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My Journey to Heaven and Hell
by inhell
Citation:   inhell. "My Journey to Heaven and Hell: An Experience with BK-2C-B (exp109626)". Nov 30, 2016.

200 mg oral BK-2C-B (capsule)


I didn't even remotely plan on tripping, the mailman brought me the sweet bk2cb at least 3 days before I was expecting it. I took it, and also a large dose of it, without any thought about set or setting. In my stupid mind being happy about getting my drugs so soon counted as a good enough set. And being home alone, in a cold winter day, with my mum who cant know I do drugs and having school the next day. All seem like perfectly fine setting to me.

Boy was I wrong.

So anyways, let the experience begin.

T 0
Ingested 200mg of cap gelled pellets. My reasoning behind such a big dose is that I only have 200mg of it anyways, read about bad reactions at 100mg and dont want to prolong the trip by redosing.

T +1
Starting to feel the tingling sensations, colors are brightening, intense rushes of euphoria. (those were the best and they lasted for about 9 hours so that was felt really good)

T +2-3
Slight nausea. I am able to deal with that because I have some experience with DXM, bk2cb was mild in comparison.

T +2-4
I am in heaven, intense euphoria, pretty visuals (some COVs), and yet I am able to think very clearly, everything is interesting. Also I have noticed that my vision was sort of tilted.
I have noticed that my vision was sort of tilted.
Like when I am walking around the room everything is tilted to a slight degree (hope I explained this properly, English isnt my first language, sorry).

So far I have been watching a series of lectures by a Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson.(Not trying to brag or anything, just making an observation about my ability to think under so much bk2cb), listening to some electronic music, often times feeling a profound sadness which was then overpowered by the euphoria.

T +5
Sitting still is super boring, and almost impossible. I decide to take a shower. Showering felt like the best thing in the world, I stayed there for like 30 minutes just pouring hot water on me.

This is where I think I fucked up and my trip went somewhere not good at this point. FUCKING MIRRORS. I just had to look. At first it was fine, but after a couple of minutes I began to see horrible deformations of my face in it. At one point I even decided to turn off the light and just sort of stand there looking at a mirror. It was really terrifying but at that point I just thought it was cool. The euphoria helped balance my fear.

T +7
A little bit after I got out of the shower and back to my computer, I began feeling uneasy. Only way I could express it to anyone was a horrible profound sense of loneliness. I suddenly start remembering all the bad shit I have been through and decide I have to do something otherwise this trip is fucked and I dont have any benzos or anti psychotics to snap me out (another HUGE mistake on my part).

I got onto chat and talked to some some people. I talked with this one cool dude who was coming down from some stimulants and was in a similar deep mood. I also had a dude on heroin nodding on me in another chat, which I found really funny. So anyways I talked to the stim guy for some time, must have been more than 30 minutes I feel like. We talked about all kinds of shit and that really helped me with my bad feelings. He introduced me to psytrance which sort of centered me in a way.

T +10
I should mention that time was moving by really slowly, unlike on 1P LSD where I feel like its over even before it really begins. It feels like I have been tripping forever and I am sort of getting sick of it.

T +10-21
At first I got cold, like really cold. I had a thick blanket around me at all times and the heating was on full. It progressed into intense nausea, every little movement made me want to puke, I was sweating balls, really had to drink all the time but drinking made me want to puke. Also every time I drank I just peed it out almost instantly. I was sure my organs were dying. Farting was a life saver at this point.

T +14
Then the incredibly intense headache started. And my heart didnt feel right. At this point, my mom left to go to work. This got me worried a lot because I no longer had anyone who could help me if I suddenly got some sort of a heart attack or something. Panic attacks began. My heart felt even worse.

Once again, chat calmed me down, people reassured me that I would be fine eventually, that stuff like that happens sometimes.

Also reading trip reports helped because as I soon found out, side effects like mine were a common thing with this chemical. I found a solution to my drinking problem, milk. I also popped a magnesium pill and tried to relax watching some youtube.

Every couple of minutes I had to lay down because of my headache and sore eyes. I would have killed for a 20 minute nap. My panic about my heart subsided after measuring my heart rate and learning it was around 100 BPM. Also my body temperature was 36.8C so it really was all in my head. Still felt like shit though.

T +18
My hallucinations are dying out at this point, only slightly but enough so I could keep my eyes open for some time and watch some H3H3 on youtube. Really helped with my mood, I ate some chicken to replenish my nutrients.

T +19/20 (not sure at this point)
I re watched the entire casually explained youtube channel twice. His funny short videos were really good at getting me into a positive mood while not loosing focus all the time.

And then, the best thing happened. I fell asleep. I am pretty sure I only slept for like 30 minutes, but it was enough to get me rid of my hallucinations, nausea and slightly reduce my headache.

I woke up super happy that it was all over. Still a bit of a headache and my limbs were hurting but it was fine. I pulled through and that was the important thing, I was really close to calling the ambulance a couple of times and that would just open a can of worms I am not willing to deal with right now.

All in all, this was a very difficult experience, but I think I learned a lot from it. I learned that I am capable of dealing with intense physical pain, something that I always had a problem with. I realized that I have been neglecting my friendships, and really really got a HUGE respect for tripping. Also I experienced something like ego loss I am sure. For a certain period of time I began loosing my sense of self and for a little while I was nothing and everything at the same time, it was beautiful.

I dont think I will do any sort of hallucinogen again any time soon. Get to work on improving my relationships and try to make the most out of this profound post ego loss high.

Thank you for reading this and be very careful with this chemical.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109626
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 30, 2016Views: 3,949
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