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Surprise Initiation
by HST
Citation:   HST. "Surprise Initiation: An Experience with Desoxypipradrol (exp109229)". Sep 21, 2016.

T+ 0:00
150 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 66 ml oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 0:15   oral Desoxypipradrol  
Settings : I'm with a group of friends and others that I don't know, our camp is situated in a small forest next to a big lake.

10 am - Like every day in this period we are taking the breakfast with big lines of ketamine when one of my friend says he has some new stuff to try. He goes to his truck and come back with about 200ml of vodka in a bottle. 'A friend of mine gave it to me and said there were two doses of 2DPMP in this' he says. We are 3 persons who want to take it so two 'doses' look good…

We are high on Ketamine (about 150mg each 15min before) when we divide and drink the 2DPMP Vodka mix. Exactly when the liquid touches my lips the effect of the ketamine start to fade off, the same for the two others. In 2 minutes the effect of the ketamine has disappeared, we look each other, very impressed by the power of the stuff…

T + 10min - We are walking on the beach of the lake, every minute my vision is getting more and more powerful, I have the sensation that the focus point is enlarged a lot and I can see every little details even very far. I have a strange sensation, like if the eyes of the tourists who are looking at us were saying 'So you did it … hum, you will see'.

T + 20min - Still walking, my vision is now on 'super power' mode, the focus point takes the whole field of view which means that I can see perfectly the details of the mountain in the extreme right and at the same moment the details of the tree in the extreme left of my field of view.

T + 30min - We look at an internet spot 'what is 2DPMP ?', answer : 'powerful stimulant used to wake up from anesthesia' confirmation it works :D. It looks like time has stopped, strange…
It looks like time has stopped, strange…

T + 50 min - We are back in the camp, time has definitively stopped, I start to perceive every frame that composes every second and every eternity that composes every frame that composes every second…. and that's looooooooong. I feel like being a super computer playing Pong. At this moment the effects start to be very uncomfortable and I ask to my friend if it will last for a long time, he says :
'Yes quite a long time but you will see it will change.
- Long like what ? Like an acid ?
- No longer.
- … arf. So you tried it before ?
- Yes, in a free party with my girlfriend, we finished the next day at the hospital because we were afraid of how far it could take us.
- Ah … and you say it now ?!!'
Ok that's not the first time I take strong things, I understand that I will have to be brave.

T + 2h - The effects have changed a lot, I'm now a super soldier in a flashy video game, I have the energy of 100 men and I walk like crazy in the forest to expend it. The colors and the textures look unreal, all my thoughts have disappeared. GI Joe on war amphetamines… not so bad.

T + 3?, 4?, 5h? don't know - I have lost my physical strength, suddenly the soldier trance stopped and the landscape started to become like liquid and to melt. I'm in a Acid trip X20, no more solid things around me, everything is floating and melting, my mind is …. uncontrollable. Every little thought opens a world of 10000 other thoughts that unfold at the speed of the light in my head and fall into the nothingness one moment later. I try to concentrate and not lose my mind.

T + 5?, 6?, 7h? - My body is very painful, all my nerves hurt me, I want it to stop. We try to meet every hour with my two friends to check how do we put up with it. We think : 'if the 2DPMP has stopped the effect of the ketamine maybe the ketamine will reduce the effect of 2 DPMP… who tries ?' One of my friends is ok to try a small line…. …. .. 'Any bad effect ? - No. Big line !!' I take after him one big line of ketamine (about 150mg), the effect starts to push and … fades off. At least I'm a bit more relaxed and my body hurts less, good thing.

T + ? The night has came - I feel better, the other inhabitants of the camp have eaten together, everything is calm, suddenly I have a very strange DMT-like feeling, I can feel the density of the silence and in this silence I feel presences all around me, I understand that the entire day was just an introduction and that a kind of ritual is now beginning. I'm overwhelmed by the energy of the presences and I loose control of my wish. From here some kind of voice starts to say to me what I have to do. I start to play djembe, when I close my eyes the visions explode, human entities are dancing around and looking at me, there are old and young males and females it is beautiful. I'm looking at the colorful show and everyone is listening when bang! two dogs of the camp start to fight in the middle of the circle. Too much noise, I'm scared, my visions crash. Immediately the voice says 'smoke tobacco', I obey and the energy calms down…

I don't want to report the whole night in details because it would be too long and most of what happened is too much personal for being told here. This is basically what happened:
I was guided by some voices and signs in some kind of a step by step cure or lesson or initiation. I spent the night walking in the mountain, crying, learning how to breathe, how to develop my strength to endure the effect of the product which was very very painful. My body was always dissolving in the visions and I was not authorized to stay in the same place for more than the time necessary for the step of the 'program'. When a 'step' was finished I wanted to rest for a while but a voice was saying to me 'now drink water smoke tobacco and follow this light…' and the lesson continued. If I didn't want to listen because I was too tired the visions started to become very dark and to attack me so I had to get up and follow the signs until the next realization. At the end of the night my head hurt me so much and I was so exhausted that I implored 'them' to let me rest for a while. Maybe they understood me, I could stay quiet for one hour before the sun comes out.

T + 24h - I'm with my two friends, we are happy to be fine !! :D The effect of the 2DPMP is now less strong, we go to the lake to take a bath, we take one big line of ketamine (150-200 mg each) and go in the water. The feeling is incredible ! As I'm swimming my body transforms in water, I can't feel the difference between me and the lake, I'm the lake ! The effect of 2DPMP will stay present for one day and one night more. The second night I will finally fall asleep early in the morning.

J + 5 days - I start the truck and continue the trip, these last days I had the strong sensation that I was making all the daily moves for the first time, walking, cooking, cleaning and now driving. I like it.

I will never know how much 2DPMP there was in these so-called '2 doses'.

Thanks for reading

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 109229
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Sep 21, 2016Views: 5,238
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Desoxypipradrol (525) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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