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Encounters of the Third Kind
by Velvet Undergrad
Citation:   Velvet Undergrad. "Encounters of the Third Kind: An Experience with DMT (exp109508)". May 6, 2021.

T+ 0:00
5 hits vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 hit vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)


As a young but fairly experienced psychonaut, naturally I had been interested in DMT, or dimethyltrytptamine, for a good while. Often paraded as the peak of the psychedelic experience with unparalleled visuals and experiences, the innate curiosity that had sparked my psychonautic trek was again set ablaze.

However, unlike more common psychoactives like LSD and psilocybin, DMT was also extremely difficult to stumble upon. Thanks to an extremely good connection I had, I finally managed to get my hands on about 250 mg and a meth pipe.

On a Sunday afternoon, two fellow undergraduates and I decided to head to the top of a five story building on campus with a sweeping vista of the sprawling Atlanta skyline. Myself and D were very experienced with psychedelics (this would be the seventh I had tried, and D's fifth), and the other--A--was a major stoner and close friend who elected to trip-sit the both of us. As we ascended to the building's roof, dusk was settling in over the city and the neo-modern buildings looming over the smooth curve of the horizon began to illuminate in a blue, silver, and orange wash contrasting the empty purple sky.

I loaded the pipe with 60 mg of crystallized dimethyltryptamine, and after gauging the exact distance at which the flame cradled the glassware, I managed to vaporize most of the substance and hit it all in about five inhalations, making sure each time to count to twenty before exhaling. The vapor hit much harder than either weed or salvia, with a sharp, markedly synthetic taste that immediately sparked flashbacks to the home of my great-grandmother. Once I got to about the third hit, the onset began to kick in and my body began to vibrate as the substance kicked in. I tried to ignore the effects as long as possible so as to make sure I had hit all that was in the pipe.

After finishing, I noticed how extremely watery my eyes had grown, and wiping the fluid from my ducts I suddenly entered a visual wonderland of magnificent scope. I noticed the trees on campus had grown to look like blotchy fractals very similar to with psilocybin shrooms, but much more intense, and their colour was far more removed from normalcy. The buildings in the skyline stood erect, and the tens of thousands of lights in the skyline's aggregate had their own circular orbits, with white light having prismatic halos and other colours having red-shift or violet-shift to their respective halos. For those who have done 2C-B and know the halos that surround lights, this for me was an identical effect with greater intensity. For those who have tripped with neither but have vision problems, when viewing lights through the unaided eye they tend to be much larger, more orb-like, and with radial striations. The famed halos of 2C-B and of DMT are almost identical to this, but with a ring of blackness separating the actual light and its respective halo. D and I both discussed this effect as we enjoyed the altered skyline.

I also noticed amazing fractals on the white roof of the building I was sitting on. They were not like the swimming symbols of LSD nor like the creeping moss of shrooms, but extremely intricate patterns that refused to flinch upon even the closest inspection.

The moon was also a fascinating sight. When I've looked at the moon through a thick window, I've noticed that it appears several times in a linear trail that gets slightly smaller and duller. This same effect was present with the moon, but instead of four moons virtually identical in colour, I saw four collinear moons with the first being a glowing white, the second a deep blue, the third a radiant green, and the last being blood red.The moon was also accompanied by its own rainbow halo. Again, my friend D shared this visual effect as well.

The most fascinating open-eye visual, though, was the present of pseudo-Northern lights over the skyline. As darkness crept in and the pastel purple sky melted into a deep shade of indigo, glowing yellow lights appeared over the city that looked exactly like the aurora borealis in polar regions. My friend and I both sat back in awe as the formless waves of colour danced over the skyline, constantly asking our tripsitter A, 'Do you see that?' only to be met with laughter and a succinct 'no'. At times the waves of colour would morph into figures, the most noticeable being a large face looking down over the city and a beautiful, prone goddess sleeping above the cityscape.

After marveling at the sky for a bit, I took the remaining 20mg from the pipe my friend left over and hit it, deciding to try exploring closed eye visuals. I was utterly astonished at just how intricate and intense they were. I've taken 40 mg 2C-B trips and even a 1500 mg DXM trip and I have never in my life experienced closed-eye visuals of this calibre. A few things I remember vividly were an old face like that depicted in shamanic sculpting decorated with war paint, tongue extended and wiggling like that of Gene Simmons, haha. I also remember seeing carnival rides, dandelions, and unbelievable backdrops splashed with vivid colours. Additionally, I briefly saw my face flash in a mirror and made eye contact before my other self disappeared. The visions came in waves. The most remarkable aspect of the closed eye visuals was that both my friend and I had a vision of us underneath bright lights, as if awakening after an operation where we were given anesthetics while humanoid shadows loomed over our corporeal selves.

Sonically this was the first time I ever experienced auditory hallucinations. It was like a buzzing in the ears, as though a fly was inspecting my ear canal. I immediately had a flashback to canoeing with my grandfather on the muddy waters of Southwest Georgia, as there was a series of high voltage power lines we always passed beneath that conducted so much electricity you could hear the current passing through the lines in the form of a metallic buzzing sound. Upon further thought, the next best analogy I can make is throwing two magnetic objects into the air and hearing them vibrate as they collide. Aside from the buzzing/vibrating, however, there was nothing else.

Mentally the drug was very unfamiliar, as it did not provoke laughter but a sort of silence as we plateaued and a reflective come down somewhat similar to LSD but much more sacred, if you will. As we walked back to our dorms, visions slowly subsiding, D and I both agreed that though the experience was amazing, we still preferred LSD. The mood was a bit sombre, as we were expecting more from reading trip reports. I put on Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis and we made our way back to the dorm as nature's dance neared its culmination.

Flash forward about forty-five minutes, and my other psychonaut friend, J--who I had grown up with--came back from an evening lab and my other friend and I were detailing our experience. Suddenly, I remembered that DMT is supposed to have considerably better visuals in a well-lit setting. Though the skyline and moon provided a nice picture to ingest, it was still too dark for an ideal trip. We decided we'd try it again indoors, but as to not waste much we elected to take smaller dosage trips.

We crept into the private bathroom, making sure to go unseen, as it'd be tough explaining the situation to my other friends on campus had I been seen, haha. We sat on the floor in a circle and I showed them again how to load and light the pipe since I would be going first. This time I stocked it with 40mg of DMT. There was still a bit of yellow fluid in the bottom from earlier. Knowing how to better vaporize the crystals this go-round, I managed to milk the pipe and nail everything in three hits over about 90 seconds. As I hit the second time my body began buzzing again. As I took the final hit and held my breath, I was blindsided by increasingly intense closed eye visuals that reached a point analogous to orgasm, prompting me to exhale and open my eyes.

I stared in disbelief at my friends, for I've never experienced colours of that intensity. The skin of my friend D, who was Persian, was glowing orange and his hair was washed in purple and green hues reminiscent of what I see on LSD. The tile floors were patterned wastelands of unutterable intricacy. I handed them the pipe, kneeled like The Thinker, and closed my eyes to explore the CEVs more deeply. Once gain, I was confronted with a disorganized amalgam of colours, patterns, symbols, and images, but after a few seconds all the visuals began to work synergistically, spiraling uniformly like a galaxy and distancing itself from me in a vortex-esque fashion until slowly Charybdis swallowed them whole, leaving nothing but a void.

Slowly my vision returned, and I entered a room where there were three humanoid beings seated at a black, square table. They all sat erect and silent, like silhouettes or the black outlines of mannequins, but on their bodies swam the most beautiful geometric and fractal patterns of blues, oranges, and greens I've ever seen. My auditory hallucinations migrated from a buzzing sound to a low, unintelligible speech in an indiscernible language the beings were using. Slowly, they began to show me their foods and digest them in an almost erotic manner that brings to mind the Hardee's commercials of scantily clad women slowly biting into bacon cheeseburgers, but less sexualized and more spiritual. Two of the beings proceeded to make out with one another (lol, please bear with me), but in a ritualistic manner that was deeply moving.

As I felt our time together drawing to an end, suddenly I heard a loud knock on the bathroom door. 'PL on duty. Hurry up!' My friends and I stared at each other in sheer terror. 'Sorry, I'll be out in about a minute,' I replied before quickly grabbing all our things, bagging them, and slipping out the room with my friends still inside. The visuals had begun subsiding as I scurried back to our dorm, heart pounding and worrying that we might get caught. D and J got back a few moments later, also scared out of their minds, and we began talking about what we had seen. J had visions of the Cheops pyramid shedding tears that slid down the slopes of the monolithic structure, and D saw Amazonian art darting across the surface of water. Both had taken slightly less than myself, 30mg, hence their experiences were not quite as intense. Regardless, we all marvelled at how amazing our visions and experiences were. I spent over an hour reflecting heavily on my experience and telling my other experimental friends exactly our experiences to keep fresh the awe-inspiring trip.

Now, five days removed from the experience, I finally managed to interpret my vision and practically apply it to my life. What the beings were trying to communicate is the unique taste for pleasure acquired by humans that really separates us from the rest of the biological world. Sure, dolphins also experience sensual gratification and domesticated animals also can behave in hopes of reward and pleasure, but their primary objective is survival. Somewhere along the span of time, different enclaves of man shirked the primary objective of survival for a life predicated on pleasure and comfort. As we advanced as a civilization and found comfort in our innovation, we climbed a rung our two in the predatorial hierarchy that allowed us to focus more on pleasure than survival. Primordial man's most basic sources of pleasure as the human race evolved consisted largely of a more balanced and regimented diet, increasing sexual pleasure, and larger periods of rest. These three most intrinsic forms of gratification were the most noticeable desires of a man stoned on cannabis. Before this trip, I had given up a habit of smoking cannabis and wax heavily multiple times a day and actually experienced terrible withdrawals including extreme irritability and insomnia. In a way, they were reinforcing my temporal abstinence from smoking weed. They were showing me that although it is okay for us to occasionally enjoy pleasurable endeavors, living for them on a daily basis impedes our very desire to innovate and advance as a society. It was a lesson in moderation.

Since then, I've had considerably less irritability and somewhat less insomnia. The desire to smoke pot has subsided almost entirely, and consequently my mental faculties have noted marked improvements. My anxiety has been almost entirely absent, and not a solitary thought of depression has plagued my cognitive processes. Despite being a longtime skeptic and student of philosophy, I now have a belief in something beyond our existence and a heightened conviction about the verity of rationalistic epistemology.

Briefly put, this was one of the most positive, impactful experiences of my life.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109508
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: May 6, 2021Views: 799
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DMT (18) : General (1), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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