Seems to Do the Trick for Me
Citation:   Hunter of Psychs. "Seems to Do the Trick for Me: An Experience with ETH-LAD (exp109621)". Dec 4, 2016.

200 ug buccal ETH-LAD (blotter / tab)
An Excellent Experience

323pm, trying 2 tabs of 100ug eth-lad. 200ug total. Just put it in my mouth for a buccal ingestion method. I'll let it sit for 45 mins and update when I remove it. In the mean time, I'm going to take a shower.

Current mindset: its the day before Thanksgiving. I'll go visit my family tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about that. I miss my brother especially. I got off early from work, I met a friend for lunch, so today has been a good day. I feel like my life as a whole, though, has been lacking a bit of excitement, though. It's just been constant routine with little to no deviation. My roommates and I are planning a camping trip in december, though! That'll be fun.

Current Setting: in my house. 3 bed, 1 bath, 1300 square foot rental house. I've lived here for 2 and a half years with 2 roommates. We've lived together for 4 years now, first in the dorms at college, now here. I'm comfortable here, and very relaxed and at home. This is a good little place.

424, took out the tabs a few minutes ago. The come up has already begun and is well on its way. In the shower I noticed the colors change from a more orange hue to a muted purple one. Sun still beaming through the window unimpeded by clouds. The muted colors in the tiles began to overcome the more vibrant tones until they were at the forefront. All I see now are pastel-like colors. Still colors, yes, but a tad muted. Now that I'm out of the shower, I'm seeing the waving more and more. It's much different than on ald-52. The waves there were more uniform and 2 dimensional. Here with eth-lad they're very free and 3 dimensional. I don't feel crazy stimulated like I did on ald-52. In fact, I really just want to lie down.

502, bpm is much higher with this than ald-52. I'm laying in bed, have been since my last entry, and my heart rate is at 100bpm. On ALD it only ever got to 78. I'm still pretty early into this, though. 'Ill keep updating on my physical health as the night goes along. I will say, though, that there are a lot of audio hallucinations. There has not been one single blank space of sound.

522 this is certainly way more visual than any thing I saw on ald-52.

605, back to 84bpm heartrate. Not really worried about that. Worried now about how we're gonna get out of all this mess? We did all this worrying and now we have nothing to do but clean up our mess. That's okay. I'll clean it. No worries.

622, this isn't like ALD at all. ALD was kind of more steady. This is really wavy sounding. Like pulsating. Maybe that's just the AC tho... I have a little window unit. The house doesn't have central hvac.

654, I just got off the phone with my brother's girlfriend and I just saw nothing but visuals the whole conversation. I got so lost in them that I couldn't even hear the words anymore. Somehow, she got me to agree to coming over this evening and to stay over for thanksgiving tomorrow. She was magic and her cheeryness just poured out on the whole world.

743, this is just insane. I haven't left my house yet, I've just been packing. My mind is creating interdimensional space. It's creating dimensions inside of dimensions only upon the original idea that this current world is a dimension inside of another. And somewhere along the line of these dimensions, is us again. Looking at us. And sitting here typing this, I just saw all of that. But I saw it as if I were james earl jones from sandlot standing silhouetted in a doorway wearing those overalls and that leather golf hat.

847, so I'm at my parents house now. During the drive I noticed a large amount of people walking on the streets and I thought 'wow. There's a lot of people on the street.' [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Then I realized what street I was on. So it made a little more sense as to the type of people, but not the quantity. Then there was a little car, and I even got mad at it for accelerating so slowly, but after I passed it in the next lane, I realized that guy's just doing the best with what he has and he's trying to make the most out of what could be a less than favorable situation. But there are still a lot of people around, even in my own city, that I don't think about for even an extra second off my day. And I even thought 'I cant let them sadden my thoughts. How dare they try to ruin my thanksgiving weekend.' But seriously, though? I mean really? How dare I try to put the less fortunate out of my mind when I have so much. And I really do have a lot. Enough to help anyway.

1117, I'm watching harry potter now with my brother, his girlfriend, and two other friends. This is definitely the come down part of the trip. I noticed about half an hour ago the visuals got significantly weaker. They are still beautiful, just not as forward as they were before. I will say the mental aspect of things is definitely there, based on what I've experienced so far, but it has to be prompted. Its not something that will just come. This is my first eth-lad experience, and my 4th lysergimide trip.

To compare this to ALD 52, I will say it is definitely less harsh, way more visual, and the visuals have a whole new depth to them. ALD-52 made me feel like my whole life had been digitized and shoved into a poor editing software. ETH-LAD is natural, smooth, free spirited, and loving. ALD-52 is life, synthesized. ETH-LAD is life, enhanced. That is my finding.

Next day: I didn't record this, but during the trip I had trouble staying cool. I was hot nearly everywhere I went except in my car with the AC blasting. I was also very shaky during part of it. The part where my heart rate was so high. The body load was very light overall with this substance. There was very little anxiety in the come up, and the whole trip was just very smooth feeling and flowy. It was all around just absolutely beautiful. My vendor sent me the 2 tabs of ETH-LAD to make up for a shipping mistake, and I'm so glad they did. This was truly a life changing experience.

Forums and anecdotal evidence seems to say the mental aspect of this molecule is less than Lucy. People also say ALD-52 and Lucy are nearly identical. With that said, I will say that I experienced much stronger mental effects with ETH-LAD than I ever did on my three ALD-52 trips. On just this 200ug I did, at one point, forget my name and where I was.
On just this 200ug I did, at one point, forget my name and where I was.
I had to think for a while to realize who I was. And even longer to realize where I was because my room did not look like my room. It was too covered in beautiful patterns to be my room.

I suppose everyone is affected differently by each of these chemicals and it's said that we often don't get the trip we want to have, but we get the trip we need to have. I guess I didn't need the mental aspects from ALD-52. ETH-LAD seems to do the trick for me. Next time I make a purchase, it will be ETH-LAD, and will try 300ug and see what that gets me. For now, I have 1P-LSD around, so I will be giving that a proper vetting at 200ug and 300ug before my next purchase.

Overall, I had a truly unforgettable experience with ETH-LAD and I will, without a doubt, be revisiting this chem.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109621
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 4, 2016Views: 4,134
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