Glorious Journey
Morning Glory & Ginger
Citation:   doorsofperception. "Glorious Journey: An Experience with Morning Glory & Ginger (exp10936)". Oct 3, 2004.

300 seeds oral Morning Glory  
    oral Ginger (edible / food)
Well, it all started around 7:00 am in the morning. Even though I am not a morning person, I always like doing psychedelics in the day because of the range of colors and sounds. So after a quick shower, I started to count out 300 of my heavenly blue chemically untreated (which is important) morning glory seeds. I then swallowed a piece of whole ginger with some soda. Ginger is key, it will destroy stomach nausea, sounds like an olds wives' tale but believe me it works.

I started to chew up the seeds. I’m not going to lie to you, this was not a good experience. But shit, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, the taste isn’t vomit inducing, it is just… ah… well… acidic sour ick. After I chewed up these seeds into a pulp, I let them sit in my mouth, so the LSA could soak into my mouth. I don’t know the wisdom or logic to this decision but I did it any way. You can never be too sure. After a few minutes, I swallowed it down and took a swig of soda to get rid of that horrid after taste. Then some more ginger… ahh sweet ginger. After all this my stomach felt weird, but nothing to worry about, so I layed down for a minute. This weirdness went away in a few minutes. So I left my dorm to begin my journey with high hopes about what would happen. I had planned out my tripping destination before this, and had settled on the san juan Capistrano mission. It was suppose to be very beautiful. I thought about this as I walked to the bus stop.

When I got to the stop, I looked around and thought to myself… shit it is starting already. It was coming on slow, things were just moving slower and thing were brighter. I popped in a my favorite doors CD and listened while waiting. I just enjoyed the slight trippiness, shutting out my thoughts for now, and meditating on the music and the visuals. I was easily able to achieve this state I call “music land” quite easily when normally with no chemical help it can take hours of concentration. After a while, someone sat next to me. He asked me a question and I took off my headphones. He asked about bus routes and stuff. I answered in. He asked where I was going. I told him and we began a conversation about it. I remember getting vivid mental pictures of what he was describing. The conversation was interrupted when my bus arrived, I wished him good luck and life. My memory of the bus is not that clear, because of all the amazing stuff that happened afterward. I just remember listening to music and looking out the window. The bus reached the end of the line and I emerged from my trance.

By this time, I realized the LSA was going stronger, it was still climbing. The bus driver's voice was enhanced and there were slight visual distortions and perceptual changes. I got off and looked around. Then realized that I had forgot to get off at another stop. I remember wanting something to eat and strolling into some fast food joint. Things were getting a little twisted. There were trails, and things were moving slightly more slower then before but still moving along fast. I remember that my food tasted distant and did not mean much except for satisfying my hunger.

As I walked back to the bus stop, my trip took a jump for in intensity. It was like my eyes focused into it. All of the sudden, the cars going by seemed like streaks and colors brightened vastly. Everything was greater and grander in depth/size. As I waited for the bus, I watched the cars go by and listened to how the sound and rhythm of their passing seemed to make music. I remember thinking about the metal wasteland of traffic… all this rushing to and fro, people lost in their everyday lives. Most people stuck in jobs they don’t like, stuck in patterns, trapped in a prison of conformity and failing to reach their true potential because of fear. Perhaps true, perhaps more complex then that, but it was an understanding I gained from those cars. Like they screamed it into my inner mind.

My thoughts were interrupted by my bus, which I then boarded. I recall running towards it for some reason, and my dash for the bus seemed to transport time into a weird alternative dimension for a few seconds. I thought about that as I sat on the bus. About this time, a old black man gave me a paper. On the paper were various religious passages and newspaper clippings, it was a nice design I thought. I analyzed the passages carefully. I remember the words dancing around on the paper and the distance heightened, but I was still very easily reading. I watched the black man and how the passengers reacted to him when he gave them the paper. Some were polite and took it, however I sensed they would never give it a glance. Many didn’t even acknowledge the presence of the man, and wouldn’t take his paper. This seemed to frustrate him, but he seemed in a weird dazed state anyway. I noticed that one white man was talking to him about religion. Their conversation were short and didn’t develop but you could sense a respect between the two humans and such.

While focusing on these people, their faces seem detailed and over realistic while their bodies and the bus were blurred. I arrived my stop, the train station. I remember as I walked through the park lot outside of the train station, that the depth of things seemed to extend greatly. It was almost like I shrank, but I pictured as I remained the same size and things developed before me like the epic things they were. My train arrived quickly and boy was it a great ride. I popped in Pink Floyd into my disc man and watched outside the train window. Things went by at fast and slow speeds according to the song, it was amazing time alteration. The music seemed like it was live at a concert and the visuals were astounding otherwise. Things swished around like they were slightly blurred. I remember contemplating the mystery of time. Maybe it was because I was listening to Floyd’s time repeatedly while I was having massive time perception alteration. A

I soon arrived at San Juan Capistrano and before I knew it I was in the missionary. I was surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants, religious imagery, and my trip was still on the rise. Colors blended in a weird mush of beauty. Humming birds flew in flow motion, glowing in a white light, and blurring everything around them. I focused on one for so long, that the rest of the world seemed to melt away. I felt a connection with the bird and entered its thought stream which was pure instinct and hedonism… but not without this soulful spirit to it all that most humans are lacking. (I was able to function normally while all this happened by the way.) I walked by people sensing their emotions and observing their thoughts visually. I remember walking up to flowers and holding them lightly against my finger. Their energy surged into mine almost as they were talking to me in their on weird way. I remember walking into the old church they have their. I felt confined. Things closed in on me, and the religious images seemed to scare me with their white jesus suffering on the cross. I thought about organized religion and their choice of places of worship.

Then I found this bench next to this beautiful tree and statue of a saint with a bird on his finger. I started to prey and get in touch with that energy, that being…. God. I could feel him through the sounds, the sights, the wind, the heat from the sun, the everything…. A profound sense of well being flowed over me and I entered into a euphoric state. I felt myself peak right about this time… just the right time. This was about 2:00 pm. I remember walking around a little more as my trip slid down. I felt that places of worship should be places of natural beauty not manmade confining prisons with inaccurate outdated religious symbols. I then walked into the museam area where it had a Spanish soldier exibit. I felt an Indian spirit enter me and I felt disgusted by the images of the Spanish helping the Indians. A voice said, “It’s a lie… it is a lie.” The spirit pulsated sadness through my body. Still shaken by the propaganda about the Indians, when they were really genocidally murdered in more ways then one. I walked over to the hummingbirds. They returned my peace and healed my soul.

Satisfied, I left the mission and walked around the town comtemplating religious ideas their relation to history. The rest of my trip was a long slide down. It is worth recalling that I listened into this conversation with these old people who talked about old vaction spots they had been to and laughed it up. And I helped out a kid who was low on money for a ticket. My trip subsided on the way home as I was reading Hunter S. Thompson. But aftereffects lasted a while…. All and all, a great experience different then other psychedelics and well worth it.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10936
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2004Views: 57,474
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