes the phenethylamine MDMA unleash its energy, which by no means is small. Then taking that energy and shooting it into visuals by taking the 25c-nbome at the peak of the trip.

At this point, I could look up into the sky, and see the nebula's being pink, blueish, and purple. One of the forest were glowing purple, and we all walked toward the purple forest. I had this rain stick and when I shook the rain stick the vibrations would fly off the rain stick and I could see color (red green blue). I was laughing pure joy, and slamming this log of a rain stick on the ground and white light would shoot out of it, and the air would swirl around us. At this time my friend was like 'WTF are you doing man? How is this possible?'(well call him A) I replied, and said 'I DONT KNOW MAN, MUAHAHHAHHAHAHA' kept doing it and shook the rain stick at the purple web that made the forest purple and the vibrations came off the rain stick and flew into the web shimmering all sorts of neon colors. About this time we walked up to the dock, and I was laying on the deck of this pond. I took the rainstick and turned it up side down so you could hear the rain start falling and hit it on the deck. DOONG!!! would go the deck and the stars started falling like I had them at elbow and foot. This completely blew my mind and I was laughing so hard it was uncontrollable but so lovely.

While we were near the deck there was a fire pit we got started, and green and red serpents hugged the flames of the fire. I would gaze into the fire intently and the fire would flash back and I could see a whole world unveil with the fires energies. I've read the shamans said the the fire was the gateway to the ethers, and I believe it. At this point when the fire flickered in my eyes, and I held that energy there, I could see hell hounds and gargoyles, gothic cathedrals and all kinds of crazy imagery. So I ran up the the hell hounds geeking balls on the mixture and told them I wasn't scared of you bastards and started poking them in the eye.

They disappeared after that, and we went on a ride on a golf cart through the woods and fields. Plants had auras of dark and light colors and I wanted to label them and see if my eyes were seeing something poisons by being dark or somehow the plant was awesome healing properties to say for instance in the morning. We never did but it was amazing. After that purple and black cubes shot out of the ground and as we drove over them with the golf cart they crushed and shot more black and purple cubes all over the place. My friend was screaming at this point 'DO YOU SEE THE CUBES!!! OMG THE CUBES THE CUBES!!!!!!!' and we where all laughing about them crushing and shooting everywhere.

Was one of the best trips of my life and I have no time line to put down I'm sorry. I'm bad at keeping time. Good at acquiring keys to the nexus.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 109226
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Apr 8, 2021Views: 834
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25C-NBOMe (540), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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