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Calvin Klein: Speedy Rush and a Long Downer
Cocaine & Ketamine
Citation:   SiraAngUloNawta. "Calvin Klein: Speedy Rush and a Long Downer: An Experience with Cocaine & Ketamine (exp109365)". Apr 11, 2018.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated insufflated 2-hydroxycocaine (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral Alcohol  
    repeated smoked Tobacco  
I seriously suspect this combo could be even dangerous to a person with heart disease or a tendency to one. Please take this note seriously.

TL;DR: Fun and energizing combo for occasional use. Utter tiredness and negative feelings after long use, with a possible stroke warning. Absolutely not suitable for first-timers.

Experience grows

My first encounter with the CK was only a few weeks ago, when visiting my friend in Netherlands. The ever more popular CK aka. Calvin Klein composes of cocaine and ketamine, roughly on 50-50 mix. We snorted it like cocaine in lines, but we dosed it like ketamine in repeating bumps until the effect was up to our personal limits. We were also drinking few beers, but not with the intention of getting drunk, just as a social bonding 'between bros'. I usually don't fancy cocaine, as it really doesn't give me any feeling of high. I see it as an expensive vanity drug. But with the CK it turned completely around.

CK started hitting heavily in a nice and activating way pretty soon after initial snorting, between 15-30 minutes. We took extra bumps with minimum 30 minutes in between, and felt the feeling getting just ever higher and higher.

Describing the ketamine effect is hard at its best, but CK experience is far simpler than that. I got high very fast, and it lasted at least one hour (and with more bumps even longer). Initially I felt very happy and active, I was telling jokes and communicating with friends over social media, too.

Going deeper

After a few hours the feeling turned slowly mentally deeper. The movies we watched gained new, deeper layers to them. The connection and discussions with friends got deeper and more meaningful.

But unfortunately not everything was just happyhappyjoyjoy, also the blue feelings rose their ugly head. I started going through my past negative experiences. Different saddening or even maddening emotions came up and went by. My friend started also talking about his deeper, very well hidden, emotions regarding his passed away close ones.

While I do agree that it is very good for one to get in touch with their inner self, under CK influence it was more uncontrollable feeling. This could potentially be a problem if one is not in a familiar or safe environment. Due to the activating effect of cocaine calming down can be difficult.

Finally wasted

The final stages felt like being utterly and completely wasted, like after a weekend beer binge. Just standing up became a challenge and talking blurred considerably. My ability of talking foreign languages suffered maybe the most. It was also very emotional in very atypical ways
My ability of talking foreign languages suffered maybe the most. It was also very emotional in very atypical ways
: I would cheer for the sports, cry for the cartoons or tell primary school level jokes as if they were crème de la crème of verbal universe.

Finally the tiredness took over. I guess one could have extended the experience with cocaine or speed, but I would suspect that they would also add to the hangover after. Now I also felt heavily the increased heart rate.

Some negative physical feelings

At the beginning there was no special feelings apart from higher alert level from cocaine combined with the dissociative effect of the ketamine. After few hours of usage the increasing heart rate became one of the most notable physical feelings. I have not experienced such heart rates before, but now I could really feel my heart jumping up and down in my chest.

An interesting and slightly odd side effect was superly increased sense of some tastes. After a while I started having the dull taste of old cigarettes in my mouth, while I smoked only 2-3 cigarillos during the whole time. Also the beer (regular European lager) started tasting very unpleasant in my mouth, so I swapped to Martini and lemonade. It seemed that sour tastes became more pleasant.

Afterwards I had a slight hangover, as if I had been indeed drinking heavily. I got very, very tired. First I could only lay on the bed and wait for the cocaine to wear off. Then finally I slept. And I slept... When I used CK for the first time I slept nearly 19 hours and the next time one week later I slept almost 23 hours.

Final verdict

After the second time I told my friend that CK doesn't suit me. The happy feelings in the beginning don't mitigate the unpleasant feelings and any possible physical risks (especially in case of possible stroke). I also recommended my friend to seriously think about his physical wellbeing.

I guess I could still try CK occasionally for a short period, but definitely not for a whole-night experience.

Background information of the author:
- Budding psychonaut with relatively narrow but deep-ish experience on few selected substances
- Physically average, 42 yo European man 168 cm (5' 6') 65 kg (143 lb), no major diseases or conditions
- Experience base mainly on ketamine and marijuana for meditation and spiritual experiences, and MDMA for dance and mental connection purposes, and relatively high tolerance of alcohol
- Continuing to explore and adventure with a humble mindset: small step for a man, one miniscule jerk for mankind

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109365
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42
Published: Apr 11, 2018Views: 8,679
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Ketamine (31), Cocaine (13) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3)

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