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The Cleanest Trip
by P
Citation:   P. "The Cleanest Trip: An Experience with 2C-P (exp109737)". Erowid.org. Dec 8, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109737

6 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)


Many years ago I was introduced to the line of 2-C research chemicals by someone much more experienced in psychedelics than me. Previous to this I had smoked cannabis frequently, done ecstasy sparingly, and LSD when available. Of the 2-C family of chemicals, my friends and I had only tried 2C-I.

I had bought ten capsules of 2C-P from the same person I had received the 2C-I from, their source I never knew, but this was a trustworthy person. They informed me that it was weighed out, but not carefully, doses ranged from 6-10mg.

I read that at 6mg we were looking at a strong dose, and at every 2mg increments past that we could expect the severity of the effects to double multiplicatively. I spent the week learning all I could about the substance and then it was time to test it.

At my friend's house in his room, we divided capsules amongst us, I am P, we were at D's house, and N drove me here.

I examined what I had in my possession, ten unmarked capsules with the 2C-P, I tapped them one side down to let the powder sit, and ingested what I thought looked to be the least full. I was told 6mg would be the minimum amount in each capsule, and that some had been hastily filled and could contain up to 10mg. It was a flavorless capsule, and I drank some water with it. My stomach was not empty, but I hadn't eaten for a few hours beforehand. I would be the only one taking the substance today with D and N watching over.

The Trip:
Nothing was making itself apparent; I did not notice any uncomfortableness, nor restlessness. I was in my natural state, and all was well. I was sitting in a recliner, watching D play online poker, and we were just talking. I noticed the wallpaper on his computer, a red sports car, more specifically its side mirrors, as I focused on them the entire wallpaper seemed to be contained inside the mirror's reflection, and this pattern spiraled inward the more I focused.

It was a surprise, but without even realizing it, I was tripping. I told my friend D that I could feel it now, and we checked the time, they thought it was 2 hours after ingestion and that I was in the stages of coming up still. Once I had noticed the visual effects I became aware also of a slight sensation running through my body, not uncomfortable, nor pronounced, but apparent, and when I heard these effects were about to amplify again (by a factor of 2 or so I read), I became very anxious and worried. At the time I was still lucid, but if it were to double, I doubt I would be able to recognize much of what was going on around me. But there was a mistake; it was 4 hours since ingestion and D realized it soon after I voiced my concerns. I was well into coming up and almost at the plateau. I remember very distinctly saying 'This is perfect. This drug is perfect.' I smiled, and a wave of relaxation washed over me. No more worrying, it was time to experience.

I remember looking at his couch. He had a blanket thrown over it with a graphic of a tree, a pond and a small bird sitting on it; the art was done in the Oriental style, mostly shapes and little regarding detail. I watched as the bird hopped off the tree slid down the blanket and plopped into the pond, accompanied with a little splash. Then he would climb the tree and repeat this over and over, then the bird multiplied into a row of cute birds following each other up the tree, and then jumping down into the pond. I imagined they were chirping happily.

What was most surprising about this was that I did not have to 'trick myself' into seeing this, on LSD (and perhaps this is due to low doses) to see visuals like this would take careful observation, then letting my mind hazily fill in details and interpret the haziness as a visual hallucination. On 2C-P I just needed to look at something, and it would take on life, and it was crystal clear. There was no fog over my eyes, there was no impairment of thoughts, I was staring at a blanket and watching birds take baths. I was overjoyed.
I was staring at a blanket and watching birds take baths. I was overjoyed.

My friends and I used to chase storms; N had a big SUV that we felt safe enough in and we would drive out 2 hours in any direction for the chance of a tornado or something else severe. After staring at the couch for a while I noticed N was really quiet sitting with his eyes glued to his phone, he had the live weather doppler open, and there was something big coming. N said we had to leave right now to get a chance at catching it. A brief moment of hesitation, but I felt safe with them so out we went.

As soon as we cleared the doorway I had realized how little of the outside I was paying attention to, it was pouring, certainly enhanced by the drug, but the outdoors looked prehistoric, uncivilized, a deluge of water hit me running off D's roof tiles and I was completely soaked in matters of seconds. I jumped the curb and landed in a puddle of water, it was an ocean and I was an ant, and I was a giant and it was a drop at the same time. I sank into the puddle and bound out of it in the same motion and we were in the car driving.

I love driving, I love being in motion and the wind, and the noise, I was smiling the entire ride out to the eastern border of our state where 2 massive storm cells were colliding over miles of rural farmland. We went into a gas station where a girl with a facial deformity was working, I mention this because I felt like I was smiling too much, then I looked around and experience the first bit of paranoia for the day as everyone was looking at me, no worries however, I had trained myself to ignore these kinds of feelings because they didn't know me and no one cares if you don't treat it as a big deal. We went outside and finished pumping gas when I looked at the sky.

On the left extending for what seemed like forever was the largest black storm cloud I had ever seen, and to the right the largest white storm cloud I had ever seen (but the second largest storm cloud in general, as the left sides was bigger) I saw the cloud gods pillars in the sky meeting and clashing where the storms met, this was symbolic, it was psychedelic, and it was vivid and without confusion. As I traced the storm out towards each sides respective edges the cloud seemed to fractal out into infinity with the entire storm being contained in each of the cloud's 'tails' which in turn had there own clouds with their own tails, repeat ad nauseaum. We didn't get to see a tornado touch down that day, as the conditions weren't right.

At this point, it must have been 8 or 9 hours into the trip. What I had noticed so far was that fractal imagery was very common and pronounced. That I had no body high like with LSD, no muscle tension, no jaw clenching, there was also no spiritual or introspective dilemmas that come with LSD, this was purely selfish fun. I could function well enough to get by as a bit odd, but I was already odd so, in fact, I was normal! The visuals weren't 'muddy' they were clear, and easy to describe, and easy to understand. I don't know how that day ended because it's been 7 years and I just now wanted to share what I remember.

I would do 2C-P again in a heartbeat.

This was one of my very best experiences with psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 109737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Dec 8, 2016Views: 1,385
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2C-P (305) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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