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Breakthrough Trip
by Leo
Citation:   Leo. "Breakthrough Trip: An Experience with Changa (exp109891)". May 3, 2018.

100 mg smoked Changa (plant material)
First DMT Changa Trip Breakthrough

Yesterday, I pushed my psychonautic experience to the furthest depths of psychedelic entrancement which I have ever submitted myself to. This was far beyond my previously most intense experiences which include 750ug of LSD, 5.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 0.5 grams salvia, a nexus flip, a few 25i/25b n-bome trips and some other odd substances and trips here and there including ketamine and diphenhydramine. Yet, even with all my psychedelic experience that I have previously encapsulated and accumulated along my journey, none of it would prepare me for my ultimate trip, dimethyltriptamine.

It was finally here, the day my friends and I had finally acquired some of the 'spirit molecule' or DMT, the most powerful psychedelic substance known to mankind. I had heard so much about this substance in the past, and had even found myself sitting in the back of a car with a bowl of crystal DMT loaded in my hand 3 years earlier, only to exclaim that I wasn't ready for it and then proceed to pass the bowl on. Since that time I have been ever so curious about the drug and have done quite in depth research on DMT and its effects. However; this research can only describe the substance to a certain limit, as what I know now is that there aren't sufficient words which even begin to describe the intensity or the intricacies of the chemical and they only provide a description as far as the english language will allow. Anyways, let's get into the trip.

My two friends, whom we will refer to as D and J, are two people who also share with me a broad experience with psychedelic drugs. We each differ a bit in terms of range and variety, but all in all we presume ourselves to be more experienced than most people we know. The trip occurred on a Saturday afternoon, the previous day my friend D had asked me if I wanted to try the DMT with him and J, and how could I refuse? I had been waiting for this opportunity so I said okay.

He informed me the substance was in the form of a 'changa', the herbal ayahuasca which contained 50:50, dmt and herbal blend. This allowed for the chemical to be smoked easily, and is apparently less intense than smoking freebase dmt. So, we planned to meet up the following day after a small garage punk gig in downtown, at which D and J's band was performing. I chilled there for about two hours hanging out with my friends, mingling with random people, smoking a little bit of bud, and enjoying myself to the music. By the time my friends had performed and we were ready to head off for somewhere quiet, it was about 2pm. We decided to bring our friend H with us, who we decided would be okay to trip sit us and join in to see the experience. Anyway, we walked away from the noisy and crowded backyard and ventured to a nearby park down the road. It was a bit rainy that day so there weren't many people out and about, and we figured the park was the easiest place to do it. We spent about half an hour making sure we had everything needed, including a lighter and smoking materials which we had stupidly forgotten. But once we had everything ready to go we decided to sit down underneath a small playground platform in the middle of the park.

I was preparing my mind for what I was about to undergo, and I got the sense that neither me, D, or J, were fully aware of how intense this was going to be. We used J's scale to measure up the doses, which were all around 100mg, a large dose. D went first, I watched him inhale the thick white smoke. Within ten seconds his pupils had expanded, and he blankly looked around at everything, I knew his surroundings had already changed for him and he was probably seeing some intense visuals. After about 5 minutes of him smoking, he had tripped and resurfaced. It was then J's turn. I watched J undergo a similar experience, clearly tripping within seconds of exhaling the smoke, and even exclaiming that he was 'trippin so fucking hard' while trying to take in his surroundings and beaming a huge smile at everything. We waited for him to return and it was then my turn. While they both seemed to trip hard and receive intense visuals I don't think either of them quite broke through, however what happened to me was a different story.

D measured my dose, and I packed it all into the bowl of the bong. I cleared my head, took a deep breath, and proceeded to burn the herbal infusion. The taste did not surprise me, it was a bit harsh but it was natural and very earthy, and I actually preferred it to salvia. My extra years of smoking experience allowed me to sink my cone in one try (D and J had not sunk theirs). I then placed the bong down, double hit the smoke, and began to hold it within my lungs. I looked around, within five seconds it hit me. I felt an enormous rush or vibration of energy protrude throughout my entire body, a ringing began to appear in my ears.
I felt an enormous rush or vibration of energy protrude throughout my entire body, a ringing began to appear in my ears.
I looked at J and said 'holy shiiiiiit...' as everything began to slow down and change. At this point I could already tell that this was going to be the craziest experience of my life, and I cannot even describe the intensity of the initial feeling. Everything around me proceeded to melt and become covered in a bright fuzz, and the colors began to look extremely saturated. The vibration which was going through my body is incomparable to any other feeling I've ever had, it felt ancient, like an old energy which had been existent for eternity. Within ten seconds of taking my hit, the wood-chip covered ground was swirling and swaying with different waves of patterns and colors. My skin had changed to geometrics, and everything around me was now covered in visuals and patterns of indescribable complexity. I felt as though I was not in the same place as before. Everything I looked at was bursting with colors and geometric patterns that continued to blow my mind, the visuals I was getting here easily blow acid and mushroom visuals away.

I looked at my friend D and that's when shit got really wonky. He began to transform into an illustrated demon with three eyes, it almost reminded me of a tribal figurehead of some type. He was composed of geometric shapes and colors of purple, green, and orange. The border of my vision was now being taken over by different imagery. Objects of infinitely changing shape, color, and intricacy invaded my vision and I could no longer distinguish between reality and hallucination. At this part of the trip I had really bad anxiety and I was fearful (keep in mind this had all happened within the first 30 seconds) but I decided to let the feeling envelop me, and I knew that if I kept trying to fight it that it would continue to destroy my physical reality. I closed my eyes, and I was off. The darkness I normally see behind my eyelids melted away like a burning old projector. I was blasted through a tunnel of insane visual patterns and imagery of every color and shape. There were spirals of rainbows, and grids of extremely intricate designs which are too complex to even remember, These were rapidly changing visuals so it's extremely hard to describe them. The imagery was so intense that I question how my brain could possibly see or comprehend such complex visual stimulation.

At this point I was no longer a person, my ego had been left behind and my consciousness was the only thing that had continued into this realm. I had no sense of who I was at this time or what anything was. I was merely existing in the moment with no physical form (I could not feel my body anymore), completely entranced and absorbed by the psychedelic state. The strangest part was I could still hear my friends voices outside of my trip, but I had no thought in this world. I found myself in a 2 dimensional plane, a world which lacked depth altogether. In front of me appeared a wooden bench, and what unfolded after this was quite profound. The way things moved in this two dimensional world was strange, it reminded me of a stop motion or a flip book animation, like a series of different images which were displayed in order to simulate movement. I watched the wooden bench, which was surrounded by what looked like flowing energy and geometric patterns.

On this bench, I saw two beings slowly manifest themselves in this flip book manner. There was a man on the left, a normal human man with a red shirt and a ponytail. He seemed very familiar to me even though I am sure I have not seen the man before. Next to him on the bench to his right was an entity. This entity was composed of a dark grey mist, or energy. There was an aura of codex symbols and tribal writings which writhed in and out of this mist. The being emanated a pulsing vibration of knowledge and ancient energy (this is so hard to describe), but I felt this beings presence was extremely powerful and profound even to be around it for this short time. Shortly after, the man on the left appeared right in front of me, and it seemed he was trying to tell me something that I couldn't understand. The way he teleported back and forth was very strange to me, but he was urgently trying to make me understand something and I just didn't know what it was. He was speaking in a form I could not decipher, but my interpretation is that he was trying to act as some sort of translator for this mystical being. Before long the geometric patterns began to suck me back out of this strange world and I was quickly blinded by a bright light.

I had been reborn, I opened my eyes and the world around me had returned I heard H's voice 'I think he's coming back'. And my ego and sense of self had become existent once more, however the visuals had not become any less crazy. Everything around me was still alien like, every speck of dirt and wood on the ground seemed to be bright and alive, some with rapidly changing patterns and colors. My skin was covered in a bright yellow color and wispy webs of black patterns along with some alien language was written all over me. I saw images of insectoids which were comprised entirely of geometric shapes. This really freaked me out, along with the fact that there was there was holes all over my skin, and patterns on my hands. For about another minute or so I watched the visuals and geometrics slowly get less intense and die down to the point where I could use my brain again. I think my friends could tell I had just tripped the hardest of any of them and asked me how it was. I tried to briefly describe but I couldn't. Once I had resurfaced I felt like a new person, everything was brighter and my emotions were deep and profound.
Once I had resurfaced I felt like a new person, everything was brighter and my emotions were deep and profound.

For the rest of the day I thought about what I had seen in there, and I've decided that it's just what the dmt wanted me to see. So I'm not going to stress myself out finding meaning to this trip I just believe it was what was meant to occur. This was hands down the strongest trip I have ever had off of anything and I was not expecting the sheer intensity of it, even after all my research. If I could've gone back and changed something I would change the setting, and be somewhere I'm more comfortable with, I think it would help to avoid the initial anxiety. But overall I had a great trip and it was extremely rewarding for me, will be trying changa again in the future (maybe even freebase) just not anytime soon. DMT is fucking crazy I would not underestimate this substance...

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109891
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: May 3, 2018Views: 3,065
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Changa (816) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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