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Short Sweet Powerful Novel
4-HO-EPT, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
Citation:   Kaleida. "Short Sweet Powerful Novel: An Experience with 4-HO-EPT, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp109264)". Feb 17, 2017.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 4-HO-EPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:07   repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 1:25   repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
A Short Sweet Powerful Novel Experience

Well now, this is an interesting position I have found myself in.... To my knowledge, this is the first trip report ever written about this chemical. Heck, it might even be the first thing ever written about it period as far as I can tell. For that reason, I do feel that this report carries a bit more of a burden than the ones I usually write, because it occurs to me that quite a few people will be reading it as their sole source of information to decide whether or not to pursue this molecule themselves. So, let me just say a few things to start it off....

First of all, let me apologize for doing this trip 'my way'. That is to say, I'm sorry that I took it in the way that is most comfortable for me to take these psychedelics, which is in combination with cannabis and nitrous oxide. Ideally, for a brand new substance I understand that the best reports would be written on literally only that substance, with nothing else involved at all, and I've definitely been alongside those who were frustrated when a report came out of some novel new psychedelic only for the person to take a huge dose of MDMA an hour in, or something to that effect. However, I justified the decision to treat it like this to myself with the knowledge first that I am far from the only one who has easy access to this chemical at the moment, meaning that plenty of reports of all kinds will start popping up soon, second that I have plenty more of it myself and plan to write about it both with and without other substances involved, and third that cannabis and nitrous oxide are pretty regularly combined with psychedelics anyway and I think most experienced people who would be seeking a novel chemical like this can probably tell what kind of effects would and wouldn't be expected from mixing them.

Though, second of all, I am going to give a quick description of how cannabis and nitrous oxide have impacted my experiences with 4-substituted tryptamines in the past, so that there is some basis for comparison. Essentially, when I smoke cannabis with one of these psychedelics the most significant effects are generally reduced nausea, increased visual complexity, an easier time getting into meditative states, and a delayed headache. Notably, in my experience the quality of the experience and visuals do not change much, they are simply strengthened, though I do often feel a little stoned afterward on top of the psychedelic effects as well, but I would say that it is less noticeable than when I just use cannabis by itself. As for nitrous oxide, what I have fairly consistently found is that it will briefly make the visuals stronger, though mostly the kind seen behind closed eyes, it will also reduce nausea and almost any form of body load, including the headaches caused by cannabis, and, if I do it enough and am in the right mindset, it can take me into a short blip out of reality that feels somewhat equivalent to an out-of-body experience, though in retrospect I tend to recall that I could still feel myself at least slightly. Interestingly, if I do reach this point then there is always a burst of laughter, and from that point on the trip will usually be entirely positive. It doesn't feel any different generally than it would have if it had been positive to begin with, it's just notable in that it seems to have a lasting effect of cutting through a negative headspace.

Lastly, I would like to briefly discuss my sensitivity to other 4-hydroxytryptamines, so that others can use it to build some idea of what dose of this one they might want to take for their own sensitivity. In general, 25 mg orally has been my starting dose for these sorts of tryptamines, with the exception of 4-HO-DPT which requires much higher oral doses. Given my complete lack of information about 4-HO-EPT, I decided to use this dose as well first of all as a point of comparison, and second because I figured that if anything it would probably be less rather than more potent than the others by weight, given that it's the closest of them structurally to 4-HO-DPT. So, again excluding that one due to it not being quite so equivalent to the others, and also 4-HO-DMT because I have only used it in the form of mushrooms, I will now give a quick description of how each of them are for me at 25 mg orally.

4-HO-MET produces significant open eye visuals of flower-like geometric patterns with organic forms such as faces or plant vines mixed in, and mostly more simplistic colorful closed eye visuals, a good deal of stimulation both mental and physical but little to no confusion, and a fantastic body high with good euphoria. 4-HO-DET produces comparatively little open eye geometry but can get quite complex and intricate with eyes closed, also contains visionary imagery though mostly human in nature and more 3D than most, causes some mental stimulation but physically is more sedating and also does not cause confusion, and feels mostly neutral on the body and emotions. 4-HO-MPT produces strong and colorful but not very complex distortions and some facial imagery with eyes open and the beginnings of hyperspatial geometry with eyes closed, is somewhat stimulating both mentally and physically but is not very pushy, causes significant disorientation and memory loss kind of effects similar to the classic indoles, and feels just a bit euphoric on the body and emotions but mostly normal. 4-HO-MiPT produces only gentle visuals around edges of things with eyes open and mostly transparent color patterns with eyes closed, but also some imagination enhancement that resembles the more complex visuals of higher doses, mild stimulation but also a very relaxed feeling overall with little to no confusion, and is very euphoric on the body with an empathogenic headspace. Finally, 4-HO-DiPT produces only very simplistic and dark open eye visuals but fairly complex imagery with eyes closed, a slightly confused headspace along with physical sedation, and just a little bit of euphoria.

So, in the end I hope that you can forgive me for now, and I hope that I have given and will give enough information for an educated reader to make an informed decision anyway. If not then I am quite sorry, but I am sure that some other crazy psychonauts will be submitting their own reports for your purposes soon enough! However, if all of this is agreeable to you, then I would encourage you to read on and get a taste of just what this very novel tryptamine can do.

My previous experience with psychedelics includes LSD, ETH-LAD, DMT, MiPT, DiPT, DALT, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-MET, 4-HO-DET, 4-AcO-DET, 4-HO-MPT, 4-HO-DPT, 4-HO-MiPT, 4-HO-DiPT, 4-AcO-DALT, 5-HO-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT, 5-MeO-DALT, 2C-B, 2C-I, DOC, MDMA, Psilocybe cubensis, Ipomoea tricolor, and Argyreia nervosa. It is worth noting that I had actually only taken the 5-MeO-DALT two days prior to this, but the 10 mg dose I used proved to be too weak for anything more than a very mild body high, so I wasn't afraid of their being any significant tolerance problems, and I still don't feel that it seemed there were. Nonetheless, it should be taken into consideration.

T-1:00 - It was around this time that I was just sort of enjoying my morning, hadn't even been out of bed for that long, when lo and behold, a package arrived on my doorstep. Inside this package was a decent personal supply each of 4-HO-EPT and 4-HO-McPT, which surprised me because I wasn't expecting it for a few more days, but I wasn't going to complain! After a little personal debating, I decided to essentially wipe my day plans clean and try my luck with one of these entirely novel substances instead. A part of me really wanted to go with the 4-HO-McPT especially because I tend to like tryptamines with a methyl more, but I was instead drawn to the 4-HO-EPT due to the fact that taking it would complete a personal goal; after this, I have now taken each 4-hydroxytryptamine that can be made with tail substitutions made only of methyl, ethyl, and propyl (in other words, those with the base of DMT, MET, DET, MPT, EPT, and DPT) in at least some form. Not to mention, I would simultaneously get to complete this goal and be the first person to ever write about the drug that helped me do it, which I will admit had me both excited and just slightly terrified. Though, given the class of drugs that it's in, I was not truly afraid of it in any way beyond wondering what the psychedelic effects might be like. Anyway, once I made my decision, I also drove to the closest head shop and got myself some nitrous oxide, as I had just run out a couple days beforehand.

T-0:23 - Lately I have been skipping meals a lot while working and the previous day was no exception, so I wanted to make sure there was something in my stomach before tripping so that I wouldn't have to deal with any discomfort of that kind later on. I poured myself a small bowl of cereal and ate it in about five minutes.

T-0:13 - If I had known that this trip was going to be happening today I would have prepared more for this, but because I did not I only had a very small amount of cannabis to use, basically just scrapings out of my grinder and a decent amount of kief. However, I made the best of it and readied myself a bowl for later, my dumping all of this on to a small layer of yellow blue lotus leaves (the thicker ones, for those unfamiliar with the plant) that wouldn't be enough to give me any effects on its own.

T+0:00 - About five minutes before this I started preparing the dose, and exactly as the next hour began I ingested 25 mg of 4-HO-EPT orally, using a few potato chips to cover up the nasty flavor it had. It's been a while since I ate a 4-substituted tryptamine straight now, but from what I can recall this was at least similarly bad to most of them, if not worse. It wasn't downright horrible, but it certainly wasn't pleasurable. Luckily, the taste was washed away by the chips and water pretty easily though.

T+0:04 - I started getting ready a balloon filled with eight chargers of nitrous oxide, sealed with a clothespin, so that I wouldn't have to do it later when the trip was really kicking in and I felt like using it.

T+0:11 - I suddenly really had to go to the bathroom, which is not unusual for me shortly after ingesting serotonergic drugs. Nothing particularly remarkable to mention about that, though I did notice at that moment that there was something more going on as well, even if it was vague. It's not unusual for me to notice oral tryptamines this quickly, so I didn't really question that aspect of it, but I also wasn't sure enough that I would have felt confident in saying it wasn't just placebo or excitement for trying a new substance. Still, what stood out to me the most at the moment was that I was feeling a little sweatier than normal, and it seemed like there was developing just the slightest dreamy tint to my headspace, the kind of thing that would probably be noticed by most psychedelic veterans, but missed by those with less experience.

T+0:19 - My legs are starting to get a little bit of a tingly buzz, which is a strong personal sign that I'm feeling psychedelic euphoria, I always feel it in my legs at least if nothing else. There is a slight sense of energy building up inside me, though overall I would say that the high was starting to feel more physically sedating. Notably, a few of the 4-substituted tryptamines, especially 4-HO-MET and 4-HO-MPT, would already be giving me significant visuals by this point, but I had nothing of the sort from this. I made a mental note of this, for future consideratons on how 4-HO-EPT relates to other members of its chemical family.

T+0:22 - I decided to stare at my carpet for a moment, and it pulsed out more than it normally would from doing this. It was the kind of thing that you wouldn't call a visual, but that you know is reflective of entering that sort of space.

T+0:24 - Suddenly the body high became a bit heavier, and I had my first clearly drug-induced smile, which I'm sure the psychedelic enthusiasts out there are all quite familiar with. I enjoyed feeling my whole face get into the burst of positivity, though this also made it noticeable to me that there was a slight bit of muscle tension developing, but nothing out of the ordinary for this class of drugs. At this point I also started to sweat a little more, detected a very slight increase in heart rate that may have just been anticipation, and also started to feel my stomach sink a little, like it was approaching but not yet at nausea.

T+0:26 - Because I was getting excited at seeing the effects picked up I started pacing around a little despite the heaviness, and I could tell that my movements were getting a bit wobbly too. I also became aware of my jaw chattering just slightly, which I often notice along with the famous leg tremors that 4-substituted tryptamines are known to cause, though I was not experiencing those on this trip yet.

T+0:30 - I got in the shower hoping that I would be getting out close to an hour after dosing, which is about how it worked out. The shower felt quite nice, but there was nothing overly psychedelic about it. I kept scanning for any indication of open eye visuals starting to make themselves known, but it wasn't happening. This is particularly notable because, aside from 4-HO-DPT, any other 4-hydroxytryptamine would have given me at least some at this dose by now, even if it was just the very vague visuals of 4-HO-DiPT. But, given that 4-HO-EPT is again the closest structurally of all of these to 4-HO-DPT, I figured it wasn't too crazy for it to not be the most potent in this way at this dose either. However, it is notable that at one point I kept my eyes closed briefly, and the visual snow that I normally see was starting to become a bit more intense than usual, and it looked like there was starting to be some grid lines moving around in it. But, nothing more substantial than that.

T+0:49 - I got out of the shower, still feeling good and a little heavy, but also still totally clearheaded and with no obvious visuals. A couple minutes later I also had a nice burp, which pretty much got rid of the near-nausea I had felt before. A couple more minutes after that I also felt the sudden need to pee, and when I did I finally did get a few of those leg tremors as well, and that's also a common trigger of them for me.

T+0:57 - I got in bed, checked my heart rate again and found it normal, and then started preparing myself to smoke my small amount of cannabis. After a few more minutes passed, I took a few deep breaths and then began smoking right at T+1:00.

T+1:04 - I could feel the effects seemingly getting a bit stronger from the first couple hits, but since those effects consisted mostly of things that were similar to the effects I get from cannabis, it was hard to tell if there was truly a synergy or if it was just additive. However, as my thoughts began to drift I got a definite sign that something more psychedelic was going on: out of nowhere I got a very vivid and short-lived flash of mental imagery, the kind that feels on the level of imagination but separate and uncontrolled like something you're seeing instead, of a woman who has appeared in multiple TV shows that I've been watching lately. I don't know what it is about TV and psychedelics, and if it's just me or if anyone else can relate, but certain strong psychedelics very regularly do this for me, particularly within the tryptamine group, and it's always someone from a show I'm currently watching. So, even though this time the effect was extremely quick and didn't really amount to anything like it sometimes has grown into in the past, it still was an undeniable sign to me that this psychedelic was making its way into my brain, and for that reason I decided to take the rest of the cannabis in one hit and lay down with my eyes closed.

T+1:07 - This is when things got real. After closing my eyes, it took less than a minute for the visuals to develop far beyond anything I was expecting from this dose based on how it had felt so far. Both the imagery and the geometry were in the area of what I would call extreme. Colorful, flowery patterns began bursting open and twisting all around as faces and bodies began emerging from quickly-transforming corridors and embracing each other in kisses and hugs in such a way that synergized aesthetically with the flowery designs to give it an overall very emotionally-evocative artistic design. Interestingly, these visuals were somewhat transparent which still felt reflective of this dose not being quite a 'full' trip, but at the same time, they had more color and depth to them than almost any other visuals I have ever seen in my life, and they were overwhelming enough that they started to move on to me as well and shift my perception of my own body through various other identities at an extremely fast pace. The erotic elements also only continued to develop more and more as these visuals continued to intensify, and it was getting to the point where I could feel myself approaching a moan, though I never quite got there. Needless to say, I was shocked and amazed at all of this, and the fact that it was so sexual and so intense and yet so clearheaded at the same time. Suddenly filled with a desire to push even deeper, I reached over and picked up the balloon of nitrous oxide I had prepared earlier and started inhaling.

T+1:10 - Intriguingly, when I first started getting into the nitrous I honestly couldn't even tell if the visuals were there anymore. Rather, instead of getting back to the place I had been, my entire field of vision started being bathed in a bright white light, all except for the point at the very center of my perception. It took a minute to notice, but I then saw that this white light was actually a visual as well; if I attempted to focus deeply into any part of it, I could see that the light was actually only occupying another gigantic spinning flower pattern, specifically the part between the center, which was also the center of my tunnel vision, and the seemingly endless amount of tiny petals all around its edges, each of which was comprised of the same faces I had seen kissing each other in the visuals I was having before. I found this very interesting too, but it's notable that I was even more inclined to not use any effort to find them and instead just enjoy the white light. As I did, I felt myself sink deeper and deeper into dissociation, as the light became more and more all-encompassing, and suddenly, right in the center of it all, I saw my own face, slightly distorted but as detailed as it would look as if I was actually staring in the mirror, looking right at me.

I actually found this kind of odd, given the sexual nature of it all before I was hoping that this white light was going to lead to some kind of crazy hedonistic experience, not just a totally mundane image of my own face, but I quickly realized that this trip was about more than just having fun, and I began to feel some old emotions that I used to deal with often come up, ones that I have not felt in some time, that related to old insecurities I had about myself and the way I felt the rest of the world saw me. The way they unfolded was actually not unlike a few paranoid cannabis trips I have had in the past when I could still easily trip much harder on it, a certain kind of delusion which I refer to as an 'identity crisis', and I became briefly afraid that this entire thing was going to spiral out of control. But then, just as I was about to lose it all, it suddenly occurred to me that I was just as delusional as I had ever been before, and I realized that it was all just part of the nitrous experience that I had practically forgotten was even happening, and as soon as I did a huge wave of relief washed over me, and I burst out laughing as I generally do after a strong balloon. I was a little shaken up after coming out of it, but I was also more euphoric than when I went in so I was able to find my footing easily enough. It is probably worth considering though that this strange insecurity trip is something I've dealt with a lot in the past, and it appearing now seemed more random than anything, but a newbie might find such an unexpected trip much harder to deal with if they're unfamiliar with. For this reason I would strongly suggest caution when combining 4-HO-EPT and nitrous oxide, because if nothing else this has proven to me that this is an extremely powerful combo, not to be toyed with lightly!

T+1:23 - I had been floating down from the nitrous oxide for a few minutes and was just sort of observing my state, and then I remembered that I was on a brand new drug, which I had forgotten until that moment. That made me smile, and feel quite lucky to be experiencing what I was. Not a lot of people in the world can say that they've done something quite like this.

T+1:25 - I decided to try putting on some music and listening to it through my headphones while keeping my eyes closed again. The closed eye visuals were actually still mostly white light as they had been during the balloon, but without the tunneling effect going on anymore. Rather, there was something going on that was again faint, but still extremely obvious and detailed, and this was a form of imagination enhancement that I have noticed with some other strong tryptamines, one where it becomes so strong that goes from just enhancement to a genuine projection, where you can actually see your thoughts rendered in total realism in front of you. At this point the color range was limited, and the themes were mostly abstract, like people dancing around in a sort of formless void, but it was still quite impressive. Listening to a song that had a music video I'm familiar with brought this up to the next level as well, as I began to see the video projected quite accurately into the void around me. I did start noticing a bit of tightness around my head and neck though around here though, but I suspected that this may be just from the combination of smoking cannabis and then blasting loud music into my ears, so I took off the headphones and switched to playing music on the TV instead, and this made that pressure disappear very quickly. Aside from that, there was actually no body load of any kind at this point, other than still feeling heavy, and so I was able to enjoy just relaxing there quite well, taking the music in.

While I am on that note as well, the music I would say was not nearly as enhanced as it has been on some psychedelics for me, especially tryptamines with a methyl on their tail, but it did sound quite nice, and the relaxation I was feeling made it even nicer to get lost in. I was really starting to grow quite fond of the space that I was entering on this 4-HO-EPT, and I also wanted a little bit of a redo after that odd nitrous oxide experience before, so I decided to load myself another smaller balloon with only four cartridges, and this time do it specifically while seeing how it goes with the music instead.

T+1:40 - The nitrous oxide buzz was nice, though I purposefully kept it more grounded this time. As the next couple songs ended and the effects of the balloon started to fade, I began to notice that the trip was shifting gears a little bit. I think that almost all of the hallucinogenic effects were honestly already over by this point, which was a little sad because I really wanted to go deeper into the intense closed eye patterning and imagery I had had before, but I did still have some of the imagination projection to enjoy, and I knew that I could always just go back there later with another trip. In the meantime, I also found that the euphoria I had been feeling before was finally starting to really get off the ground, and I began stretching my body all around just because it felt so nice and refreshing, or, as I put in my notes, so 'floaty and free'. It felt very much like being in a nearly out-of-body state, specifically in the sense that I could barely even feel myself anymore other than in terms of the euphoria, though I should note that it was not overwhelming by any means, just so pleasant that it was hard to care about much else.

T+1:45 - At this point I finally decided to get back up out of bed, and I made my way out into the living room. On the way there though it became obvious that my body was still feeling a bit too heavy to make the most of this second phase of tripping yet, to the point that I was shaky and hunched even just from trying to stand up straight while walking. I made me way over to the couch and collapsed, submitting to the fact that the high was obviously meant to be enjoyed while sitting or lying down for now. I decided to bring the music out there as well, and when I was typing my song search in I actually noticed my first significant open eye visuals: the letters on the TV screen were beginning to warp and melt a bit like any other visual psychedelic, though these effects were still lacking in color. I also remembered at T+1:50 to do another health check, first looking at my hands and seeing that there was no signs of discoloration like from vasocontriction, then making sure that my heart rate was still normal. Both of these things checked out fine, and I went back to putting on a song. I also wrote a note to myself after this: 'Music seems important for having a good time at this dose.' This came out of the observation that during my move from my bedroom to the living room I became a bit more anxious with the whole situation, which then resolved itself as soon as I got some music playing again. Though, it may be worth considering that this could also just have come out of the physical activity involved in the move.

T+1:56 - One of the songs I was listening to was a very fast-paced modern violin song, and it was starting to make me feel quite a lot of energy, like I wanted to get up and dance to it. I got up and walked around a little and it did seem more normal now, but that may have just been me coming down a little bit from the cannabis by then, and overall I still felt too heavy to do much, so I sat back down. At this time I also started staring at the window blinds and noticed that there were starting to give off lots of rainbow colors around their edges, not in any particularly defined way but very much like they do at the beginnings of other trips I've had the developed into strong open eye visuals.

T+2:00 - I started noticing a bit of a headache, the one I mentioned before that I generally get after smoking cannabis on psychedelics. It was not significantly worse than I've gotten just from smoking too much cannabis alone though, and with the euphoria I was feeling I really wasn't too bothered by its presence. However, within the next ten minutes I did decide to another four cartridge balloon of nitrous oxide anyway, as in my experience this can sometimes remove the headache permanently, as long as I don't smoke any more cannabis, and I didn't have any left.

T+2:16 - Luckily, the effect worked this time as well. As I came off of the nitrous oxide the headache was gone, and it did not return. The euphoria also became nicer and more noticeable after that, and continued rising a bit more over at least the next fifteen minutes before leveling off. By the end of it I was actually feeling pretty great, a lot better than I usually feel on non-stimulating psychedelics actually, so that was a pretty pleasant surprise. I was actually quite happy with this trip overall by this point, I felt that it had worked itself into a truly serene and refreshing state.

T+2:30 - Since I hadn't eaten anything more since the cereal and potato chips from earlier, I decided to have a slice of pumpkin pie. It was a little hard to finish, but only the sense that I wasn't really hungry, and I did still get through all of it. Like with the music, I wouldn't say that my senses were extremely enhanced, but what I did get out of them was quite a bit more enjoyable than normally, and that pie was freaking delicious, though I'm sure it already would have been anyway.

T+2:50 - My roommate came home at this point, prompting a discussion between us about our days and distracting me from taking too many more notes. I felt that most of the significant effects had either fully developed or passed by this point though, so I wasn't too worried.

T+3:15 - I made a post online to show that I hadn't had some unexpected negative reaction to the 4-HO-EPT, and then I went back to listening to music. There still wasn't a huge amount of stimulation, but the heaviness had mostly worn off by this point so I was able to enjoy dancing a bit, though I never really got too into it.

T+3:30 - I noted at this point that the main duration of the euphoria seems to have passed, and it wasn't totally gone yet but it definitely seemed to be in that transitional phase between the high and the afterglow.

T+4:00 - Now I'm even closer to the afterglow, there's still something detectable but just barely.
T+4:00 - Now I'm even closer to the afterglow, there's still something detectable but just barely.

T+4:30 - I've spent the last half hour enjoying playing a music video game, and once I stop to take note for a minute I find that I'm definitely totally down now.

And thus, that brings to an end my first experience with 4-HO-EPT. In the end, I would have to say that I was actually very surprised at how much I liked this one, not that I didn't think it would be great like they all are, but it really exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. There were actually a good number of similarities to the other tryptamines as well, not surprisingly, but I purposefully tried to keep them out of the trip report until now so that I could leave the first public account of this substance untouched in that way, to allow it to just be taken in for what it is. However, now that I have gotten that out of the way I will go into this comparisons just a little bit.

The first thing that comes to mind is that I recall a few people saying that EPT is very much like DPT except with more of a classical psychedelic warmth and visual aspect to it, and though I cannot speak from experience about either of those substances, what I can say is that I think this relationship also holds fairly true between 4-HO-EPT and 4-HO-DPT. While the required dosage and timeline of effects of 4-HO-EPT seem much more like the other tryptamines of this class than they do like 4-HO-DPT when they're all taken orally, it's worth noting that the strong effects despite a significant lack of open eye visuals or much of a traditional psychedelic headspace at this dose was much more like 4-HO-DPT overall, though I suspect that these visuals will still appear and become quite powerful once a sufficient dose is taken, and I also imagine that the headspace could become quite deep once you really get into the visionary depths. Interestingly, however, one big difference between them is that an oral dose of 4-HO-DPT I can feel for at least seven hours even when it is that mild, whereas with this stuff I was basically sober within a few hours of dosing. I wonder what about it could possibly amount to such a big difference, and if the duration will be extended with a higher dose?

Next, there is something that really needs to be said about the visuals I was initially getting with closed eyes, not the white light or the imagination projection but the more traditional stuff before them. I have to say that this may have actually been the most shocking thing to me of all, because what it basically comes down to is that these visuals were of a strength I have never experienced on anything else other than DMT or high doses of mushrooms. It was the exact same sort of highly saturated, detailed, paradoxically real and virtual feeling hyperspatial designs, which I would describe as making the geometry look like it's made of jewels and the people look like they're all wearing really shiny latex. Though I have definitely gotten certain hints of these kinds of visuals on other synthetic tryptamines before, I have never, ever seem them go this far.... This was on another level. If you had completely isolated those visuals effects from everything else and showed me just that and told me that I had just smoked DMT, I would have believed you. At least, if not for the fact that they were far, far more erotic for me than DMT or mushrooms have ever been at that point, and that's saying a lot because I find their visuals quite erotic as well.... This, however, was more like the sexuality that I have come to expect from LSD, the kind where it's not just sexual because of appearances or orgasmic euphoria, but because it's literally stimulating me in that incredibly hedonistic way, which is exactly why it had me near moaning at that point in the trip.

When it comes to things like the kissing faces and such that were big part of what made it that way, I have actually also experienced those kinds of visions to varying degrees on 4-HO-MET, 4-HO-DET, 4-HO-DPT, and 4-HO-DiPT as well, but this was by far the most developed version of them I've ever gotten, no doubt helped along by the strength of the other visuals they were mixing with. Overall, I would say I think they felt the most like the ones I have gotten from 4-HO-DPT, but on that I get them at a level where there's still no geometry at all even with closed eyes, whereas this was clearly in the exact opposite direction.

Finally, I feel that it's worth noting that my past observation about shared structure-activity relationships between tryptamines and lysergamides seems to have held up here as well. Specifically, I noted in my recent report on ETH-LAD that one of the most fascinating things to me is that 4-HO-MPT is the most LSD-like of the 4-substituted tryptamines for me, and this is significant because the lysergamide structure is derived specifically from a conformationally-constrained MPT, and I was really curious to know whether or not this same relationship would apply to ETH-LAD and 4-HO-EPT. At the time I had supposed that it might, because I had noticed that ETH-LAD was much like I would have expected a low but active dose of 4-HO-EPT to be like based on what I had seen between different tryptamines, and that specifically was in relation to it having weak or absent open eye visuals at a point that already caused strong closed eye visions, and to also being clearheaded and relaxing like people were saying EPT was as opposed to disorienting and stimulating like LSD and 4-HO-MPT. Of course, given that ETH-LAD is the only lysergamide I've ever taken a precise dose of, it was difficult for me to fairly compare it to LSD enough to be confident about the observations. However, given that I did take the exact same dose of 4-HO-EPT as I have of its close relatives and I did indeed find these same effects to also be true of it, a lack of open eye visuals along strong closed eye visions and a lack of stimulation or disorientation, I believe that this theory of mine has now been a bit more validated. In addition, the imagination projection that I mentioned before, specifically about people dancing in a formless void, while being much more 3D than I experienced on ETH-LAD, was also extremely similar both stylistically and in color to the cosmic rave I noticed behind closed eyes on that trip, further bridging their overall effects.

So, in conclusion, I would have to say that I found 4-HO-EPT to be quite enjoyable, show promising depth, and also provide a lot of intellectual reward as a tryptamine lover, and I felt that this dose for me personally was perfect for an introduction. Again though, I would strongly, strongly recommend to anyone using this report as a reference material to refer back to the brief descriptions I gave earlier of my experiences with 25 mg orally of the other 4-hydroxytryptamines so that they can scale the dose to their own sensitivity, as it could be that what is a good starting point for me is way too much for someone else, or even way too little for yet another person. However, based on my experience with this drug so far, what I can say is that it did not seem threatening in really any way other than the potential of maybe being a bit intense for people newer to psychedelics, but even that was only when also combining it with nitrous oxide, so my gut feeling is that there is not too much to worry about with this one. But please, please, PLEASE note that I am saying this off of NOTHING other than intuition and the fact that this one experience was perfectly fine for me. Given that this is literally a brand new substance, there is absolutely no way to tell whether or not it will be safe at a dose higher than this, or even if this same dose will be safe for anyone else.... We are truly uncharted waters people, so please, both for your own safety and so that you don't ruin it for the rest of us, treat this substance with care and caution as if your life depended on it, because it truly might. We simply will not know unless someone ever pushes it too far, and you really don't want to be that person.

And now, I will bring this first ever report on this very novel substance to a close, in the hopes that I have provided as much information as I could at least from this one experience to give others the ability to make an informed decision, and also that no one will find themselves in trouble due to anything that I've said here. Please, I will ask one more time, just be cautious in all the decisions that you make with your own life, especially when dipping into such rare and untested chemicals. I know that others are going to be trying 4-HO-EPT out for themselves as well no matter the unknowns or possible dangers, so as long as you keep that in mind I think it will be the best that I can hope for, and hopefully before long we will have much more information on this one to go around, and also a much more in-depth look at just how fascinating and deep of a psychedelic it really is.

Stay safe, fellow travelers, and keep your head up high as you swim through this vast psychedelic ocean!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109264
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Feb 17, 2017Views: 3,833
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