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Makes Me Feel Quite Content
N-Ethylpentedrone & Etizolam
Citation:   bamoida2. "Makes Me Feel Quite Content: An Experience with N-Ethylpentedrone & Etizolam (exp109729)". Sep 17, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 mg   Etizolam  
  T+ 0:00 22 mg insufflated N-Ethylpentedrone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:55 1 mg   Etizolam  
A Promising New Stimulant

So today is my free day and I'm alone so I'm just sitting at my PC relaxing after a lot of studying and laboratory work with hardly any free time. As there are not too many trip reports of NEP around at the moment I want to do my share and write my first trip report since quite a long time.

The following text is unedited, so there might be some bad grammar/typos


1MG Etizolam taken as a precaution, as MDPV abuse 3 years ago permanently fucked my anxiety threshhold when on stims other than caffeine.


22mg of a fluffy NEP batch from a spanish vendor insufflated. Smells a bit like solvent, but it could also be a cathinone smell.

It was harsher on the nose than expected, much harsher than the clean crystaline HEX-EN I've got from another vendor, I coughed a bit but the pain faded quickly. I'd have rather plugged it, but had no syringe to use around.


Drip is starting, not too bad similar to a cocaine drip, first effects become apparent, quite smooth comeup so far, I have the urge to take a shit but I supressed it.


Feeling a bit of numbness, it is definitly less numbing than HEX-EN


The Drip is getting more intense, I have to gag a bit but I supress it by taking small sips of a sweet drink and eating some gummy candy.

Definitly feeling the comeup now, my heart rate increased, I can feel a bit of anxiety, but not much.

I'm feeling good, but my hands are getting cold.


The drip has stopped, definitly feeling some serotonergic stimulation now. It makes me feel quite content, there are no rushes, but I'm fine with that. I'm definitly not stimmed out very much as I'm still able to switch between tasks quite easily.


I'm trying to come up with a comparison to how I feel like, strangely enough I think the substance is feeling more like a non rushy mephedrone instead of a more serotonergic HEX-EN as described by others.


I feel like I've reached the peak now, I don't really feel like doing anything other than sitting here and listening to music. -- Started playing hearthstone now. I don't really feel relaxed though, there is definitly stimulation going on, and my hands are really cold.


I'm very clear headed, gaming is more fun than usual, normally I constantly feel like chatting people up when on stimulants, but today I just enjoy my alone time after such an exhaustive period of studying and being in the lab 6 hours a day.

Took another 1mg Etizolam because I felt a bit paranoid.


Everything has leveled out now, I turned on the radiator a bit because the cold hands were really annoying me. I'm still playing hearthstone and feel quite cozy now, In fact I feel really good, there is definitly some euphoria going on :)


Effects are definitly fading a bit now, there is not much of a comedown yet.


Everything but a bit of a dry mouth is pretty much gone. Coming down was smooth and I feel just fine.

In conclusion I found NEP to be quite worthwhile, overall it felt a lot smoother than HEX-EN especially on the comedown, but effects wise both substances felt a lot different to me. I found NEP to be not more-ish at all and I stopped after just one dose because I'll likely explore 3-MeO-PCP today as well and because I'm cautious with overusing serotonergic substances before there are more reports about them out there.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109729
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Sep 17, 2017Views: 8,796
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