Shorter but Otherwise Exactly Like Diazepam
Citation:   Zirtonic. "Shorter but Otherwise Exactly Like Diazepam: An Experience with Diclazepam (exp109450)". Jan 10, 2017.

  oral Diclazepam (liquid)
Quick background: Not on any meds, mentally in a good place, exercise semi-regularly, have a pretty terrible diet. Plenty of drug experience, both ďtraditionalĒ drugs and many RCs.

Iíve read countless reports of diclazepam being ďutter shitĒ and ďalmost entirely benignĒ. Obviously everyone reacts differently to each and every drug, but I think that the people with those opinions simply expect either too much or a different set of effects entirely. Maybe Iím an outlier, but I have found diclazepam to be a very worthwhile chemical thanks to the effects it gives as well as the versatility that it possesses.

This report will be separated into 3 sections, with each section being a mini-report of what I felt at certain dosages. Please note that, as with the majority of benzos, all doses will be taken orally. The setting for the first 2 sections are the same: Me, alone, just chilling on a Friday or Saturday night. The last section takes place in public for a bit, and then I again end up just chilling in my room until bedtime rolls around.
Section 1: 1mg

7:00PM: Take 1mg of diclazepam by way of PG solution. Havenít eaten in about 2 hours.

7:30PM: Beginning to feel first effects. My muscles are slightly more relaxed, and my anxiety, while not completely gone, is definitely reduced. I am ever so slightly sedated, but staying awake is not a problem.

7:45PM: Effects are beginning to build. Iím now quite couch locked and have developed the benzo munchies. The sedation hasnít really increased at all. Iím simply content with everything right now. Anxiety is still ever so slightly present, but I can only really tell if I look for it.

10:45PM: The past few hours have been more of the same. Iíve eaten quite a bit of food (as I tend to do on benzos) and if itís worth anything it tasted delicious. Definitely prefer the benzo munchies over marijuana munchies.

11:00PM: I decide to call it a night. When I get up I notice that I am slightly uncoordinated, but as long as I concentrate on my balance I could easily pass for sober if needed for whatever reason. Sleep comes very easy, as expected. I wake up around 10:30AM still slightly under the influence
Sleep comes very easy, as expected. I wake up around 10:30AM still slightly under the influence
, but a Redbull at the very least evens me out. I am entirely sober by 2PM.

Section 2: 2mg (1 week since the 1mg dose)

4:00PM: I take 2mg of diclazepam, again by ingesting a small amount of PG solution. I last ate around 1:30PM, and plan on eating dinner here in about an hour.

4:15PM: Effects are coming on a bit quicker, almost certainly because of the higher dose. My muscles are very relaxed, that is to say my legs feel like jelly (although walking is still not a problem). All traces of my anxiety are gone. Quite sedated, I could definitely go for a nap right now if I wanted to.

4:30PM: Effects still building. My desire to move out of my chair is essentially zero. The only reason Iíll be getting up is to go to the bathroom or to get food. Iím having a bit of a hard time keeping my eyes open, but as long as Iím occupied by something (TV, video games, YouTube, etc.) Iíll be able to stay awake.

5:00PM: Time for dinner! My roommate said he was gonna make a quick trip to McDonaldís so I asked if I could get something as well. I give him my order, he leaves, and is gone for maybe 10 minutes. He hands me my order and I pay him and tell him thanks and all that. He makes a comment about my speech being slightly slurred, which doesnít surprise me (he does know Iím on a benzo by the way). I walk back to my room in a less than straight line and manage to shoulder check my door frame. Roomie gets a good laugh out of this, as do I. Iím laughing though because I didnít really feel it too much. My arms are essentially wet pasta noodles at this point, and them being so loose-y goose-y means I absorb the hit without tensing up at all, which obviously works to my benefit. I return to my chair and absolutely devour my food as it tastes divine, despite it being nothing more than mediocre fast food.

6:00PM: With my stomach full, the sedation from the diclazepam is starting to become a little overwhelming. I shall stay diligent though! I decide to mess around playing TF2 (PC shooter) for a few hours. With each passing hour though, the sedation and muscle relaxation continue to build.

10:00PM: Iíve got to call it a night at this point. The drug has made me very tired (in a good way though, Iím not feeling exhausted or anything) and Iím nodding in and out of sleep. After a very relaxing shower I crawl into bed. My sheets are that special kind of soft that only benzos can make them feel like, and Iím asleep within 10 minutes maximum. I wake up around 9:30AM once again still feeling a bit of the diclazepam, but once again a Redbull alleviates any residual drowsiness. I feel entirely sober by noon.

Section 3: 3mg total (2 weeks and 3 days since the 2mg dose)

7:30AM: I wake up to get ready for my 9AM class. Breakfast consists of a peanut butter CLIF bar, 1.5mg of PG diclazepam solution, all washed down with, you guessed it, a Redbull. I go through my morning routine of eating, brushing my teeth, and shaving (donít worry, I simply shower at night) and head to class, looking forward to having an anxiety free day. I should note that today is Friday.

8:00AM: Like clockwork, the diclazepam hits me almost exactly 30 minutes after I took it. My first class is simply lecture so I canít really put the chemical to the test, but I do notice that Iím not biting my fingernails or shaking my legs, which I usually do thanks to my social anxiety. At this dose the sedation is negligible and I have no trouble concentrating on what the professor is teaching. Iím a little comfier in my chair than I would be sober which is nice, but other than that no other noteworthy effects.

9:00AM: Now itís time to see how diclazepam performs in public, or rather how much it helps me not look like Iím some high-functioning autist (no offense intended, Iíve been told thatís how I come across in public when sober). 9AM is my biology lab, which involves plenty of socialization. The anxiolytic effects are very apparent, much to my delight. Iím not initiating any conversations, but Iím more than happy (and comfortable!) to talk to anyone that wants to talk to me. At one point I have to walk about 15 feet to get some lab supplies and I can tell my balance is a little off. I grab whatís needed and make it back to my lab table without any funny looks though, so it must not be as bad as Iím perceiving it. The rest of class is uneventful, so Iíll fast forward a bit.

12:00PM: Feeling exactly the same as I was during my bio lab. I eat lunch on campus and about halfway through me my meal Iím approached by a stranger. Sober meís heart rate would spike to about 90BPM (Iím around 64BPM resting) and Iíd more than likely start sweating. Eye contact would be minimal and the whole thing would be awkward for both parties. Thanks to the diclaz however, Iím able to have a conversation like a normal fucking person. They ask me a bunch of questions about the local election coming up which I do my best to answer even though I couldnít give a shit less. The effects of the diclazepam have plateaued by now, and Iím comfortably anxiety free and just chilliní like a villain. Iím going to skip ahead to when I return home for the day as nothing else eventful happened in my remaining classes.

4:00PM: Once I get back I decide that another 1.5mg will carry me into a very cozy sleep. I can still feel the effects of the first dose, so Iím anticipating the two doses to stack together.

4:30PM: Guess who was right? The second dose is hitting me and I can already tell that without some amount of caffeine in me sleep would be impossible to avoid. Not wanting to drink another 40g of sugar (told you I have a terrible diet) I opt to just split one of my 100mg caffeine capsules in half. Despite what the rest of this report might lead you to believe, I seldom use caffeine. Rarely will I have it more than 3 times in a given week. The 50mg should be more than enough to combat the sedation of the diclazepam.

5:30PM: At this point Iím basically barred out. Not to such an extent that I wonít remember the night or go out and do a bunch of stupid shit, but any schoolwork is going to be saved for tomorrow, for a couple reasons. For one, I just have no motivation to even walk across the room to get my book bag. The main reason though is that if I were to work on anything, I know Iíll just have to redo it tomorrow since the odds of me getting problems right or questions accurately answered are slim to none. I eat dinner and decide that a reasonable dessert is about a dozen mini-donuts. Thatís like half a bag to myself haha.

7:30PM: Not much has changed. Iím still useless outside of listening to music and watching YouTube/Twitch streams. I do get up to go to the bathroom at one point and just about trip over myself, but a friendly wall helps me catch myself.

9:30PM: Alright, Iím going to bed. I take a warm/hot shower which (somehow) further relaxes my muscles. Iím under the covers by 10:00 and am asleep within 5 minutes. I donít wake up until about 11:00AM since I have no alarm set but I wake up feeling entirely sober.

TL;DR: Diclazepam, to me, is indistinguishable from regular diazepam minus the fact that diclaz lasts around 9-10 hours, whereas Valium is an all-day affair. A subtler benzo.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109450
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jan 10, 2017Views: 9,288
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