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Impossible to Be Mad at Anything
Morning Glory
by Emil
Citation:   Emil. "Impossible to Be Mad at Anything: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp109563)". Oct 28, 2018.

350 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)


I did a CWE with these seeds, but I put some peppermint oil in it, because people says it makes LSH instead of LSA resulting in a more visual experience, though I can not say for sure if that worked or not. This is my second time taking Morning Glory seeds. The first time, I only took 150 seeds, and did not find it very interesting, so I thought that I would kick it up to 350 seeds this time.

9:00am- I had just woken up 30 minutes ago and got ready for taking the seeds. I took the glass with the extract, filtered the seed mush away, poured some apple juice in the extract, to make it taste a little better, though this did not help. I drank the extract, and waited.

9:05am- I started playing some games on my phone to make the time go a little faster, but noticed that I got a mild headache, nothing severe though.

9:20am- I could now feel the nausea start to kick in, again nothing severe, just not very comfortable.

10:15am- Now some of the effects started to kick in, I felt very euphoric, but the nausea was getting worse.
I felt very euphoric, but the nausea was getting worse.

10:30am- I drank a glass of coke, just because I felt like it, and right after that, I started getting flashing lights in the outskirts of my sight, but when I would focus on it, it would go away, and then come back a minute or so after.

10:45am- I started listening to music, which was really great, it really intensified the euphoria. It also gets the mind going, the songs make me become very introspective, which I really liked.

11:00am- Nausea was pretty intense, so I went to the toilet and tried to throw up, but nothing would come up. Along with the nausea was the very intense euphoria, that made me so happy, and look at everything positively.

11:45am- I was laying on my couch in my living room and I was getting these electrical shocks which are also reported on LSD trips. I didn't dislike it, the euphoria made it impossible to be mad at anything. I was looking at the wall where I have a deer head sticking out, and right next to it, there was written 'HELLO' in purple paint, which was pretty strange, but really cool in the moment. Also some of the bricks on the wall would turn purple. When I closed my eyes, there wasn't many visuals other than a tiny happy ghost with tiny eyes. I got up from my couch, and just sat with my two dogs for a little, and could just feel the love these animals are emitting.

12:00pm- Self acceptance was taking over my mind, I was looking in my mirror, and the insecurities were just being taken away, I also had huge pupils at this time btw. Also time was really fucked, I didn't have any sense of time at all.

12:15pm- My body started feeling pretty heavy, but also very euphoric at the same time, especially in the legs and arms.

12:30pm- I was listening to music with my eyes closed and had a little bit of CEVs, there was a light bulb in the form of a circle flashing while it was moving from side to side.

1:20pm- At this time I was very chilled, relaxed, and just filled with euphoria, my mind was also a lot calmer than earlier in the trip.

1:50pm- Everything was pretty much returning to normal by now, except I was in a really good mood.

Overall very good experience. To my surprise, it wasn't as long as my first trip on only 150 seeds. Back then I had 'effects' for around 6 hours, and this time it was under 5 hours.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 28, 2018Views: 1,561
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