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Muted, but Still Audible
2C-B, MDAI & Alprazolam
Citation:   ThatFeel. "Muted, but Still Audible: An Experience with 2C-B, MDAI & Alprazolam (exp109577)". Nov 25, 2016.

T+ 0:00
1 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 23 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 5:00 100 mg oral MDAI (capsule)
  T+ 5:30   repeated smoked Cannabis (extract)
New Combination to Me

This trip took place on a Saturday night following a night of polydrug use (typical for me) prior which included alcohol (untypical) so in the morning I was feeling considerably uncomfortable but fine mentally.

After showering and waking up a fair amount, a friend came to pick me up to go and retrieve my things from where I'd been the night before. On the way out the door I took 1mg of Alprazolam in the form of half a bar of Xanax at about 6pm without much thought about the fact that it would have an effect on the outcome of any tripping later that night. I had wanted to trip on LSD but waking up late with an alcohol induced hangover put me off the idea completely at the time and I wasn't quite ready to venture back into the lands of dosing late at night on a Saturday when I have work on Monday morning. After seeing my friends and getting my stuff back (as well a medium fatty meal) there wasn't much else to do so I decided to head home. Throughout the evening I'd been thinking over what to do when I got home which wasn't lying in bed taking cocaine all night and decided 2c-b would be the best option.

Arriving home around 8:30, I got reasonably comfortable and took a 23mg measured capsule of 2c-b I had prepared a few nights ago with two separately calibrated mg scales (I had decided recently to replace my old one which was old but working fine and got carried away with trying to be anal about dosing).

While coming up I only had positive expectations which were sadly mostly shushed away by the Alprazolam I had taken earlier. Around an hour in I had a certain heaviness about my body which I recognized as familiar with 2c-b but try as I might wasn't able to stimulate much in the way of visuals, closed eyes or open. Despite these physical reactions I was certainly in a psychedelic state and able to recognize it as one, as well as recognizing it as being subdued (I wasn't able to piece together that the Alprazolam had dulled the trip so much until much later
I wasn't able to piece together that the Alprazolam had dulled the trip so much until much later
) and quite comfortable exploring my thought patterns, when I could get them away from the fact that I wasn't having quite the kind of trip I had wanted to that night.

Earlier in the week (and the weeks preceding that one too really) I'd had MDMA on my mind a lot, as it's a drug I've had a lot of experiences with but not often fully spaced out as comfortably as I like (months). During the initial hopes for the day's LSD use I had considered adding MDMA to the mixture as my only previous Candyflip had been a fantastic experience two years ago now. Now that I was tripping I considered the idea of adding a dose of MDMA to my trip. I had taken MDMA and 2cb regularly together years previously and again had some great experiences on them both, but wasn't quite sure if I was ready for the full frontal assault of MDMA to my system at what was now around 10:30. I enjoy some stimulants but I feel like MDMA has to be prepared for in more ways than some. What I did remember was that I still had a gram of MDAI unused since purchase which would provide me with exactly what I wanted that night to supplement the psychedelic headspace - an entheogenic rush, but without the stimulant assault.

In calm and relatively sober state (considering the dosage I believed I was supposed to be feeling the full effects of) I carefully weighed out 100mg of MDAI and capsuled it up before swallowing it at 11pm. In comfort I lay in my bed and started playing the Grateful Dead Live in Tivoli 1972-04-14 (one of my particular favourites). I lay in bed in comfort for an unknown amount of time (I later found it out to be exactly 70 minutes via the magic of counting song lengths) before startlingly feeling the familiar MDMA rush, however it was unlike any I had experienced before. While I initially felt warm flushes and sat upright for a few moments relaxing. I believe I was anticipating the stimulating side of MDMA from the familiarity of the initial rush, but after a minute or so of feeling completely relaxed I realised it wasn't coming and that I was receiving a deluge of fantastic emotion.

At 12:18 I sent a message to some friends of on an IRC of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite saying 'No doubt in my mind' as a signal that I was indeed entering into a full euphoric 'trip' as I'd desired. At this point (pintpointed via my tracking) I got to my most comfortable in bed and can vaguely remember hearing the Dead jam out of 'Playing in the Band' on Disc 1 before falling into what I can only compare to an extremely strong opioid nodding state of pure euphoria. My thoughts are vague on what went on in my mind while in this 'nodding' state although I believe I was possibly just sedated slightly by the combinations and the overwhelming flood of serotonin flying around in my brain.

After an hour I 'awoke' from my dreamy state to hear the start of 'Dark Star' which signaled the start of Disc 3, meaning I had been in that state for an hour at least to have missed Disc 2. I started relaying to some of my friends what I'd experienced and thought it over some when I realized I was in fact getting clear visuals now in the form of shadowed geometric patterns with my eyes closed and slight drifting of fabrics with my eyes open (possibly because of the Alprazolam wearing off, as I felt like the visuals got more pronounced if anything post peak). I lay in bed for several hours longer in comfort, smoking a small amount of BHO sativa wax now and again. While the night did seem to drag on slightly I managed to slip into sleep at around 7am. I woke around 11am after a partial sleep and despite feeling a bit tired after waking, didn't feel uncomfortable enough mentally or physically to want to try going back to sleep, so I have stayed up throughout the day thinking about my night.

Overall I'd say I enjoyed this combination, but I imagine it would have been incredibly better without a benzodiazepine in the mixture muddling the psychedelic. The trip was certainly muted, but still audible. If in the future I feel like mixing a potent serotonin machine with another psychedelic drug I will certainly favour MDAI over MDMA in most situations (potentially due to my temperament and preference for relaxing without the stimulation from MDMA).

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109577
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 25, 2016Views: 5,267
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