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Wave of Relaxation and Sedation
by Daniel S. Renegade
Citation:   Daniel S. Renegade. "Wave of Relaxation and Sedation: An Experience with Methadone (exp109568)". Oct 18, 2018.

5 g IV Methadone (ground / crushed)


[Erowid Note: Intravenous (IV) injection of crushed pills/tablets can be very dangerous due to unknown substances, binders, and fillers present. Any substance injected directly into the blood stream should be very pure. Clean needles and medically appropriate techniques should be used to avoid serious injury or death.]

Settling the Methadone IV Debate / Methadone 5mg IV Report

Iíve looked around various forums for opinions on injecting methadone tablets, and found that most of it is just conjecture and opinion. So here I am, finding myself with five 5mg methadone tablets in front of me, a 1ml 31 gauge syringe, and a question that needs a solid answer. Here we goÖ

Step 1: Crush up a 5mg methadone on a piece of paper, then funnel it into the spoon (by the way, it powdered very easily, not much resistance at all)

Step 2: Draw up the full 1ml of water into the syringe and lightly spray it into the spoon full of powder

Step 3: Stir stir stir!

Step 4: Toss in your filter of choice, making sure itís tight though so I get as little filler as possible in my veins. I was left with about 55 units of clear solution, I probably could have got more out of it but I didnít want to get a higher concentration of fillers.

Step 5: Well you know this part, find a vein and go for it. Unlike what some people I read were thinking, it did not burn at all to IV and went in easily as anything. I definitely got a wave of relaxation and sedation, nothing akin to heroin or Dilaudid or such.

In conclusion: 5mg methadone pill in a 1cc syringe and felt the effects to an appreciable extent. This being my first time trying methadone at all, I can only imagine that injecting a higher dose would have an equally stronger effect.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109568
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 18, 2018Views: 3,179
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