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Great Weapon in My Anxiety Reducing Arsenal
by Articuno
Citation:   Articuno. "Great Weapon in My Anxiety Reducing Arsenal: An Experience with Etizolam (exp109353)". Apr 16, 2020.

1 mg oral Etizolam


An Excellent Benzo Substitute

I'm somebody who has dealt with both generalised and social anxiety for the last several years, to varying degrees of intensity. Prior to eventually visiting a doctor regarding my ailments and getting proper help, I was pretty much learning with ways to cope with my anxiety symptoms on my own terms.

One day after doing some research online via anixety forums, I read of a substance that could legally be ordered online (which has now unfortunately ceased due to the UK Psychoactive Substances Bill) which had similar effects to that of diazepam or valium. I'd previously tried diazepam on several occasions which I thoroughly enjoyed, however trying to get a doctor in the UK to prescribe diazepam, or other benzos for that matter, on a frequent basis is pretty much nigh on impossible. So safe to say when I learned of this substance, I was eager to order some.

After conducting further research online, I eventually came across what I believed to be a reputable looking research chemical supplier. I felt somewhat more confident when I read that Etizolam was actually a prescribed medication in some parts of the world, rather than a research chemical, and that the pills I would be ordering would be packed in manufacturer blister packets and boxes. Another great thing about the Etizolam was it was very cheap, as I'd previously looked into sourcing diazepam from overseas which looked to be very costly. So I went ahead and placed an order for about 30 tablets, and a couple of days later the order arrived in the mail. As described, the etizolam arrived in proper packaging, and looked just like legitimate medication you would obtain from a doctor. The pills were small, pink and oblong shaped with a score across the middle.

A few days later, I was due to go on vacation where I would be staying at a private villa; the perfect location to test out my order. So off I went with the Etizolam tablets safely in my luggage. After spending a day or two relaxing at my destination, I decided now would be a great afternoon to take my first dose. So with a large glass of squash, I down one etizolam tablet, feeling aprehensive but excited about what was to come. After this I decided to go and recline on a sun lounger next to the pool and relax. After about 50 minutes, I started to feel a lovely warm sensation creep over my body; all my limbs totally relaxed. I also started to feel very happy and totally at peace, which is a rare feeling for an anxiety sufferer like myself. The warm sun was shining down and the sky was a gorgeous blue, I felt so content in this moment in time. Whilst I looked up into the sky, I couldn't help but smile to myself.

This feeling of warmth and happiness lasted for a good few hours whilst I relaxed by the pool, enthusiastically chatting away to my partner. When night time arrived, I felt as though the effects of the etizolam had ceased.

After returning home, I then experimented with using etizolam prior to anxiety inducing events such as before a party, a night out, social gatherings, and so on. I've always considered myself quite disciplined, as I have read many horrors regarding addiction, so I would only ever use 1 MG per time. So far, taking one Etizolam prior to these events has been very useful in alleviating my anxiety symptoms. Effects wise, I'd liken 1 MG of Etizolam to that of 10 MG of diazepam, however with Etizolam I also experience a mild enjoyable 'high'. In addition to this, I have also found Etizolam to be a very effective aid for combating bouts of insomnia. It's also been a great way to alleviate hangover jitters the morning after a heavy drinking session. Speaking of alcohol (of which I have a fairly highly tolerance to), I have found combining a glass of wine or a whisky mixer whilst taking Etizolam highly enhances the 'feel good' effects of the drug. Not that I am one to advocate mixing substances, as I'm aware this can often be a fine line to walk, but for me personally, this combo pretty much obliterates my anxiety.

Unfortunately, due to the recent UK Psychoactive Substances Bill, it is no longer possible to purchase Etizolam, or any other 'research chemicals', for that matter legally online. Luckily though for me, I was aware of the upcoming Bill and I managed to obtain a final batch of Etizolam prior to the sites closing down. I now currently keep the Etizolam for use on an 'as needed' basis, using them sparingly, which to be honest these days is rare as I eventually visited the doctor and am now on a daily prescribed medication, which has helped to keep my anxiety symptoms manageable.

To summarise, Etizolam has been a great weapon in my anxiety reducing arsenal, and my time with it so far has been most enjoyable. It's just a pity now however that it is no longer possible to obtain further stock.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109353
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Apr 16, 2020Views: 2,742
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Etizolam (568) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Medical Use (47), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), General (1), Various (28)

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