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Ferris Buellers Day Out
1P-LSD, ALD-52, Modafinil & Sleep Deprivation
by RR
Citation:   RR. "Ferris Buellers Day Out: An Experience with 1P-LSD, ALD-52, Modafinil & Sleep Deprivation (exp109289)". Oct 11, 2016.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Modafinil  
  T+ 0:00 100 ug sublingual 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 125 ug sublingual ALD-52 (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:00   smoked Cannabis  
T - 1 day
I had been planning this trip for about a week. My friends Brian and Twitch were going to take LSD with me. It wasn't precisely LSD, but actually 100 mcg 1P-LSD and 125 mcg ALD-52. I just told them it was LSD though, because they won't know the difference, and it's functionally identical. It's their first time dosing. I have dosed about 10 times in the past, with LSD, mushrooms, and DXM. I have done mushrooms the most, and LSD twice. DXM once. So I am confident in being able to handle myself and guide them at the same time.

The night before the trip, I wind up getting dragged out to go drinking. I actually had stayed up the entire night before because my weed dealer has a crazy schedule and so can only meet at 1am. After I got the weed, I decided I wanted to smoke it and stay up, so I took a modafinil and stayed up. I went to work that day (office job 9-5) and redosed around lunchtime. I was going to skip the drinking, but I had already agreed to it, and plus I had been neglecting this friend, so I felt I couldn't skip it. I napped for about two hours before I had to get up and go.

We went drinking and smoked a lot of weed. I came home around 3am, passed out and woke up at 8am. I thought I had lost my phone, but it was actually underneath a couch cushion. I would have gone back to sleep immediately, but I was worried about having to try to find my phone later and it delaying the acid trip (we had a short window in which to do it that was good for all of us). So I stayed up looking for the phone. It wasn't until about 5pm that I realized it was in the couch. So I was only able to nap for a few hours before I could prep for the trip.

T - 2:00
I popped 100mg modafinil around 9pm so I would be able to stay awake physically for the trip. Went to the grocery store and bought some candy (personally I enjoy eating it and all the colors while tripping). Cleaned up my house and set up a movie, some video games, some musical instruments and art supplies.

T - 0:00
My friends arrived. Neither of them had ever tripped before, so this would be their first time. I told them that they would be taking LSD, when in fact it was actually 100 mcg 1P-LSD and 125 mcg ALD-52. I didn't want to sketch them out so I just told them it was LSD.
I didn't want to sketch them out so I just told them it was LSD.
Also, as far as I can tell, these substances are functionally identical to LSD. I gave them a brief explanation of what blotter paper is, etc. and then we took our dose. I had them stick it on their tongue, chew it for a little, and then swallow. I did the same. We all took the same dose.

T + 0:05
We went downstairs to play super smash bros. while we came up.

T + 0:20
During play, we begin to notice hallucinations. I was expecting the come up to take about 40 minutes, so this was much earlier than I had expected. I decide that we should move upstairs, as navigating the stairs might become tricky once the trip fully kicks in. We moved upstairs and began watching 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' as I had prepared.

T + 0:30
Hallucinations are intensifying. We are sitting on the couch, discussing the movie. I remember my friends kept asking if I thought various girls were hot and if I would sleep with them. I think I said I would; they all seemed like babes to me. We joked that ferris was skipping school to take LSD.

T + 0:40
We are tripping balls. I remember a scene where the principal is walking through a hall, and it seemed to go on forever for me. I remember the principal climbing through a window, and suddenly I was visualizing the TV as a window and then the wall behind it as a window and the principal was just stepping through one and out into the other and the sequence just kept repeating forever infinitely.

In the scene where the principal and his assistant were talking to ferris on the phone when he is faking them out trying to get his absence worked out, I remember the assistant's face morphing strangely and getting really big and small a lot. I could see the bones under the principal's face as he moved. I remember them saying 'He's skipped school NINE TIMES.' 'Nine times?' 'Nine times.' and I started laughing and saying 'Nine times.' over and over again for a brief period.

There is a scene where an old boring teacher is droning on and on and there are a lot of long shots of the student's faces being spaced out. I remember enjoying looking at all of the different faces for what seemed like an extremely long time.

T + 1:30
I don't really remember a whole lot more of the movie. My trip became very intense, and I don't remember seeing the actual movie at all. My vision suddenly went completely white. I was no longer in my apartment, but instead just in a sea of complete whiteness. Rainbow glares/fractals/light moved around. I saw the outline of a woman's face and I had the most intense orgasmic feeling. Obviously, I wasn't actually cumming in real life or anything but I felt like I just had a crazy orgasm. This was the single most pleasurable thing I ever experienced on LSD.

Then, I saw my friend's faces inside small hexagonal shapes, like character icons in a video game. I was talking to them. I was trying to tell them something, but they already knew what I was going to say. And so did I know that they already knew, so I didn't need to say anything. We knew all of each other's thoughts; we had become one. We were stuck in a moment between time. We kept discussing that something would come before, and after, and that it was happening right now, but we could move back and forth, but the moment seemed eternal, and time wasn't moving. I saw bright rainbow colored waves moving, I saw it as the flow of time. I leaned to the right and left as the waves moved.

As time went on, my friends began to tell me that they had to go now. That we had to separate. I remember thin rainbow colored grids coming out and partitioning us. We were still together, but over time, I began saying 'That's Brian. That's Twitch. I'm over here.' We began to separate out, until I realized that they were sitting on the couch next to me and we were in the living room of my house.

I remember thinking that if I walked up to go to the bathroom at this point that the room would continue forever and I would never get to the bathroom, or I would get there and be stuck in a loop on the other side and not be able to get back to my friends in the living room. So I opted to stay put. I think I was also somewhat worried about being alone with my hallucinations in the bathroom.

I remember some more of the movie at this point. In the scene where they are in the chicago art museum and all the kids are walking through with their hands joined. I remember thinking that it would go on forever, and that it was overflowing into the living room. I remember thinking I was a part of the stream of kids.

I remember the scene where ferris sings in the parade. It was incredible. It seemed like such a build up as he eventually popped out and began singing. I was euphoric. The euphoria kept building and building as he continued to sing. It was incredible.

I remember the scene where the principal sneaks into the house and encounters the dog. You would think it would be scary looking at the dog's mean face. I remember trying to reassure my friends that we were just watching the movie. 'There is no dog. We're in my apartment.' I just wanted them to have a good time.

T + 2:00
The movie must have ended. I remember returning to reality somewhat at this point. I got up from the couch and stood in the middle of the room. I was still contemplating going to pee. I was also still trying to convince myself that we were actually in my apartment. I kept talking to my friends to clarify that they were in their respective positions. Eventually I got them all to agree that we are in my house right now. I felt like I had successfully returned to reality.

I had tripped acid before, but I had never experienced such complete hallucinations as I did lying on that couch. The orgasm I had was incredible. So I was somewhat confused by the experience, but at this point, I believed that I had returned to at least basic functionality and so had they.

T + 2:30
Twitch is just sitting on the couch. I am standing up talking to him. I kept pointing at the spot on the couch where I had been sitting, trying to explain what I had just experienced to him. I kept moving back and forth between the middle of the room and the couch, talking to Twitch. Brian was up and walking around the living room and the kitchen. I put on some EDM music on my phone and had a very pleasurable experience dancing to it. I was going to try to pack a bowl of weed, but I remember deciding not to because I wasn't sure how it would affect me, and I also believed that I lacked the motor control/would not be able to keep track of it visually.

T + 3:30
This is the first point that I checked the time. We all laughed because it had only been two hours. I remarked that it had felt like eternity. Brian and Twitch agreed. I kept trying to say something and Brian kept saying he knew exactly what I was saying. I believed it was because we had been one being earlier, and in a way, we still were. Twitch was still sitting on the couch.

T + 4:00
I put on star wars episode 4 on the TV. Brian gets extremely excited hearing the theme music. It's at this point that I am at a lucid mental state. I begin to realize that something might be wrong with Brian.

Brian is continually pacing the room. He has taken off his shirt, and was actually taking off all his clothes, but I stopped him. I remember taking off my shirt at one point. But I put it back on. Brian is running from one end of the room yelling 'They're doing it again! They're doing it again!' and waving his arms. He keeps doing this forever and ever. I am trying to get him to stop yelling. I don't really mind him doing it at all, I just don't want Twitch to get freaked out. I look over at Twitch and he seems normal. He has just been sitting on the couch.

I'm not really sure what the timing is on these next parts. Twitch looks like he is going to throw up and gets up and goes into the bathroom and starts throwing up. Brian is still running around the living room. I am worried about Twitch because we are tripping balls and I don't want to have to call the police or go to the hospital or anything. I remember being out in my kitchen and just hearing Twitch throwing up and being in the kitchen with Brian. I thought the throwing up sounds might cause Brian to have a bad trip, but I quickly realize he is completely gone and I am only able to hold his attention for about 10 seconds. He has no idea Twitch is throwing up.

I move between checking on Twitch and Brian. Since Twitch is alone in the bathroom throwing up (I can only imagine what that's like) I was more worried about him. So I keep checking on him and I get him some water. He appears to be in a lucid state. I spray some febreeze because it smells bad. I keep the bathroom door open so Twitch isn't freaked out by being trapped in a room. Eventually he is fine and goes to sit on the couch. It turns out, he actually threw up out of anxiety from the experience, and nothing medical.

At this point, I am worried about Brian. This is his first time taking LSD and he has autism. I worry that I may have permanently caused him to go insane. I imagine having to explain to his parents and my girlfriend and all my friends that I caused his insanity by giving him LSD. But I also remind myself that he will probably be fine once the trip wears off. His behavior is worrying me though.

Brian keeps running around the room throwing his hands out, pointing in what seems to be an octagonal pattern. He keeps repeating 'The mother. The father. The baby. The seven. The nine. The six. The one. The zeroes. The visions.'
'The mother. The father. The baby. The seven. The nine. The six. The one. The zeroes. The visions.'
and dancing around throwing his arms out. I keep trying to talk to him, but he only seems to be able to pay attention to me for about 30 seconds max before he starts dancing again. He starts saying stuff like 'But I am my father.' I know his dad is an alcoholic and he has some issues with that. I hope he is not going insane. I keep looking at Twitch since he seems lucid and normal, and trying to verify that what Brian is doing is weird. We actually are both pretty at ease.

T + 6:00
I turn off star wars and start trying to play overwatch. It is very hard. I want to get on the microphone and talk to people but I for some reason don't pick it up. I can't tell what I am doing in the game, so I stop playing it. I look at the icon for the game on the xbox menu. Tracer's body is shimmering with color. It looked REALLY cool.

I pack a bowl at this point and put on some music. I remember having a hard time packing the bowl. I try to get Brian to stop moving around and sit on the couch and smoke the bowl, but he is unable to comprehend smoking. He also keeps getting back up. Twitch doesn't want to smoke. So I smoke the bowl alone. I remember smoking and looking close up at the lighter and thinking I was looking through a microscope and seeing tons of layers of magnification. I was using a butane lighter so it makes a sound like a gas jet when it is used. It was very trippy.

I had these rainbow bracelets, 3 to be exact, and I was wearing them all, but I gave one to Brian and one to Twitch. I remember viewing it as a symbol that we were all one, that we were all in this together. Twitch wore his and sat on the couch. Brian ate his. I stopped him from eating most of it, but he definitely ate some of it. I think he thought it was a skittle or a starburst.

T + 8:00
I actually got Brian to sit down and smoke a bowl at this point. We start watching family guy. It's trippy. Brian starts to return to reality and talk about the TV show. I am relieved. He eventually returns to normal. I told him how he was freaking me out with what he was doing. He laughs and seems confused. I don't think he remembers the experience at all.

The acid is definitely wearing down at this point. We decide to go outside in my backyard and smoke a bowl. I enjoyed being out in nature. The grass was wet with dew. It was about 6am at this point and it was still dark out. We smoke a bowl. Brian walks barefoot in the dewy grass. We go back inside.

T + 12:00
It is now light out. Brian goes to sleep in the guest room and Twitch in the basement on the futon. I am still awake. So I just sit on the couch. Eventually Brian's phone goes off and he comes out of the bedroom. It's his sister and he has to go visit his dad in the hospital. Not the best thing to do right now! Haha. I actually didn't know his dad was in the hospital at all. I tell him that I wish he had told me.

I decide we are going for a walk around the neighborhood to decompress and be sure he is OK before driving. We walk and talk about the experience and catch up on life. It's refreshing. We come back in and decide to chill for a second and eat some breakfast before Brian goes. Twitch comes back up upstairs. He says he couldn't really sleep. I think we all needed a second alone though to decompress after the experience.

Brian leaves. He seems fine. Twitch stays with me for a while and we just watch that 70's show and smoke and chill. Twitch decides he is ok, and changes his clothes, then goes back home.

I stay up a bit longer, but by this point I am very sleep and no longer tripping so I go to bed.

Overall, I had a great time. I'm curious as to Brian's actual experience. But I'm not going to force anyone to talk about it. Twitch I think was shaken by the experience, but mentally, he seemed able to handle it.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109289
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Oct 11, 2016Views: 3,733
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ALD-52 (748), 1P-LSD (682), Sleep Deprivation (140) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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