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The Loop That Changed My Life
by J
Citation:   J. "The Loop That Changed My Life: An Experience with LSD (exp109688)". Jan 14, 2018.

3 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)


It was a Monday evening after school when my buddies G and N told me that they just got word from our dealer that he's got
A great deal on some Storm-trooper acid tabs. My buddies and I were all experienced trippers (so I thought). I tripped around 8 times, N around 10 and G about 7. This time I wanted to take 3 I've only taken 2 at most in the past which I thought was the
Perfect dose, but N said I should at least just experience 3 one time, so I did. My buddies and I drove up to meet our guy to get the tabs, I got my 3, N his 2 and G his 2. I wanted to wait and trip with my other buddies D and A on the weekend coming up but it was a Thursday morning when I ended up staying home 'sick' I thought it would be the perfect time.

On that Thursday morning I made a dumb decision, I popped the 3 in with a positive but also slightly nervous feeling. I sat on my computer reading through some articles about news and listening to music, 25 minutes in I felt it, I realized then what I was
In for. It was 6:35 a.m when I took the tabs. Once I really started feeling it I decided to relax in bed and watch the new X-MenDays of Future Past, and boy was that something...the color's were unbelievable, the feelings were amazing this in my head.

Was the coolest experience I've ever had. After the movie was done I got up and just starred out my window looking at the sky, the trees, my pool, the cars passing behind my house. I was astonished by everything I was seeing, and a weird thought
popped into my head. I thought about some of the people I knew and how they had to grind for what they have. I know people who have barely anything with crazy screwed up parents, no money, barely a roof over their head, but me? Well I had everything my parents were still together, I had money, I had a roof over my head, I was spoiled. All those thoughts just clicked in my head and I started bawling my eyes out harder than I ever had before because I treated my parents like sh*t even though they did everything for me and I realized how lucky I was.
All those thoughts just clicked in my head and I started bawling my eyes out harder than I ever had before because I treated my parents like sh*t even though they did everything for me and I realized how lucky I was.
This was the life changing part in my trip because after this, I treated my parents with so much more respect and rarely ever talked back to them...they had no idea that LSD was the change to that.

Now on to where my trip went from excellent to terrible in the matter of was 7 hours into my trip, I was texting my buddy D and telling him about it, he then replies with 'Bro, how are you still tripping that hard? You should've reached your peak by now?' After reading that text I thought for some reason my brain was fried for the rest of my life, I thought I would be tripping forever...And even though in the middle of the trip I knew that it was just the Acid I couldn't control it...I was freaking out. I lost my mind, I would go from my bed, to my computer chair, to walking back and fourth repeating my name...address...middle name just to keep myself from thinking I'm crazy...At that point I just wanted to talk to someone, I NEEDED someone. My brother, and dad were home BUT I knew if I were to say a word to them they would think I'm crazy, and to me at the time I thought I would just stay in my perpetual loop and end up in a mental institution. It was finally 2:45 p.m when D got home I made him get on skype to talk and help me. D would ask me questions and I couldn't even respond or barely comprehend what he said...I kept trying to explain what was happening but I couldn't even remember train of thought was obliterated. Eventually I realized I was stuck in my first acid loop that I remembered reading about. D looked it up and just told me that I had to relax. After a little over an hour my mind was once again stable. After that experience I've never touched drugs again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 109688
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jan 14, 2018Views: 1,646
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LSD (2) : General (1), Bad Trips (6), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Alone (16)

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