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Utilitarian Benzo
Citation:   BenzoEater. "Utilitarian Benzo: An Experience with Diclazepam (exp109776)". Jan 13, 2017.

With the explosion of 'research chemical' benzos and benzo derivatives/analogues, I've had the opportunity to try a few (namely: etizolam, clonazolam, nifoxipam, and diclazepam) on many occasions. I've also tried most major legally scripted benzos in the past, and have enjoyed comparing the various new analogues to their doctor-prescribed counterparts.

Anyway, of the 4 above named substances, I've experimented with Diclazepam the most and feel that it offers qualities not found with most other benzos. Specifically:

- Although initial effects can be felt after ~45 min (faster for some, slower for others), Diclaz generally seems to have a long and smooth onset. Full effects seem apparent to me about 2-3 hours after dosing.

- In addition to having a slow come-up, Diclazepam is (for me and most I know, anyway) an inherently subtle benzo. At 'typical' low-mid doses, Diclaz won't make me feel euphoric or especially intoxicated. Although I may not feel the 'high' characteristic of certain other benzos, I AM indeed intoxicated. There have been many times when I felt fairly sober on Diclaz only to have people tell me I'm slurring my words.
There have been many times when I felt fairly sober on Diclaz only to have people tell me I'm slurring my words.

- So why use a benzo with these kinds of qualities? Part of the reason relates to the fact that despite lacking intense euphoria, Diclazepam is a terrific and very functional anxiolytic. It gives me the same disinhibition and anti-anxiety effects of any given benzo, but without the intoxication. I've found this to be very useful for work or meetings or dates or really any relatively formal activity that might cause anxiety.

- Diclazepam lasts a VERY long time. Again, the effects are relatively subtle, so I won't be fucked up for days, but the drug will still be affecting me.

And a last word about dose: This is the most confusing part of Diclaz, at least for me. Supposedly, 1mg Diclazepam = 10mg Diazepam, although people claim it to be both stronger and (more commonly) weaker than this, so it varies from one person to the next. As someone who has taken plenty of both, though, in my experience 1mg Diclaz feels much weaker than 10mg of Valium. After about an hour to 90 min, 1mg Diclaz feels like less than 5mg of Valium. This is likely at least partly due to Diclaz's longer come-up, but in my opinion is mostly due to Diclaz's relative lack of euphoria. However, I have had the experience of taking 1 or 2mg of Diclaz, not feeling much after an hour, then re-dosing, sometimes repeatedly, to ultimately end up taking 8mg of Diclazepam and blacking out for three days. So remember, lack of euphoria doesn't mean lack of efficacy. This is a substance with mostly practical, as opposed to recreational, purposes.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109776
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jan 13, 2017Views: 7,635
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