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Swimming With the Universe
St. John's Wort, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Alcohol - Beer
Citation:   SAINTGUSH. "Swimming With the Universe: An Experience with St. John's Wort, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Alcohol - Beer (exp109840)". Oct 23, 2020.

300 mg oral St. John's Wort (daily)
I take st johns wort as a mood enhancer everyday @ 300mg. I believe st johns wort to be a MAOI because of two separate occasions in which I have taken shrooms with St johns wort and they have been very intense experiences, despite being low dose (1-2g).

Anyway, I took 1g of shrooms on Tuesday. I took it in parts over a course of about 3 hours. It ended up hitting like at the 4th hour after I had ingested the first amount of them. It hit me as we were eating dinner. A close friend had prepared these beautiful chicken breasts and some salad and potatoes, and as we were eating I felt the shrooms take over. As I was eating I felt an all around body glow, with tingling in my spine and the back of my head. I was eating and suddenly felt a disconnection between my mind and my body. I saw my vision 'rise' to a good 4 feet in the air and saw myself and my friends eating from above. I was seeing in third person. This made it hard to eat and I started to freak out a little bit.

I remembered that I was tripping and went back to first person. Trying to eat the food, my vision kept switching, from first to third and back to first. It was a very confusing and slight scaring experience, albeit amazing. I began to have very vegan thoughts about the food, feeling empathy for the chicken, and getting nauseous eating it. I felt bad about eating an animal. I love meat, so this came as a shock to me. The salad, however, was very appealing and I ate a lot of it, same with the potatoes. Anyway, we finished eating and some of my friends went outside to the jacuzzi. I sat at the kitchen with my half eaten chicken kinda still changing perspectives. I then left my plate and went outside with my friends, to admire the sunset. The sky was very pink and purple. I remember talking to the two friends about how I was feeling, and they were confused as to why I would take such a drug. Eventually I went back inside for some shorts to get into the jacuzzi.

The shrooms started getting stronger now, and I was having a hard time making any kind of sense or communicating right. I wasn't sure where to keep my clothes as my friend was going to sleep early in the room where my clothes were. After 10 minutes of pacing between deciding where to keep my luggage, I decided to just leave it inside the room and come get it later when I was done trippin. Boy was I in for a long fucking night.

I went upstairs and then outside to the jacuzzi and jumped in with a beer. Two other friends also got in and I was listening to various artists such as Kanye and Lil Boat and Travis Scott on the Bluetooth speaker. I wasn't controlling the music but I was okay with most of it. Sitting in the corner of the jacuzzi I started to feel really good and the warm water calmed me down. It was dark out by now, and the black forest night sky was tingling with many many stars. I kept mumbling the words of the music and looking at the stars. After about an hour, everyone got out of the jacuzzi except for me. I was handed another beer and I stayed in there for was about the first peak of my trip: swimming in the universe.

I looked at the stars for the next 3 hours and drank about 3 beers total. A very calming and deep experience, when I closed my eyes I had extreme closed eye visuals, representing fractals of all types and colors and odd morphing shapes that would come out of the previous image in my mind. I was still listening to the music, as they left the speaker outside, and my trip was centered around the lyrics and feel of the songs. At one point there was a very tropical island type song and I hallucinated being in the ocean next to islands made of foam from the jacuzzi. Looking at the stars I recognized many constellations that I had never seen before, as well as stars that I didn't even know existed. My vision was very wavy and my hands were breathing as I looked at them. The trees were waving at me and were very intricate and black, but the most interesting element was the sky. The moon had a double shadow going on when I looked at it directly, like the red and blue when I put on 3D glasses except it was two shades of purple. Every star was moving, and the faint clouds under the stars made the impression that the stars were swimming in some kind of cosmic lake. I realized that I was swimming with the stars and had a giant feeling of unity with the universe. All this time my friends were inside playing drinking games.

Every once in a while they would come out and check on me, mostly one person. I started to hear noises of the outside and noticing the various lights scattered in the night. I was starting to overheat as the water was at 100F. When my friend came out, I told him I was very parched and he brought me a water, which I very much was grateful for, as I didn't want my beer anymore. I asked him many questions, such as what they were doing, what a certain light was, what time it was, and if my phone had any notifications. I began to talk to myself after he left, and started having two thought streams which communicated as if they were different people. The foam from the jacuzzi jets was very odd to me and made me think for a very long time of how it was formed and what it was. I eventually came to the realization that 'foam is just water bubbles'. That phrase became a thought loop and I could not stop thinking and speaking about it, until the words became utterly useless and I was once again lost on how foam worked and what it was, with no way of ever understanding it again, since the meaning was lost.

If you've seen interstellar, and remember every scene that they're in space, passing close to the sun or a planet or a black hole, that is basically what I hallucinated when I was looking up at those beautiful stars.

About the constellations: I saw blue lines connecting orions belt, the little dipper, and a constellation that I could only describe as a V with 5 points. I later discovered while sober that the V was a real constellation. At one point I thought of my parents and was very grateful for them, thought about them and sent them much love. I remember somebody telling me the time as being 9:30, but to my great surprise, what felt like two hours later was actually 9:11! I legitimately believe we went through a wormhole that night, like the whole event and location of our cabin had moved through time and space. A very very interesting concept. The closed eye visuals that I had were so intense that they lead me to believe in SJWs MAOI activity as one gram of shrooms should not give such strong visuals.

Eventually I tried to get out of the jacuzzi as I really needed to use the restroom, and I was beyond prune-y. I tried to get out about twice before I actually did, because the air was so fucking cold and my body just did not want to. When I finally did manage to get out, I went inside and downstairs and went to the bathroom. Standing there I met up with a friend who told me that my eyes were giant like a Tigers eyes. To me they looked like black saucers. I stared at my reflection in the mirror before using the bathroom, it was freaky to see such a distorted version of my self.

This is the part of the trip that started to go kinda south, as going to the bathroom was very complicated and I felt very dirty and animal like. Seeing myself pale, breathing hard, black eyed, made me think of myself as a wild creature. I jumped into the shower and had a very difficult time trying to figure out the water knobs, and repeatedly burned myself as I could not feel temperature due to being inside the jacuzzi for so long. When I finally got the temperature right (using my tounge to gauge it) I realized the shower was too small and I was very very tall. I felt cramped and claustrophobic, but reminded myself that I was on drugs and that this feeling would pass. I finally managed to shower myself, even though my heart was beating extremely fast. I got out and changed into some clothes, in the room where my friend was previously sleeping (he woke up). I was going to put on socks but my skin had peeled so bad that my feet were raw. I decided to just go barefoot. I felt like an animal putting on clothes and it took me a longer time than usual to get used to clothing. It felt heavy and claustrophobic. My shirt felt like static and stuck to my skin. I went upstairs and informed everyone that I was still tripping, about 7 hours later, and sat next to my best friend for companionship. I felt better, and pulled out my phone. The colors were very off and I asked him repeatedly what color was what to him. I played 8 ball pool and lost about 20k but it didn't matter. Eventually he ended up leaving to bed and I felt scared again, but was coming down so I could handle it.

About an hour later I went to the upstairs bathroom and watched a video of fractals and was instantly mesmerized for about 10 minutes. When I came outside I was feeling much better, and within the hour I was mostly done with the experience. I ended up playing drinking games with my friends (but not drinking anything, so as to not taint the experience further). I went to sleep around 1 and drifted off into a heavy, thick dreamed sleep and woke up 6 hours later to go snowboarding.

Things realized:
Foam is just water bubbles.
SJW possibly promotes MAOI activity.
Fractal videos are amazing when tripping.
The sky is a beautiful thing.
We are all just animals deep down.
Time is very subjective and I basically experienced interstellar that night.
Don't go into cramped spaces.
Love and respect the tools of nature.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 23, 2020Views: 1,278
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St. John's Wort (142), Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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