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Not the Slightest Physical Discomfort
Citation:   Brother Wolf. "Not the Slightest Physical Discomfort: An Experience with 1P-ETH-LAD (exp109647)". Dec 9, 2016.

T+ 0:00
150 ug   1P-ETH-LAD
  T+ 1:00 75 ug   1P-ETH-LAD
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco
I'm a bit at the cutting edge of psychedelic research, confidently exposing myself to completely novel Lysergamide RC's supplied by the most trusted RC vendor known to man. Some might find this pass-time dangerous, I find it fascinating. I've grown up in world that has been mapped from corner to corner, but I have still grown up to be a pioneer, & an explorer of the one place no-one else can travel but me, my own mind.

So, following a couple of earlier test runs on light doses, I try a proper hit.

Tuesday June 30th 'The Third Journey'

17:00 - Looks like as with 1P-LSD that I have been blessed to be the first person on earth to take this new, Lysergamide Psychedelic drug. After a couple of test runs at 75ug & 100ug in May & early June, I ingest 150ug in my local park. I have an almost entirely sober sitter.

17:40 - effects onset. Pretty gentle come-up, effects comparable to Al-Lad, as suspected.

18:00 - 75ug added. Out in the park watching baby moorhen with their bright red little heads. The bark of trees looks so deeply ridged that it makes me laugh for no obvious reason & reminds me of a crocodiles back! A beautiful, speckled white deer stepped out of the bracken & casually munched whilst meeting my eye, a few feet away. She looked like a she & she was not huge but I couldn't help remembering my mates story of being chased by a huge angry male deer one time, out here tripping in this very park... We head home for some weed & to make these notes, neither of which was particularly easy a task, then back out into the warm evening.

20:30 - Home again for more notes & another spliff. Wow, can hardly see to type this. Quite extraordinary psychedelia! Making the spliff was very laborious & took some time. The colours & visuals at 225ug are stronger & more intense than on the same dose of Al-Lad, imo. Yet 150ug initially felt a little milder than 150ug of Al-Lad. There may be an effects curve here that might surprise people who bang massive doses. Be warned! The visuals appear to flash at me as I shift my vision from various things.

The intensity for awhile makes it impossible to type. I'm compelled to ask a friend who is almost entirely sober if I look as wasted as I feel. Apparently, I do not & this knowledge brings such a ridiculous sense of relief that hilarity ensues for some time, until I have forgotten what was so funny. This fascinating molecule feels supremely healthy though. Not the slightest physical discomfort. I even eat salad happily, & a piece of bread just to fill the stomach a bit. It may have been a little unsettled, but it was very empty & felt fine after a nibble. Strawberrys tasted amazing, but as with an apple experience recently I felt that I could also taste the chemicals that make up the flavour of strawberry... Spend the next few hours chatting to a mate who has ingested a small dose of LSD & enjoying various visual delights including a 60's flourescent poster of a mandala & a device that projects moving cloud formations onto the ceiling. Very trippy indeed.

23:00 - After a gorgeous sunset, from indoors I'm watching with the lights off as the wind shifts trees about outside my window. It's a warm night in London. There's a full moon, appearing regularly from behind huge storm clouds that offer flashes of lightening once in awhile. Very atmospheric. After awhile I see a Tiger within the leaves, staring at me. The tigers face changes as the wind moves the tree. Then clouds partially obscure the moon in such a way that a wolfs head has appeared. It drifts off in seconds, no time to photograph it, though I have some of the sky, moon, clouds. A fox decides suddenly to make a lot of noise directly below my open window, scaring the shit out both me & my highly strung cat! It's humid & warm & I wish the clouds would drift this way but they do not, they still allow glimpses of the moon, which is now moving fast enough across the sky for me to see it moving. My attention switched back to my 60's poster & somehow, this late, it's reacting to my vision with a life of it's own, pulsating & breathing, even shifting from side to side within itself in such a way that is frankly almost impossible to describe.

24:00 - easing off plenty now. I decide that True Detective is a little too deep & dark for the tail-end of a trip so I take my mates advice & stick a movie called 'Bug' on instead, which I had never seen. You seen 'Bug'? No..? Well, don't fucking watch it tripping! I was getting close to baseline & I was still thoroughly shocked & disturbed by this film. It was incredible, a very, very good film. Just a bit too heavy for the moment. I once heard of a mate who watched Naked Lunch tripping & I once exposed my girlfriend Sister Moon to Jacobs Ladder while she was on Al-Lad, which turned out to be a wee bit heavy going for her... Be careful what you watch tripping lol

2am easing enough for sleep, just about baseline... Duration appears a little longer than Al-Lad.

Next Day - Tired but no obvious hangover

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49
Published: Dec 9, 2016Views: 3,131
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