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Waking Up Again Thinking I Had Been Dreaming
Salvia divinorum
by t-bone
Citation:   t-bone. "Waking Up Again Thinking I Had Been Dreaming: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp109822)". Jan 17, 2017.

2 drops sublingual Salvia divinorum (tincture)


Use of Salvia Divinorum for Dreams

Here is an interesting application of salvia divinorum which is worth describing:

I had used small doses (2--5 dropperfuls) of salvia divinorum liquid extract before with positive effects which I won't go into here, but recently used it in a different way: One of my daughters had had a cold that had developed into a bad cough that got worse at night and as we sleep in one big room and I am a light sleeper, by night 3 I was at the end of my nerve's rope with the random, never-knowing-when-a-coughing-spell-was-going-to-come and then being-kept-up-when-they-did-come, so in the middle of the night in desperation (I didn't have any weed at the time lest I probably would have just used it) I remembered that I had a couple squirts left, so I fished it out of the dresser and quickly squirted it into my mouth, moved into the living room and crashed on the couch, held it in my mouth as long as I could, and could soon feel a slight change in my mind that allowed me to drift off to sleep...

What then transpired was profoundly life-altering: I began to wake up, time after time, in my living room exactly as it had looked at various points in its previous permutations of my 12 year history of living there, furniture arranged just so, little objects and details I had long forgotten, all exactly as they were in the living room.

What was so remarkable in retrospect was the reality of it all, it was real, crystal clear, my presence and consciousness was fully present and awake, the room fully present and real. Each time I would wake up on the couch, then get up and move into some permutation of a day that would be some variation on events from certain points of my past history, my wedding day (we were married at our house), my daughters as very young babies (both were born at home), etc. The days would then turn cosmically weird and I won't go into all of the details of the dreams, but they would reach some sort of end and then I would wake up again thinking I had been dreaming and start another permutation of a day. It is very hard to convey though how fully real it was each time I woke up
It is very hard to convey though how fully real it was each time I woke up
, thinking 'oh, that was a weird dream, but now I am awake again in reality'. This sequence went on for what seemed like literally forever (turned out to just be 3 hours I was 'asleep'), with the last waking up moment being by my daughter shaking me and waking me up (which has never ever happened, I NEVER sleep in past her) saying 'DAD, DAD, why are you sleeping on the couch?' I looked around and blinked a few times, got up and began my day just as I had in the other waking up sequences, and a sort of insight gradually came into me that this one was more permanent, it was going to play out longer and differently than the others.

The feeling I was left with was of complete wonder and amazement that stayed with me for days and really has stayed with me to this day, though the wonder has dulled the farther I get from it. But it has subtly but significantly changed my perspective of life, the mundane details of my house seem mildly amazing, like precious artifacts one might notice if one were to travel back in time to some random domecile in history.

It in some way set me free from my current time and space constraints and now I feel like a time/space traveler who has the privilege to exist in this body and space. Heady stuff! As an aside I felt so amazingly well-rested like I had gotten 12 hours of sleep!

So, in short, it makes an interesting and very effective cure for insomnia!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 109822
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36 
Published: Jan 17, 2017Views: 2,258
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