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Tripping Anxiety at Ease
by Ben
Citation:   Ben. "Tripping Anxiety at Ease: An Experience with 2C-B (exp109318)". Oct 8, 2016.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40   oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 2:45   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 3:45   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 4:30   smoked Cannabis  


Tripping Anxiety at Ease After 10mg of 2C-B

This is my first trip report, I decided that I wanted to write this because I found very few trip reports about low doses from inexperienced trippers, and it may help someone who was in the same position as I was.

Background - I'm currently quite sensitive to mind-altering substances; I had a terrible trip just over 2 years ago where I had to get stitches after drunkenly taking 2 metallic tasting blotters from a guy I barely knew and being beaten by him because I freaked out. Safe to say this was not a pleasant first tripping experience for me and I've been dealing with symptoms of dissociation, HPPD, and 'flashbacks' ever since.

Other than that I'm inexperienced with tripping, I have done MDMA over 10 times, I've smoked weed on and off since I was 15, I often do nitrous at parties, and tried a handful of other stimulants. I've had short psychedelic experiences or Ďflashbacksí from mixing nitrous, MDMA and weed since then, mostly being pretty terrifying, but that's more to do with my own personal anxiety about tripping than the content of the trip.

Finally I felt comfortable enough in my own skin to try a psychedelic and I started looking up less mind fucking substances, which is where I found 2C-B and where my report starts. My intentions for the trip were to help put my anxiety at ease and my dissociation into perspective.

I'm with a friend (will refer to him as Max) who is pretty experienced with tripping, I trust him and probably wouldn't take a psychedelic without him there. We're alone at my student house and plan to watch the sunset in a previously decided location. We tested our substance before taking it to make sure it was 2C-B and planned our setting, timing and dose carefully for both safety and enjoyment.

18:00 - We eat some food just to line our stomachs a little.
18:30 - We prepare two bombs of 2C-B, 16mg for Max and 10mg for me. He had been smoking weed all day and I had not because I tend to get paranoid on it and had read it can be a bad combination. We watch The Big Lez Show to get into a tripping mood.
19:15 (T+ 0:00) - Iím very nervous about taking the bomb but Max reminded me that it was going to be fine and we both take them. We watch more Big Lez and wait.
19:45 (T+ 0:30) - I start feeling energy in my limbs, my palms are very sweaty, it feels like an MDMA come up and I start feeling a bit of nausea. We start playing a card game, itís getting difficult to move the cards one at a time, my hands are shaking.
19:55 (T+ 0:40) - I notice the carpet warping, lots of energy, laughing quite a lot. It's coming on stronger than I anticipated. I drink a bit of rum to calm the nerves. The card game feels like it's taking a long time to play. Everything is starting to warp. Colours don't look different yet.
20:10 (T+0:55) - I throw up, not pleasant but the visuals tend to subside when focused on something else. I brush off scary thoughts pretty easily. Stairs are difficult to walk down when theyíre warping.

20:25 (T+1:10) - We start heading to the sunset spot, the road is very bouncy, the houses are warping, and we're pointing out different things to look at. Iím in a positive mood but feeling a bit anxious.
20:45 (T+1:30) - We get to the sunset spot, wow it keeps coming on stronger. The sky is beautiful, the seagulls are glitching out on the grass, clouds are multiplying and patterning across the sky and the grass looks electric. There are very vibrant colours everywhere. I feel like Iím on an electric planet, both mentally and physically somehow. The tactile sensations had me almost convinced I was experiencing a sunset on a planet other than Earth, the thought was extremely breath-taking.

20:50 (T+1:35) - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm getting CEV's but Iím scared of getting lost in them. It feels like I stop tripping for a couple seconds when I change my focus. Clouds are patterning over and covering the whole sky.
21:00 (T+1:45) - The sunset is nearly over, we move to a different spot in the same location for a better view. The feeling of deja vu keeps hitting but I'm relatively clear headed. I feel pangs of hunger. We discuss how everything feels clichť, how after months of reading reports and research, every insight being said feels like itís just being ripped off someone elseís experience.
21:15 (T+2:00) - Everything is hilarious. Juice tastes watered down unless I leave it in my mouth for a few seconds for my taste buds to catch up, itís very weird. Max is still smoking weed continuously, we discuss the feeling of being in a bubble and different things we see.
21:30 (T+2:15) - Walking home, my worries about bad trips keep springing to conversation but are made into jokes by Max and brushed off easily. Everything is still bouncy and light-hearted. Before this moment I had not known what previously read reports meant by the word Ďbouncyí, but it is the perfect word to describe the feeling of walking on 2C-B. I continuously say my entire inner monologue and feel very energetic, itís a similar to MDMA but the stimulation and euphoria doesn't feel as forced or intense.

21:40 (T+2:25) - Coming into the house has made the trip become more intense and focused
21:40 (T+2:25) - Coming into the house has made the trip become more intense and focused
; everything in the house is warping and patterning. I have an enormous feeling of need to do something but I canít figure out what. I try to eat ice cream but it's too thick. Keep forgetting what it was I was doing, so I rush and dance around trying to do everything at once. I can just about finish a chocolate bar.
22:00 (T+2:45) - We decided to go to a park, on the way we discuss how agreeable everything is and again feeling like we're in a bubble. Everything is still very bouncy. Our conversations often seem to go in circles. Walking through wet grass feels like a swamp, I feel like I'm coming down but Iím still tripping quite hard when I focus on things. Colours are becoming less vibrant now. I still have a very positive feeling. I notice the filter of my cigarette feels like its warping in size and is very difficult to roll. I think Max is his house-mate for a few seconds and wonder what I'm doing in a field with him before remembering that Iím on drugs. I can see the whole of my peripheral vision at once when lying on my back, it's almost disorientating.

22:30 (T+3:15) - The clouds are turning into faces; I see an alien and a demonic face. The conversation is still light hearted and fun, but the demonic face becomes more pronounced as it gets darker. Drunken strangers are being very loud near us, I ask Max if we can leave.
23:00 (T+3:45) Ė Back at the house, I'm starting to come down. We start drinking beer and discuss dropping another bomb.
23:45 (T+4:30) - We decided to go for a walk. Straight roads look like they stretch forever, we end up getting lost in a housing estate and smoking a joint.
00:45 (T+5:30) - We get a kebab; itís not pleasant to be around sober people because I cannot communicate very well.
01:00 (T+5:45) - Back at the house, we decided against dropping more 2C-B and just continued to smoke and drink. Visuals are subsiding slowly and things only warp slightly when I pay attention to them. We listen to music and reminisce about the feeling of peaking. I decide to write this report when I'm completely down.
02:00 (T+6:45) - Radiators still very visually stunning but not much else. I'm no longer getting CEV's.
04:00 (T+8:45) Ė I'm completely down now, but itís hard to tell when that happened because I am a bit drunk and stoned. I fall asleep pretty quickly.

09:30 (T+15:15) - I just woke up with little comedown. Iím feeling very positive about the previous night's trip. Iíve started writing this report almost immediately. I go for a cigarette and notice how pretty everything is, I'm definitely getting an afterglow effect.
End notes.

This trip was extremely positive for me and helped me to deal with my anxiety and dissociation. For me, 10mg was the perfect dose, and it was a lot more psychedelic than almost all trip reports suggested, I assumed 10mg would feel much like MDMA with a slightly trippy tinge, but boy was I wrong. It was a lot more intense than I anticipated but it was exactly the experience that I needed.

It is a very fun and giggly drug, and the visuals are beautiful. Max did agree that 2C-B was like tripping with training wheels because you feel more in control of the direction which the trip takes. Max stated that the trip fit exactly the same time frame as 4-Aco-DMT, which I thought would be a good reference point for anyone trying to get an idea for the duration. I am undecided about trying 2C-B again, but I am very glad I tried it. Insightful, beautiful, and very very enjoyable.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109318
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 8, 2016Views: 10,643
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2C-B (52) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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