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Lucid Dream From the Cliffside City
2C-B HBr, Ondansetron & Cannabis
by nexusRaver
Citation:   nexusRaver. "Lucid Dream From the Cliffside City: An Experience with 2C-B HBr, Ondansetron & Cannabis (exp109735)". Jun 20, 2019.

T+ 0:00
4 mg   Ondansetron  
  T+ 0:00 31 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 1:10 16 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 1:25 10 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 1:45   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 2:00 10 mg oral 2C-B  
  T+ 4:30   vaporized Cannabis (extract)


T -0:45 4mg Ondansetron
T 0:00 31mg 2C-B Hbr oral
T 1:10 16mg 2C-B Hbr oral
T 1:25 10mg 2C-B Hbr oral
T 2:00 10mg 2C-B Hbr oral

Cannabis – throughout starting around 1:30

My friends and I decided on a last minute whim to take some 2C-B Hbr for a warehouse party. I wasn't familiar with any of the DJs and the type of music wasn't my favorite, but I had no other plans and my friends insisted on going.

T -0:45 – About 45 minutes before dropping my initial dose, I took 4mg of Ondansetron to prevent nausea and make the body load more manageable.
About 45 minutes before dropping my initial dose, I took 4mg of Ondansetron to prevent nausea and make the body load more manageable.
This is something I've done for many 2C-B trips, and it eliminates most of the negative effects (nausea, intestinal discomfort, body load) of the drug in my experience. I've also found that taking it roughly an hour before dosing allows it to take effect before the 2C-B comeup begins. When I've taken Ondansetron at roughly the same time as the Nexus I've generally had some slight nausea that went away after about an hour or so when the Ondansetron kicks in, but preloading eliminates nausea entirely.

While waiting to dose, I sat around a friend's apartment with some fellow trippers (several of whom have a number of trips under their belt and two who have only tripped once or twice before) and a few others who would just be drinking and smoking for the warehouse party. I was not in a particularly good mood and I had been harboring doubts about a new romantic relationship I was in. This definitely had me questioning whether or not I should trip, but since the others all wanted to trip and I was confident in my ability to handle 2C-B, I went for it. In fact, one of my friends even noticed that I seemed tense and pointed it out, but I think I was just stressed by the initial logistics of dosing and getting to the show with a couple very inexperienced (but enthusiastic) trippers in tow.

T 0:00 – I dropped my initial 31mg dose. Shortly after, we got a ride to the venue only to find an extremely long queue waiting in the cold for entry into the warehouse. We arrived before the music had even started, but they were already at capacity so we waited in line hoping to get in. I expected this might happen, so I resolved to wait it out and just hangout with my friends while I came up. Normally, when I take 2C-B, I feel the first alerts after about 15 minutes with a steeper uptick in sensation and visuals around 45 minutes to an hour after dosing. This time, I felt the same subtle alerts that I'm accustomed to at around the 15 minute mark along with a subtle increase in energy, but I felt no increase in the intensity of these effects for some time.

T 1:00 – We're still waiting outside the venue to get in, and I'm not yet feeling any significant effects. None of my peers seem to be experiencing the effects of the drug yet either. I had eaten a rather large dinner with these friends 3-4 hours before dosing, so I expected the onset to be delayed at least somewhat. I was actually kind of glad the dose hadn't hit me yet as I knew my patience for queuing would wane dramatically as soon as I began to notice the effects of the drug kicking in. I still felt somewhat tense, but despite waiting in the cold I began feeling a slight push of positive energy cutting through my negativity. I was going to have a good night, one way or another.

T 1:10 – I begin to notice more definite alerts. One girl standing in line in front of me had curly blue hair, and I began noticing how acutely blue each individual curl appeared to be, with the faintest rings of light surrounding each curl. Concerned that the trip would remain at this level, I decided to take my 16mg capsule.

T 1:25 – Finally, we made it into the venue, and I decided to take the extra 10mg I had brought just in case. I didn't initially plan to take this dose because I thought the 31+16mg would get me where I wanted to be, but I thought, what the hell, 10mg won't be enough to send me to a bad place. At this point, visuals were very limited, but colors seemed more saturated than normal and I became acutely aware of my surroundings. As usual for me with 2C-B, the headspace was almost too lucid. With the overwhelming number of drunk people present, I felt like the most sober person in the room.

T 1:45 – I begin noticing more overt visual distortions. Some graffiti on the wall began breathing gently, and I enjoyed watching the rays of light from the video projector cutting through the thin layer of smoke that filled the warehouse. I started to ask my friends if they wanted to leave since the first DJ was pretty bad and the vibe didn't seem very sustainable for the night, but then the next DJ came on and the energy in the room immediately picked up. I started really enjoying the music and dancing once I found a good spot near the speakers. The anxious concerns I brought into the trip began to melt into a gentle euphoria as I realized all my friends were having a good time and so was I. At this point, I decided to take some dabs from a wax pen in order to ramp up the trip. The visuals became stronger and the music slightly more immersive, a slight headspace started to set in.

T 2:00 – Normally, I wouldn't be this impatient with 2C-B, but as I'm still not seeing many open-eye visuals and virtually no closed-eye visuals, I decide to check in with one of my less-experienced friends. He mentioned the breathing graffiti on the walls, and it seemed like he was already tripping fairly hard, dancing and smiling more than I'm used to seeing. I mentioned that if he intended to redose, now would be a good time. Happy with the level he had reached, my friend offered me his remaining 10mg capsule, and I ate it, hoping that I could extend the waves of euphoria and achieve visuals similar to previous 2C-B trips.

T 2:45 – After dancing for an hour and really enjoying the DJ's set, I'm noticing the trip increasing in intensity. The grafitti on the walls is breathing with greater intensity and color, and I can see minor patterns on parts of the walls, but visual effects are still fairly subtle. After this set ends, the venue plays some tunes while the next DJ gets set up. The transition music is okay, but I have trouble finding a groove like I did during the previous set, and my friends and I resolve to catch the first part of the next set, and if we aren't feeling it then we'll continue the trip elsewhere.

T 3:00 – The next DJ came on, and his set was okay but not really our type of music so we decide to head back to my friend's place to smoke and carry on with the night. We hop into a ride share, and I instantly realize that I'm starting to come up again on the redoses. The head space got more intense and my thoughts wandered as I noticed every bump of the road pulse through my body. When I joined in the conversation, I felt a subtle kind of dissociation and I was surprised that the words I spoke came from my mouth and that they actually made sense.
I felt a subtle kind of dissociation and I was surprised that the words I spoke came from my mouth and that they actually made sense.

T 3:30 – We arrive at my friend's place, and we all sit down and start rehydrating (I didn't drink any water at the warehouse). Drinking water seemed to kickstart the absorption of the last couple pills, and I notice a significant increase in the intensity of my trip. The pastel colors of my friend's tapestry begin to flash and flicker in rainbow patterns while the carpet begins swirling like an ocean beneath my feet. The pastel stripes on my friends shirt flicker between every color of the rainbow. I take several small dabs from my pen and the trip continues to increase in visual intensity as I begin seeing rainbow mandalas filling my field of vision as his staircase swirls and melts in front of me. As this takes place, I'm having an entirely lucid conversation with several friends, two of whom are starting to notice the effects waning and another who didn't take any drugs that night. The non-tripping friend mentioned how sober we all seemed, and that definitely reassured me even as the carpet became liquid and fractal patterns began overlaying my field of vision.

T 4:00 – It's getting late, and my friends who didn't trip or redose are planning to head back to our apartment building to head towards bed. I know I should go with them, but I'm having some serious “oh shit” feelings about going home. I still feel like I'm coming up, and sitting in a stranger's car seemed somewhat daunting. Regardless, my friends and I catch a ride share back to my place, and as I sit in the seat next to the window, each drop of rain against the window seems like an individual planet as the red, green, blue, and white lights along the street all twist and spiral through the drops. Trapped in a confined space, tactile hallucinations become even more pronounced and it feels like I'm acutely aware of every inch of my body.

T 4:30 – The Peak - Eventually, I get back to my room, and drink some water. I'm hyper-aware of the inside of my parched throat, and I feel the water run all the way down to my stomach in a gentle vortex. I lay in bed staring at waving fractal rainbows covering my undecorated wall. I look at the back of my hand, and it appears cartoony as if it were cell-shaded with a pattern on the back that reminded me of the Mayan calendar. I take a few more small dabs, put on a record, and close my eyes. The trip takes on a new depth that I had yet to experience on 2C-B, and I find a deeper appreciation for every nook and cranny of the music, driven by flashes of light and swirling fractal patterns that flood my field of vision in time with the music. I feel my ego softening, but at the same time, I'm lucid enough to remove myself from the effects of the drug, almost as if I'm an outside observer to the trip, aware enough to think critically and appreciate the effects of the drug.

Next, I decide to put on some dancier electronic music, and the closed eye visuals became more vibrant and complex than I've ever experienced. I saw a river of quilted mandala patterns in pastel blues and neon rainbow lines flowing from the top of my vision downward. When the song changed, I began to see photo-realistic images of a futuristic cliff side city on some foreign planet, with tiny blue humanoids inhabiting it, all synced with the music, but under my control. I felt as if I were a god or an alien observer peering at this futuristic society as it bounced and evolved in time with the music.

As I opened my eyes, small indicator lights on the back of a PC monitor several feet away appeared to be mere inches from my face, and the tracers from the flashing lights bounced across my field of vision. One of these flashing lights appeared to turn into a ball of flame or plasma, like a miniature sun casting flares that reached out to grab the other lights. The wax pen sitting on my desk faded into a cloud of bright orange smoke before being carried away in a non-existent wind, dissipating into the yellow-orange of the flashing lights. I had never seen a visual effect like this on any psychedelic, and after it passed, I sat laughing deeply to myself as I thought about just how unreal it was. I remember thinking that this was easily the most visual trip of my life, and I still felt clearheaded enough to think about the trip relative to past experiences. My semi-lucid self-awareness left me giggling to myself at how unfamiliar and beautiful the visuals were, at how unusual my otherwise familiar room appeared.

I also experienced bizarre physical hallucinations. I felt as if one of my arms were actually coming out of my abdomen, not in any painful sort of way, but as if it were physically located in the center of my body.

T 6:30 – At this point, I start to realize that I'll be awake all night. The visuals are losing intensity and complexity, but my walls are still covered in vivid patterns and movement. I turn the lights off, and immediately I see abstract forms of animals and people that reminded me of cave paintings in pastel oranges and blues on the darkened walls. After awhile, I start to feel restless sitting alone in the dark wide awake and the visuals become more sinister. Ominous, black ghostly figures appear to swim around the wall with shadows stretching towards me ominously. I take a moment to gather myself, taking a few deep breaths and remembering that I can control the visuals and the direction of my thoughts. Immediately, the ghastly figures become less sinister and shortly after they fade. In the dark, I occasionally notice the red light on my smoke detector flash and remain lit for much longer than normal, and I wonder if time has stopped in the darkness of my room.

I lay in bed for the next few hours, feeling the effects slowly wane. As I lay awake and unable to sleep, my trip became more introspective, and I think about the romantic relationship that occupied my thoughts coming into the trip. I realized that I hadn't been fair to her, and I had approached our relationship with an unnecessarily pessimistic attitude. I came to the realization that I needed to treat her with genuine honesty, care and affection, the way I would want to be treated in a relationship—the way I would want to be treated while I was tripping.

T 8:30 – The sun begins to rise, and I open my blinds to see it. Minor fractal patterns appear, especially along the edges of shadows cast by nearby buildings as the sun peered over the horizon in oranges and cool reds. I feel an almost spiritual sense of relief at the sight of the sun, as I realize this beautiful night is coming to an end. I close my eyes and slowly fade into sleep.

I wake up that afternoon feeling refreshed and ready for a productive day. It's hard not to smile remembering the magic of the night before.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109735
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 20, 2019Views: 4,320
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2C-B (52) : Combinations (3), General (1), Various (28)

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