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Distracted by the Carpet
Citation:   Elsewhere. "Distracted by the Carpet: An Experience with LSD (exp10974)". Erowid.org. Jun 21, 2019. erowid.org/exp/10974

1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated oral Alcohol (liquid)
The Best Trip Yet

Me and my good friend moved from Houston to Austin for college. With our new found freedom we decided a 'trip' was in order to start out the year. It was his(lets call him S) first time to drop and my second. My first trip was hardly a trip, I felt 'weird' and slightly drunk but that was it(pretty bunk stuff). Two girls(L and D) we knew from high school came to visit us and brought the cid with them, 1 hit each. I forget what they called it, 'black'-something, the paper was black anyhow.

We had ample provisions, munchies, oj, alcohol, a little pot, blacklight, various colored lightbulbs, and good music. We were all comfortable with each other and the surroundings were pretty cool. Me and S had a two bedroom apartment in a complex perfect for tripping. Basically it's renovated gov. housing painted in purples, oranges, reds, yellows, and other bright colors in odd patterns with colored flood lights everywhere...cool.

So we drop the acid around 8pm or so. Okay....we sit in the living room drinking a little, screwdrivers I think, and 45-60 minutes later I start to feel it. My hands and feet start to feel slightly wet. The carpet begins to take on an interesting texture. We all agree that it is starting to kick in. I remember getting up to go to the bathroom and thinking the floor was wet somehow or that my feet would go through it like water. I drain the lizard and become entranced with the shower curtain. It was moving, flowing like a flag in the wind. I stare at that for a while and remember to get back to the living room.

By this time we are all feeling pretty giggly. We talk, laugh, drink a little more. S takes a lamp puts a green lightbulb in it and sets it in the corner of the living room, so that it illuminates two walls. Wow...they are textured so they start forming patterns. I start seeing very aztec looking forms on the wall. Snakes, vines, leaves, trees, and skeletons(but not scary). I could hear the crickets and frogs outside and this added to the hallucination. I then get up to do something but get distracted by the carpet. It moves, ebbs and flows.

I'm pretty sure we all decided to venture outside for a while. The girls needed something out of their car. Now remember how trip-tastic this complex is. The colors on the builings were moving, the lights threw shadows that moved, the air tasted great, the sky, moon, and clouds were incredible. I felt euphoric. We were tripping pretty good at this point and our conversations seemed to be looping. I remember S running up to where all the electric meters, boxes, etc.. for our building and screaming 'I can control the world from here!' We laugh our asses off, walk around, get strange looks and eventually remember what we came outside for. High spirits for all.

Back inside we head to S's room, at least that's the next thing I remember clearly. He has a pink light and purple light in the light/fan and a black light on in the corner. He has a bunch of cool ass posters. He had a 'Lord of the Rings' poster, the border has vine, trees, and characters from the book was moving around the picture. Gandalf was in 3-d, things were moving and it blew my mind.

At some point we put on the AENIMA album by TOOL and cranked it, probally around 12am. Fan-fucking-tastic! The cd is kept on loop for the rest of the trip which adds alot to the weirdness. I groove to one song it ends, next thing I know I'm grooving to it again but I'm in a different part of the apartment doing something different. Crazy deja-vu feelings and mind loops.

I remember going outside with D and just staring at the sky and skyline from my balcony. The skyline seemed very movie like. The light of the city and moon seemed to getter darker and lighter. One moment it felt like first dawn then midnight, then dawn again, etc.. After a while I felt like I had been standing there for days. I felt how old the earth, universe and stars were. D and I hardly said a word but it was not awkward. At one point she leaned over towards me, I had the urge to kiss her but decided with surprising lucidity that this, considering our current state, probally was not the best time to start something. We both head back in and I swear I saw an aura around D and it was sadness and dissapointment. 'Of course I'm tripping balls so who knows?', I remember that thought vividly for some reason.

Everything else is a blur. My perception of time and thus the order of events is pretty whacked at this point. I remember the kitchen walls breathing in and out, the floor at an angle it should not be, and afraid everyone was going to fall somewhere.

I sat with S and gazed into my speaker cab for my guitar amp(you can't see the speakers just black cloth). It had a Grim Reaper sitting on top. We both felt that we were being sucked in to this black doorway by the reaper, S said the reaper said something to him.

I remember sitting on S's bed staring at the ceiling with D, the pink tropical light was on, the ceiling fan was on full blast so you could feel the air moving and it made the light move on the ceiling a bit, and the track with the lightning from the TOOL album was playing. I thought I was on an island before a storm. I felt at peace, and I never wanted to leave.

I remember washing my hair for some strange reason. The water felt great. For a while I just sat on the floor and stared at things. I glanced at the mirror and thought 'not a good idea' and left.

I played guitar for a bit. Kicked on the delay and phaser, fantastic! I got lost in the sound, I felt like I -WAS- sound, hard to explain.

I remember thinking that the last track on Aenima, was the best fucking song I had ever heard.

We all laid on S's bed and I felt some weird sexual tension.

Everyone crashes at dawn. Beautiful sunrise, -I- felt like a new day. I lay in my bed and think it is the most comfortable thing. The apartment is dead silent, I sit there for a while with my eyes closed enjoying shapes, and cartoon characters. I have auditory hallucinations, I hear whispers, music, and just weird things. I eventually drift off into sleep. I got up around 1pm and felt pretty drained. I also felt like the acid did not totally wear off until the next day.

My perceptions of reality have changed and expanded. In my trip I felt no spiritual connection(proablly because I am an atheist), rather the enormity and infinitnes of the universe compared to my meager self. I pondered the struggles of mankind, the futility of war, violence, and other hippy thoughts. Over all it was probally the best trip I ever had, as I have had a few more since:).

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 10974
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 21, 2019Views: 642
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LSD (2) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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