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Everything Faster Than My Heartbeat
Syrian Rue
by teaman
Citation:   teaman. "Everything Faster Than My Heartbeat: An Experience with Syrian Rue (exp109896)". Mar 5, 2020.

10 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)


This was my second trip with syrian rue.

Preparation: I crushed 10g of seeds, soaked in ethanol and placed in hot bath. It took a day for alkaloids to dissolve so in the morning I was evaporating the remaining ethanol. After evaporation, nice red resin was left on the petri dish. It was so sticky, that I could not scrape it, so added some lemon juice to dissolve alkaloids. I collected liquid and now started to extract the remaining alkaloids of plant in boiling water. After doing extraction twice, I poured alcohol solution to my water extract and I was left with one cup of red liquid.

For the next half hour, I was trying to drink it. It was very bitter and acidic because of lemon, and taste of rue is just awful! So after putting my fingers on nose, I was able to finish the cup.

Setting: I was alone in my flat, but in a few hours everyone would be here. I was little bit worried about that, since effects of rue were long lasting. I just returned from holidays and decided to try some rue before university. I had 3 hours max for experience, but that was impossible. I could postpone it for a better day, but I wanted it now, so I hurried up.

T 0 - After drinking the rue extract, I went to my room, put on earphones and started working on my new track. I was feeling a little bit sick because of the bitter liquid and already knew I would get some nausea.

T 30 min – I started to notice the first effects of rue: strong buzz and disorientation. I was slowly moving my head backwards and the whole room was moving with me 4x faster. Effects were getting strong really fast which was weird.

T 1 hour – Now I was heavily affected by rue and even slightest move of my head could induce the total chaos in my room. Then suddenly I heard door open and my dad and sister came in. We share the same room, so she came there and sat on the bed. At the same time nausea started to come over and I stopped enjoying trip. I put off my earphones and wanted to stand up, but as soon as I raised from chair I nearly fell over. I was completely out of balance and my vision was shaking like crazy. Then I touched my hand and had a feeling that the one who touched the hand was not me, like I was just watching it from others’ perspective. I then looked at her and got sure she was not watching me, I was really afraid. I finally opened the door and went in toilet. I knew I should have vomited there but I could not. It was bit early. Then I went to the other room and moved curtains to stop light come in. As soon as I lay on bed, I start seeing the real effects. My vision was beating 8x faster than my heartbeat and I could feel the shaking, even though I was not moving at all. I did not want to get up and induce nausea again so decided to stay there.

T 2 hour – For the next 4 hours, I was lying on the bed, occasionally getting up for toilet and attempt to vomit. At the beginning, I started thinking about effects of rue and realized that most people described it as psychedelic. However, I was not seeing hallucinations or some weird objects. Only my vision and balance were altered. But soon I noticed the hearing was also altered.
Only my vision and balance were altered. But soon I noticed the hearing was also altered.
I started hearing the deep drill noise, at the nice level. It was sort of hypnotic and I felt sleepy. Then I looked at the ceiling, where two rays of light were coming in. One was light yellow and another was purple. I looked at the curtain, it was brown as usual, but the ray was purple, weird. I decided to play with those rays and let myself imagine something. So during gazing at the rays, suddenly, yellow ray started to rock and it was acting like a pure wave. Then I noticed it was going near purple ray and when it touched, purple ray started to suck away really fast in the windows. I could see it with my own eyes. Then, purple ray started to create some shapes and at first it was little dinosaur crawling on the ray, then it transformed to running dog and finally to a lion, running towards windows. Then it stopped and there was no purple ray anymore.

I raised my body and again I was totally out of balance. Quickly went in the toilet and vomited. Now I felt better and returned to bed. I was really sleepy and decided to nap. However, I was unable to sleep and very soon I started seeing vivid dreams conscious. I did not know I was dreaming but I was not sleeping either. Dreams were jumping like frames and I was seeing different dream each time I closed my eyes. Suddenly I hear my mobile ringing and the ringtone was really fast! It was crazy! It was unknown number and I answered. It was man’s voice but the speed was really fast, he was calling the wrong number so I hung up. I was still fascinated by the speed of sound, even though I had experience of such phenomenon.

For the remaining hour I was lying on the bed stupidly, sleeping without being asleep, literally. When I realized I have actually slept a little, It was already 9 pm, 6 hours after drinking the rue extract. Effects were already fading, but I was still disoriented. I went to my room, lights were off and I nearly fell down. We were going to visit my aunt so I got in car and my dad drove us there. I put my earphones and turned on ipod. I again noticed that speed of music was fast and I enjoyed that. It was sort of hypnotic and I was really calm. When I got out, disorientation was still present, but I was not feeling sick anymore.

T 8hours – Returned home and effects are almost gone, only slight buzz and disorientation. Now I can sum up and say that main effects of rue are that of alcohol, without relaxation.
I can sum up and say that main effects of rue are that of alcohol, without relaxation.
Complete loss of balance, alterations in perception, vision and hearing, permanent feeling of shaking and beating of visual field. Everything is hastened, including time, voice and vision. Slightest move is the fastest one and walking straight is impossible. The previous experience was more intense and sick, I was feeling much worse, but the effects were same.

Probably I will not try Syrian rue in the nearest future, because of strong nausea, which makes trip bad. I will try to smoke the resin and see the difference.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 109896
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 5, 2020Views: 1,644
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Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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